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ther steps are taken in laying out the Second Class. Ds. Newport, Pemb. ; New Botanical Garden :

Bristed, Trin.; Phillipps, Pemb.; LightTo allow Mr. Biggs, the present Cu- foot, Trin.; Alderson, Trin.; Davenport, rator, who has held the office thirty-two Chr. ; Fiske, Trin., æq.; Blenkin, Corp. years, a retiring pension of 80l. per an- Buxton, Trin.; Bryans, Trin.; Fussel, num, being the amount of his present Trin. ; Cayley, Trin. salary.

Third Cluss. — Ds. Russell, Joh.; On the recommendation of the Hulse Thompson, Qu.; Jefferson, Joh. ; Clive, Trustees, to grant a piece of land, not ex- Joh. ; Layard, Chr. ; Yeoman, Trin. ceeding half an acre, part of the Hulse

March 15. property in the parish of Sand bach, for At a congregation held yesterday (the the site of a new School and a dwelling- last day of term) the following gentlemen house for the teacher.

were admitted to the degree of Doctor in To grant a sum, not exceeding 501., Divinity by Royal Mandate:- Rev. Jas. for the expense of setting up and arrang- Chapman, King's College, Bishop of ing, in the room adjoining the Wood-Ceylon; Rev. Charles John Vaughan, wardian Museum, the Swainson collec- Trinity College, Head Master of Harrow tion of Birds, Insects, &c., presented to School. the University in 1843, so as to render At the same congregation the following the same conveniently accessible ; and to were admitted to the degree of Master of appoint the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Page, Arts :-T. H. Barstow, G. Brimley, A. and Mr. Smith of Caius College, and Mr. Cayley, W. Falgate, J. Finch Fenn, w. Jenyns, and Mr. Babington of St. John's Newton Harriott, Hugh A. Johnstone College, to superintend the said arrange- Munro, Oltywell Robinson, B. Webb, ment.

T. Lawrence Yeoman, all of Trinity ColTo allow Mr. Glaisner, late Senior lege; H. Fenwick, R. Bickersteth Mayor, Assistant at the Observatory, a gratuity W. J. Metcalfe, C. Frederick Rothery, of 201., on the recommendation of the J. J. E. Steel, W. Greive Wilson, all of Observatory Syndicate, for his services St. John's College; F. Fuller, St. Peter's; during the last year in taking observa- E. Atkinson, Clare Hall, J. Russell tions with the Northumberland telescope. Woodford, Pembroke ; H. Christopher

It gives us much pleasure to observe Barker, Caius ; T. Gajeton Ragland, the name of Mr. Frederick Peel, second Corpus Christi; W. Henry Parr, Cathason of Sir Robert Peel, in the first class rine Hall; R. Godolphin Peter, Jesus; of the Classical Tripos this year. We A. Westmorland, Jesus; S. R. Carter, not only cordially sympathise in the sa- Emmanuel ; W. Castlehow, Emmanuel. tisfaction which the Right Honourable At the congregation, yesterday, the Baronet must naturally feel at this event, Vice-Chancellor gave notice of the apbut we also congratulate the University proaching resignation of the present exon having her hard-earned prizes sought cellent Librarian, Mr. Lodge, in conseand won by an alumnus so distinguished quence of the much lamented continuas the son of the first Minister.

ance of his ill health. The office of Libra. On Monday, February 27, W. John- rian will be vacant on the 25th instant, son, Esq., was elected a Fellow of and the Vice-Chancellor has appointed King's.

Wednesday, the 2nd of April, for the noOn Saturday last, — Bendyshe, son of mination of two candidates by the Heads, John Bendyshe, Esq., of Kneesworth, in and Thursday, the 3rd of April, for the this county, was admitted a scholar of election of a new Librarian.' The elec

tion will begin at nine o'clock, a.m. CLASSICAL TRIPOS, 1845.

The Vice-Chancellor has also given Examiners:- Rowland Williams, M.A., notice to the members of the Senate, that King's; Wm. Gilson Humphrey, M.A., early in next Term, a Grace will be proTrinity; William Spicer Wood, M.A., posed for the appointment of a Syndicate St. John's; Henry Thring, M.A., Mag- to consider the desirableness of appointdalene.

ing an Assistant Librarian, who shall be First Class.-Ds. Holden, Trin.; Ren- a Graduate of the University above the dall, Trin., æq.; Knox, Trin. ; Macleane, Degree of B.A.; and, if the appointment Trin.; Cox, Joh.; Peel, Trin.

be thought desirable, to consider what Vol. XXVII.-April, 1845.



duties should be assigned to such an Follow of Magdalene College, 27th Sen. officer, and the amount and source of his Opt. and 1st and 2nd class, 1840. salary; and to report thereon to the Yesterday the two gold medals, given Senate.

annually to the two commencing BacheWe print a list of the candidates for lors of Arts who, having obtained Senior the office of Librarian, with some addie Optimes at least, show themselves the tions and corrections :

greatest proficients in classical learning, Rev. J. Power, M.A., Fellow of Clare were adjudged as follows :-F. Rendall, Hall, late Fellow and Tutor of Trinity (29th Wrangler and First Classic, brackHall, 10th Wrangler in 1821 ; Rev. J. eted), Trinity College; T. F. Knox, J. Smith, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of (141h Senior Optime and Third Classic), Caius College, 10th Wrangler, 1828 ; Trinity College. G. M. Kemble, Esq., M.A., Trinity On Monday last, the following gentleCollege, B.A. 1830; C. W. Goodwin, men were elected Fellows of St. John's Esq., M.A., Fellow of Catharine Hall, College:-Robt. Bickersteth Mayor, B.A. 9th Sen. Opt. and 9th of 1st class, 1838; [1842 , and Stephen Parkinson, B.A., Rev. W. R. Griffin, Fellow and Tutor (Senior Wrangler, 1845). of St. Johu's, Senior Wrangler, 1837 ; On Tuesday last, the M PhiloJ. Edleston, Esq., M.A., Fellow of Tri- sophy prize of this College was adjudged nity College, 15th Wrangler, and 1st to Ds. Smalley. of 2nd class, 1838; Rev. Mynors Bright,



Of Sons—The Lady of
Anstey, Rev. Chas., at Rugby:
Berkeley, Rev. G. C., at Southminster V.
Broome, Rev. J. H., Minister of St. Peter's,

Bushey Heath.
Croft, Rev. Richard, at North Ockendon R.,

Garrett, Rev. Wm., at Rome.
Gleadowe, Rev. R.W., Minor Canon of Chester

Green, Rev. Fredk., of Belle Vue, Marston,

Henning, Rev. E. N., at Long Sutton, nr.

Manstield, Rev. Joseph, at Bath.
Maskell, Rev. W., at Broadleazee, nr. Devizes.
Mayow, Rev. P. W., at Barkway,

, Rev. G., at 'Adderbury, Oxfordshire.
Osborne, Rev. T. F., at Calcutta.
Pretyman, Rev. J., at Aylesbury V.
Thomas, Rev. W. Jones, at Kington V.
Thompson, Rev. Hy., at Wrington R.
Tomlinson, Rev. W. R., Shirfield R., Hants,
Yates, Rev. E. T., at Aylsham V.

Or DAUGHTERS-the Lady of
Appleton, Rev. Richd., at Kirkdale D.
Bowyer, Rev. W. W., at Florence.
Curteis, Rev. Cyril T., at Sevenoaks.
Deedes, Rev. Gordon, at Willingale R., Essex.
Dixon, Rev. R., at King William's College,

Isle of Man.
Field, Rev. J., in the Forbury, Reading,
Gorse, Rev. Hy., at Epsom.

Greenstreet, Rev. W. G., at Pattingham V. nr.

Hart, Rev. Joshua, V. of Otley, Yorkshire.
Hyatt, Rev. G. T., at Broughton V., Wilts.
Isaac, Rev. W. Lister, at Brighton,
Lawrence, Rev. C., Senior, at Penmark.
Lockwood, Rev. E. J., at St. Mary's R., Bed-

Mann, Rev. W. Moxon, British Chaplain at

Coblentz on the Rhine.
Melville, Rev. H., of the East India College.
Morgan, Rev. M. B., V. of Llansamlet.
Newcombe, Rev. C. G., Upr. George-st., Bry-

Pigott, Rev. J. B., at Buchan Lodge, Sussex.
Ravenshaw, Rev. Edwd., R. of West Kington,

Sowerby,Rev. C.B.,at Ashton-upon-Mersey R.
Stocker, Rev. H. W. B., at Horsforth, York-

Walford, Rev. Ellis, at Dallinghoo R. Suffolk.
Watson, Rev. Joshua, at Lansdowne crescent,

White, Rev. Jas., at Bruton V.
Wilson, Rev. W. D., Great Bircham, Norfolk.

Baldwin, Rev. W., to Sarah, second d, of the

Rev. T. Crowther, Incumbent of St. John's,

Halifax, Yorkshire.
Blanchard, Rev. Ricbd. H., of North Allerton,

to Frances, eld. d. of the late Ralph Creyke,

Esq., of Rawcliffe Hall, York.
Buckler, Rev. Wm., R. of Ilchester, to Mary

Ann, relict of Robert England, Esq., of
Hainbury House.

Hamilton, Rev. Robt. Kerr, to Susan, d. of the

Rt. Rev. the Lord Bp. of Madras.
Houlbrook, Rev. W., Incumbent of Wyke, nr.

Halifax, to Fanny, only d. of the late John
Eicke, Esq., of Hempstead.
Mathias, Rev. W. B. Stewart, to Margaret, d.

of Mr. Lingley, of Frodsham.
Morton, Rev. Thos., late C. of St. Andrew's,

Plymouth, to Miss Kuight, of Oxford-st.,

Templer, Rev. Hy. Skinner, eld. s. of the Rev.

J. "Templer, to Frances Ann, eld. d. of the

Rev. J. Badcock, of Seaton.
Wait, Rev. W. W., to Sarah Lucy, fourth d.

of the late Jas. M. Pierson, Esq.,, of Hitchin.


N.B. The EVENTS are made up to the 22nd of each Month.

TESTIMONIALS OF RESPECT Battersea, lately Incumbent of St. Peter's, Have been received by the following Clergymen :

Mile End, an elegant silver inkstand,

value 301, a handsome Bible, value 5l, and Rev. Isaac Altham, C. of Attenborough a purse of sixty sovereigns, as a renewed with Bramcote, Notts.

testimony by the congregation of the Rev. W. Baldwin, Minister of My. value which they attached to his ministholmroyd, Yorkshire.

try, and the affectionate gratitude with Rev. R. H. Brandling, from his work- which they still remember him. men, at Middleton Colliery, near Leeds, Rev. John Mickle, Vicar of South Lewith a silver cap, as a mark of gratitude verton, with a silver cake basket, by his for his kindness to them for many years. late parishioners of North Leverton, on

The Rev. James Bromley, B.A. (1843), his leaving the Curacy, which he had of Catherine Hall, and of the Lye, Stour- held eighteen years. bridge, has been presented with a beauti- Rev. Chas. "Phillott, Officiating Minisful pocket communion service, by the ter of the parish of East Teignmouth for Stourbridge National Sunday Schools, as a period of 27 years, with a massy silver a mark of their esteem.

salver, from the congregation and parishRev. George Campbell, (late Minister

ioners, on his retiring from that ministry. of Lofthouse), with an address and a piece of plate, on the occasion of his retirement

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. from the Curacy of Triarn Barnet, as a ETON COLLEGE.—The annual examinamark of the affectionate regard of the tions for the Newcastle Scholarship (of the members of his congregation.

value of 50l. per annum, to be held for Rev. Mr. Crowther, Assistant Curate three years, founded by the Duke of Newat Chatteris, with an address and bible, castle, in 1829), which commenced on from the inhabitants, in acknowledgment Monday, 3rd March, were concluded on for the faithful and unflinching zeal he the Friday following. The scholarship had evinced in the discharge of his minis- was adjudged to Day, K.S., the son of the terial duties.

Rev. H. T. Day, Vicar of Mendlesham, Rev. John Neale Dalton, late C. of Suffolk, and the gold medal to Back, as the Walthamstow.

boy who stood second in the examination Rev. Saml. Jas. Goodenough, with an for the scholarship. The number of canelegant silver candelabrum for six lights, didates was thirty-six, and the following on his retiring from the Vicarage of were selected by the examiners (G. CorneHampton.

wall Lewis, Esq., student of Christ Church, Rev. T. C. Grover, C. of Swavesey, Oxford, and the Rev. W. L. Sampson, of Cambridgeshire.

King's College, Cambridge) as having parRev. W. W. Gurney, late C. of Brat- ticularly distinguished themselves - Mr. ton Clovelly, Devonshire, rector of Ro- Herbert (son of Earl Powis), M‘Niven, borough, has been presented with a splen- Hornby, Welby, ma., Simmonds, K.S., did silver inkstand, by his former parish- | Wayte, K.S., Ranken, and Beaumont ioners.

(first Prince Albert's prizemen of 1844). Rev. Thomas Jackson, M.A., of St. The Easter holidays terminate on SaturMary Hall, Oxford, Principal of the day the 5th of April. The school now National Society's Training Institution, numbers nearly 750 pupils.


repeal of the statute which provides for The annual meeting of the Cambridge

the union of the Diocese of St. A saph with District Committee of the Society for

that of Bangor, were unanimously adopted. Promoting Christian Knowledge was held

At the same meeting an address was voted on the 22nd of February, the Rev. Dr.

to Earl Powis, and an address to the Graham, Master of Christ's College in the

Queen was agreed on, praying her Majesty chair. The report for the past year stated

graciously to give her assent to the introthat there had been an increase of 3,136

duction of a bill for carrying out the views publications upon the number circulated in

of the petitioners.- Western Luminary. 1843. The sale of books and tracts to

The late R. Saunders, of Exeter, has

left 5001, to the Devon and Exeter Hos. non-members was stated to be gradually on the increase, which seems to prove the pital, 500l. to the Exeter Dispensary, 300l. gratifying fact of a greater demand by the

to the Exeter Charity School, 2001. to the public for the Holy Scriptures and for re

Deaf and Dumb Charity at St. Leonard's,

2001. to the Devon and Exeter Female ligious publications. The treasurer's statement was of a very satisfactory nature; it Penitentiary, 2001. to the Lunatic Asylum showed the amount of subscriptions and

at St. Thomas's, 2001. to the Devon and donations to the Cambridge Committee to

Exeter Infant School Society, 2001. to the be 1141. 18s. 6d., besides 1371. received on

Society for Promoting the Education of

the Poor, 2001. to the Instirution of the account of the Parent Society, and transmitted to its treasurer in the course of the

Blind at Exeter, 1001. to the Exeter Episyear. The amount received for the sale copal Sunday School, and 1001. to the of books was 373l. 4s. Id., and of school

Diocesan Society for the Promoting of stationery, 581. 168. 8d. A grant of 301.

Christian Knowledge. All these gifts are

free from legacy duty. was recommended to be made to the Parent Society for general purposes. In the

The Bishop of Exeter has given 500l. conclusion of the report, reference was

towards supplying churches and schools made to the magnitude, extent, and variety

in the destitute districts of his diocese. of the operations of the Parent Society in

Essex, all quarters of the world, and the pressing demands which were constantly made

The Queen Dowager has contributed

201. in aid of the funds of the district upon its resources; but it was hoped that

church of Lexden. and Stanway. it was not necessary to dwell at any length on the importance of giving it that earnest

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. and cordial support to which it is so justly

A beautiful monument, in the decorated entitled, from the zeal which it has always style, has been erected in Gloncester Ca. manifested for the best interests of man

thedral as a memorial of the late Rector kind.

of St. Michael's, the Rev. J. Kempthorne. At a meeting of the Cambridge Camden ST. MARY DE CRYPT CHURCH, GlouSociety, recently held, an official announce

CESTER.–At a numerous meeting of ment was made, that non-resident mem. bers will be allowed to vote by proxy on

parishioners held in the vestry, the Rev.

A. Sayers, rector, in the chair, to take the 8th of May, when the question of dis

into consideration propositions " for the solving or remodelling the Society will be

new pewing of the church, for the rediscussed and decided.

moval of the north and south galleries, CHESHIRE.

and the extension of the west galleryCHESTER CATHEDRAL.---The amount

the whole to be done on the responsibility

of the Rector, and without any expense to already subscribed for the restoration of

the parish," three resolutions were prothis ancient ecclesiastical structure is nearly 3,000l., including a second donation

posed and carried; the first relating to the of 100l, from the Marquis of Westmioster.

co-operation of the church wardens with The cost of the works already contracted

the Rector in carrying out the design ; the for and in progress is 2,5041., and the

others conveying thanks to the subcomplete restoration of the choir, it is ex

scribers to the good work, and to the pected, cannot be effected for less than

Rector “for the very liberal offer he has 5,0001.

made in respect to the proposed altera

tions in the church, and also for the laboDEVONSHIRE.

rious efforts he has used to accomplish THE WELSH BISHOPRICS.- At a meet. this desirable object.” The complete reing of the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of storation of this beautiful old church is Exeter, held at the College Hall, on Tues therefore now a matter of certainty ; and day the 11th of March, petitions to both the parish is about to commence the reHouses of Parliament, praying for the storation of the exterior. The removal of


the unsightly side galleries and hideous

LANCASHIRE. pews will give quite a new effect to the A new East window of great

New CHURCH AT FAILSWORTH.-Jas. beauty-an Obituary window to the

Smith, Esq., of Gorton, has subscribed the

handsome sum of 2001. towards the erecmemory of the late Rev. J. G. Dowlingwill be completed in a few weeks. The

tion of a church in the district of Failssouth side of the church will soon be

worth, near Manchester. thrown open to the public, and Grey

MIDDLESEX. Friars will be considerably widened, by The new church in St. Giles, Endellthe contemplated alterations.

street, is on the point of completion. Its

title is Christ Church, St. Giles, and it is HAMPSHIRE.

remarkable as being the first sacred edifice The Lord Bishop of Winchester has dedicated to the Protestant religion erected consecrated a new church in the parish of in London, in which the entire accommoBrown Candover. The decaying state of dation is free to the public. The building the ancient fabric, and the inadequacy of is designed in the early English style of its accommodation for the increased popu architecture. The tower is a conspicuous lation of the place, having been repre object both from Long-acre and Holborn. sented to Lord Ashburton, the chief land The cost of the edifice does not exceed owner of the neighbourhood, his lordship 4,5001., although 1,000 free sittings are most liberally offered to erect a new one, provided. at his sole expense, and entrusted to Mr. In consequence of the Archbishop of Thomas Wyatt the task of executing the Canterbury's letter to his clergy, the rework in such a manner as should be at cent innovations in the church service have once convenient and tasteful, showing in been withdrawn at Tottenham, Walthamevery part that "reverent comeliness," as stow, Layton, and Edmonton, and a requithe Bishop himself expressed it, the most sition to the ministers of Stoke Newington befitting a structure raised to the worship and West Hackney to effect the same and honour of Almighty God.

object is now in course of signature.


CHURCH.--This sacred edifice, the first The Vicar of Mansel Lacey has pre stone of which was laid by the Lord Bishop sented a handsome service of silver plate, of London, on the 2nd of January last, in for the use of the altar in his parish Bloomsbury.street, Bloomsbury-square, is church. It consists of a flagon, chalice, now in rapid progress; and it is expected paten, and alms plate. Each piece is of that it will be ready for consecration in solid silver, and bears the following in the autumn. It is intended for the use of scription :-“To the church of Mansel the descendants of the Ancient Conformist Lacey, from Richard Lane Freer, B.D., French Congregation of the Savoy in the Vicar, 1845."

Strand, and of other foreigners using the

Liturgy of the Church of England transISLE OF MAN.

lated into French. A charity school has KING WILLIAM'S COLLEGE.—The whole long been connected with this interesting of this building, with the exception of the congregation; and a new school-house, chapel, which is in progress, has been com attached to the church, is also in the course pleted within twelve months from the fire of erection. It is to be hoped that the which destroyed it, Jan. 14, 1844. The contributions which are now being colprincipal and students have returned to lected for these good objects, may prove their lodgings. The library is ready for sufficient to carry out the designs of the the reception of books; and the bishop French Church Committee. has inserted an advertisement requesting

Proceedings are about to be instituted, contributions to it.

in the Court of Arches, against the Rev.

Frederick Oakeley, with reference to the KENT.

letter recently addressed by him to the COBHAM.—The long pending suit re Lord Bishop of London. specting the vicarial tithes of this parish, We are authorized to state, that there is has, at length, been decided by the Barons no foundation in the report that the bishop of the Exchequer in favour of the Vicar. received a communication from the Vice

The labours of the workmen employed Chancellor of Oxford concerning the letter in the renovation o. the antique church of addressed by Mr. Oakeley to the ViceSt. Martin, Canterbury, are nearly con Chancellor. Ecclesiastical Gazette. cluded. The new pewing ii completed, THE REGISTRATION ACT AND CHURCH and being of the best foreign oak, has a BURIAL.-On Tuesday, the Rev. Thomas neat appearance.

Wharton, of the Cemetery Parsonage, St.

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