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ficially interested under the existing lease until he shall have had the option of becoming the purchaser.

3. That every estate, already and hereafter vested in the commissioners, shall at the first convenient opportunity be surveyed, and a full report made of its value, and of its circumstances with reference to the relative advantage of retaining or parting with it.

4. That the commissioners, having taken such report into consideration, shall, unless they find special reasons for not parting with the property, hold themselves prepared to entertain an offer, for the purchase of the reversion from the person beneficially interested in the lease.

5. That in all cases of the commissioners declining to sell, an entry shall be made upon their minutes of the special reasons for their so declining.

6. That the price of the reversion shall be, as a general rule, the amount of the difference between the value of the whole fee, calculated as if the estate were actually in possession, and the value of the leasehold interest.

7. That, whether the commissioners for any special reasons decline to sell, or the lessee decline to purchase, the reversion, the commissioners shall hold themselves prepared, in any case, to purchase the leasehold interest at its market price, if the lessee be willing to sell the same.

8. That in any case in which the lessee shall have declined either to purchase the reversion, or to sell his leasehold interest, the commissioners shall consider themselves free from any restraint respecting the sale or letting of the property,

9. That tithes, and lands or other hereditaments allotted or assigned in lieu of tithes, vested in the commissioners, shall not in any case be sold, until due consideration shall have been had of the wants and circumstances of the places in which such tithes arise or have heretofore arisen.

C. K. MURRAY, Treasurer and Secretary.



AUGUST 1, 1845. We, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland, beg leave to report to your excellency, that applications have been received from the several corporations of Limerick, Dublin, Waterford, and Clonmel, for the purpose of brioging to sale the advowsons of such benefices as belonged to those corporations respectively, to which sales the commissioners, under the provisions of the 3rd & 4th Vict. c. 108, are required to be assenting parties. They have felt warranted in signifying their consent to the sale of advowsons of the rectory of St. Lawrence, in the diocese of Limerick, belonging to the corporation of that city, and the rectories of Rathmacnee in the diocese of Ferns, and of Rathdrum and Taghadoe, in the diocese of Dublin, belonging to the corporation of the city of Dublin. With respect to the corporations of Waterford and Clonmel, such information has not yet been laid before the commissioners as they conceive would justify them in sanctioning a sale of the advowsons belonging to these corporations; but the matter is in progress, and will be brought to a termination as soon as the required information shall have been afforded.

By the half-yearly returns of promotions received from the archbishops and bishops, it appears that 78 benefices have become vacant within the year, consisting of 11 dignities and prebends, and 67 parochial benefices, of which 22 are liable to tax and 56 are not liable. In regard to the dignities and prebends, the commissioners caused the respective vacancies as they occurred to be duly notified to the lord-lieutenant and privy-council, and of these, appoint

ments to the Chancellorship of Cashel, of the annual value of 3821. 88. 73., and to the prebend of Kilrane, of or belonging to the cathedral church of Ferns, of the annual value of 90l., have, on the recommendation of the commissioners, been suspended by the lord lieutenant and privy council; and in regard to the parochial benefice of Carrigdownane, in the diocese of Cloyne, of the annual value of 791, 19., the appointment of a clerk to this benefice has been suspended by the authority of the commissioners, as it appeared by the certificate of the diocesan, divine service had not been celebrated within the benefice for the three years ending Feb. I, 1833 ; and provision has been made for the discharge of the occasional duties of the parish by assigning them to the curate of the neighbouring benefice, at a stipend approved of by the diocesan.

A sum of 25,5001., aided by private subscriptions to the amount of 9911. ls. 4d., was set apart, at different periods within the year, for church works, of which sum 19,933l. 98. 9d., together with the outstanding grants of former years, was in course of expenditure prior to the 1st instant-viz., 16,4581. 18. 6d. on repairs ; 2,1121. 16s. 5d. on the rebuildings of this year, and in discharging the balances of outstanding contracts of the preceding year; and 1,3621. 11s. 10d. in completing as well the church of St. Michael, in the city of Limerick, under the Act of the 6th and 7th of her present Majesty, c. 88, as the enlargement of some churches previously undertaken by the board, leaving a balance of 5,8541. 9. 8d. not yet allocated, but which will be immediately required for other necessary works.

On the death of the late Dr. Beresford, Bishop of Kilmore, the Bishop of Elphin having, by the operation of the Act of the 3rd and 4th William IV., c. 37, succeeded to the temporalities of the see of Kilmore, and having, as such successor, become liable to the charge subsisting on the see-house of that diocese, amounting to 13,8001., the Act of the 6th and 7th of her present Majesty, c. 57, was passed for the relief of his lordship in respect to this charge, and also for his relief and that of other bishops succeeding to the temporalities of the sees nientioned in the second schedule of the Act 3rd and 4th William IV., c. 37, with respect to the tax chargeable under that Act.

In reference to the relief afforded as to the building charge on the see-house of Kilmore, the Commissioners being required to pay to Dr. Leslie interest at the rate of 51. per cent. per annum on the sum of 13,8001., or on such parts as his lordship shall pay to the representatives of Dr. Beresford, they have paid the sum of 5801. 10s. 9d., being the interest on so much of the charge as has been liquidated by his lordship.

With respect to the relief from the payment of tax, they have, in the case of the late Dr. Fowler, who succeeded to the revenues of the see of Leighlin and Ferns, and who had paid the tax on that see up to the date of his death, refunded to his representatives the sum of 2,4061. Os. 4d., being the amount of tax so paid by his lordship whilst in possession of the revenues of that see; and they have, under the authority of this Act, relinquished a claim which they had against the representatives of Dr. Butson, late Bishop of Clonfert.

Under the head of perpetuity purchases, we have to report that thirty-three applications have been received from immediate tenants, and three from subtenants, for the purchase of perpetuities in their respective holdings, and purchases completed to the amount of 8,4431. 158, 1d., of which 2791. 28. 3d. has been secured by mortgage pursuant to the provisions of the statute, and 8,1641. 12s. 10d. paid into the Bank of Ireland to the credit of the perpetuity purchase fund; ihere has also been lodged in the Bank of Ireland, to the credit of this fund, 10,0621. 10s. 7d., in discharge of mortgages heretofore granted to secure the purchase-money of former sales.

An account of the receipts and disbursements of the commissioners to the 1st inst., is annexed to this report, showing the sources from whence the

receipts have arisen, and the specific purposes to which they have been applied. All of which is submitted to your Excellency's consideration.

(Signed) John G. ARMAGH.



John C. ERCK.

WILLIAM C. Quix. Board-room, 24, Upper Merrion-street, August 9, 1844. [The total receipts were 135,3441., and the expenditure 119,7221., (including 33,2181. paid for the purchase of three per cent. consols ;) leaving a balance in the perpetuity purchase fund of 2,6831., and in the general fund of 12,9381.]


BUILDING, AND REPAIRING OF CHURCHES AND CHAPELS. The usual monthly meeting of this Society was held at No. 4, St. Martin'splace, on Monday, the 21st of April : the Lord Bishop of Winchester presided. There were also present-the Bishops of Chester, Bangor, Hereford, Worcester, and Lichfield; Sir R. H. Inglis, Bart., M.P.; the Revs. J. Jennings, H. H. Norris, and B. Harrison; Messrs. F. H. Dickinson, M.P., James Cocks, J. Watson, J. S. Salt, N. Connop, H. J. Barchard, W. Davis, &c.

Some preliminary business having been transacted, the board proceeded to consider the application which had been referred to them by the sub-committee. Grants were made towards the erection of seven new churches, the rebuilding, with enlargement, of five existing churches, and the enlargement of, or other increase of accommodation in, five other churches. The seventeen parishes assisted contain, together, a population of rather more than half a million, the present churches, one hundred and one in number, contain seats for 83,000 persons, but of this accommodation only 23,000 seats are free. Therefore, deducting from the amount of the population the seats allotted to particular individuals, there is only sitting-room for one-twentieth part of the remaining portion of the inhabitants. To meet in some small degree this great destitution, new churches are about to be erected for the districts of Rainow, in the parish of Prestbury; Homerton, in the parish of Hackney; Ramshottom, in the parish of Bury; Chapeltown, near Sheffield; Melplaish, near Bridport; Bishop's Sutton, near Bristol; and Bensham, in the parish of Gateshead ; towards rebuilding the parish-churches of Wolsingham, near Durham, Woolsthorpe, near Grantham; Fairlight, near Hastings ; Great Musgrave, near Brough; and Kingsweare, near Dartmouth; also towards in. creasing the accommodation, by various means, in the churches at Broughton, near Manchester ; Gorleston, near Yarmouth; Nailsea, near Bristol; Brompton Ralph, near Wiveliscombe; and East Knoyle, near Hindon.

It is expected that the ecclesiastical commissioners will endow four of the districts in which new churches are to be built, and it will be interesting to supply a few particulars respecting the present state of some of them. Rainow is one of the largest of thirty-two townships in the parish of Prestbury, with nearly 1800 poor inhabitants, engaged in cotton and silk manufactories, in coal mines, and stone quarries : the only place of worship is a ruinous building, neither consecrated nor licensed, and which cannot now be used. Chapeltown contains more than 2,000 inhabitants, occupied in working coal and

iron mines, two miles from the nearest church, the people generally so poor, that although they entertain the best feeling towards the establishment of a church among them, they are unable to contribute towards it. The population of Melplaish consists of small farmers and their labourers, but all, whether churchmen or dissenters, have contributed according to their means, but the chief portion of the expense of building a church, parsonage-house, and schools, will be defrayed by a gentleman who has long lamented the wants of the district, situated as it is, two miles from the nearest church. The district of Bishop's Sutton is described as being almost pauperized, and fearfully demoralized; the inhabitants are of the poorest class, and employed in coal-mines. The parish of Gateshead, in which a new church will be built at a hamlet called Bensham, contains 15,000 inhabitants, and the present accommodation is not sufficient for one-seventh of the population. The public services have recently been increased to the full extent of existing available means, but as to all the purposes of a vigilant and adequate pastoral care, a large proportion of the dense mass of human beings is practically as sheep without a shepherd. The effect is manifest in an awful neglect of public ordinances, and in the moral degradation and physical wretchedness usually associated with that neglect.

The treasurer reported that the grants voted at this meeting have increased the amount for which the Society have become responsible beyond the means now at their disposal to 4,0491. 2s. 6d. ; the grants which they are pledged to pay amounting to 59,4321., while the sum in hand to meet their liabilities is only 55,3821. 178. 6d.

NATIONAL SOCIETY. The meetings of the National Society for promoting the education of the poor in the principles of the Established Church, during the last month, have been attended by the Lords Bishops of Bangor, Carlisle, Chester, St. David's, Hereford, Lichfield, Lincoln, Ripon, Salisbury, and Worcester; the Very Rev. the Dean of Chichester; T. D. Ackland, Esq. M.P.; Ven. Archdeacon Sinclair; Rev. H. H. Norris, Rev. H. H. Milman, Rev. John Jennings, Rev. W. Short; G. F. Mathison, Esq., Richard Twining, Esq., and W. Page Wood, Esq. Grants from the Special Fund to the amount of 2,5101., and from the Queen's Letter Fund, to the amount of 1,3301.-total, 3,8401.-have been voted in aid of schools at sixty-six places.

Schools in thirty places have been received into union. The Society has placed an organizing master under the Archidiaconal Board of Stafford, and another organizing master is about to be placed under the Derby Archidiaconal Board. The diocese of Lichfield will thus have an organizing master at work in each of its three archdeaconries. In addition to this the Rev. H. Baber has been appointed by the bishop, diocesan inspector of schools. It is to be wished that eventually such a staff may be in operation in every diocese in the kingdom.

The case of Betton's Charity has not yet come on in the Rolls' Court, and will probably not be heard this term.

The annual general meeting of the Society will take place on the 28th instant.

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The annual meeting of this Society was held on Tuesday, the 6th May, in the great room at Exeter Hall, and was most fully attended. On the platform, amongst others, were, the Earl of Chichester, who was in the chair ; the Bishops of Chester and Cashel, Lord Ashley, Lord Glenelg, the Worshipful Chancellor Raikes, Sir Robert Inglis, M.P., Lord Sandon, Capt. Hope, R.N., Sir George H. Rose, Sir J. Kennaway, &c. &c.

The Rev. R. Davies, one of the secretaries, and the Rev. J. Venn, alternately read parts of the Report, which the Committee said was a satisfactory one; the general state of the Islington Institution during the past year had also been satisfactory.

STATE OF THE FINANCES. The receipts of the year stand as follow:

£ s. d. General fund, out of which the establishment of the Society

at home and abroad are provided for . . . . 100,422 10 5 Special funds : China fund .

. . . . . £2015 16 Capital fund .

921 12 5 Fourah Bay's Buildings' fund : .

748 14 6 Disabled Missionaries' fund . . . 1140 15 8

-- 4826 192

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The Committee have thus to report that the aggregate receipts of the year have exceeded those of the preceding year by the sum of 9251. 138. 9d., and they call on the members to unite with them in thanksgiving to God for the gracious manner in which he has been pleased to prosper the home operations of the Society.

The expenditure of the year, on the General Fund account, amounted to 89,0931. 148. 9d., including the sum of 9111. 148., received from her Majesty's Government out of the parliamentary grant of 1844 for negro education.

The surplus of receipts over expenditure, on account of the General Fuad, was therefore 11,3281. i5s. 8d.

Out of this sum, 5,0771. 153. 7d., the amount received in the year for legacies, was transferred to the Capital Fund, in accordance with a resolution to that effect adopted at the commencement of the preceding financial year. The remainder, 6,2511. 08. 1d., was a balance at the bankers, to commence the operations of the year, the claims on the Committee for bills falling due on account of the missions being unusually heavy in the earlier part of it.

Under these favourable circumstances, the Committee have considered it to be their duty to fix the maximum of expenditure for the current year at 92,0001., being an increase of 5,000l, on that of the preceding year. Provision is thus made for some enlargement of the operations of the Society in the Western Africa and the Indian missions, as well as to meet certain contingent expenses in some of the missions, especially for buildings, which are likely to be of larger amount than usual in the current year.

The various resolutions were moved and seconded by Sir R. H. Inglis, Bart. M.P., the Hon. and Rev, B. W. Noel, Lord Ashley, Rev. H. Elliott, Lord Glenelg, Professor Scholefield, Rev. II. Stowell, and Rev. H. M'Neil.

EDUCATION IN IRELAND. The following is a copy of the bill to enable her Majesty to endow new colleges for the advancement of learning in Ireland.

[Note.--The words and clause printed between inverted commas are proposed to be inserted in the committee.]

For the better advancement of learning among all classes of her Majesty's subjects in Ireland; be it enacted, by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that in case

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