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Camb., to the C. of Atlow, Derby. ' Trinity Coll., Camb., to the V. of shire.

Marsworth, Bucks. Pearson, Rev. John R., of Horndean, Swanton, Rev. F., B.C.L, Canon of

nr. Chelmsford, to a rural Deanery, in Winchester, to the V.of Barton Stacey, the county of Essex.

Hants ; pats., D. and C. of WinPenruddock, Rev. Isaac, of St. Peter's chester.

Coll., Camb., to the C. of Westport, Thomas, Rev. B., to the V. of StaintonWilts.

cum-Johnstone, Pembrokeshire. Pettat, Rev. C. R., to the R, of Ashe, Thompson, Rev. Jas., B.D., Chaplain of Hants.

all Saints, Oxford, to the R. of CubPhelps, Rev. W. W., of Corpus Christi Jington, Bucks; pats., Lincoln Coll.,

College, to the P. C. of the Holy Oxford.
Trinity, Reading.

Titcomb, Rev. Jonathan Holt, formerly Pierpoint, Rev. Richard W., to the C. | of St. Peter's Coll., Camb., 10 the

of Kirkby-Overblows, Yorkshire. . P. C. of St. Audrew-the-Less, Cam, Pooley, Rev. John Henry, B.D., R. of bridge.

Scotter, Licolnshire, to an Honorary Turner, Rev. Augustus, of Sidney Sus. Canoury in the Cathedral Church of sex Coll., Canıb., to the C. of AmberLincoln.

ley, Gloucestershire. Ponsonby, Hon. and Rev. Walter Bra- | Vaughan, Rev. Edward Thomas, M.A.,

bazon, of Trin. Coll., Camb., to the C. of Christ's Coll., Camb., to the V. of of Heythorp, Gloucestershire.

St. Martin's, Leicester. Pulleine, Rev. Robt., of Emmanuel Victor, Rev. H. Hasted, M.A., (of Clare · Coll., Camb., to the R. of Kirby Hall, Camb.,) to the C. of Badsey and

Wiske, Yorkshire; pat., Lord Pruda Wickhamford, Worcestershire. hoe.

Wallace, Rev. Arthur Capel Job, M.A., Reynolds, Rev. John Collett, of Christ's formerly of Corpus Christi Coll.,

Coll., Camb., to the R. of Holton, Camb., to the R. of Monks Eleigh,

Suffolk; pat., the Lord Chancellor. Suffolk. Roberts, Rev. Johy, to the R. of Llan. Walker, Rev. H. M., to the C. of Har

sadwrn, Anglesea ; pat., Bp. of Ban- | denhuish, Wilis. gor.

Wallis, Rev. Arthur Wellington, late Robinson, Rev. Dr., the Lord Almoner's Boden Sanscrit Scholar, and of Bishop's

Professor of Arabic, and formerly College, Calcutta, to be Principal of Archdeacon of Madras, to the Master the College, at the City of Benares, on

ship of the Temple Church, London. the River Ganges. Rooke, Rev. F. J., to the R. of Ram- | Webber, Rev. W. C. Fynes, of Ch. Ch.,

pisham-cum-Wraxhall, Dorsetshire. | Oxf., 10 the P. C. of St. Botolph, Samuel, Rev. J., to the R. of Heythrop, Aldersgate; pats., D. and C. of WestOxford.

minster. Sandham, Rev. James M., to the C. of Weighell, Rev. J., V. of Marsworth, to Islip, Oxfordshire.

the R. of Cheddington, Bucks ; pat., Sanders, Rev. F. W. R., of Harford, to the Countess of Bridgewater.

be Chaplain of the Plympton St. Mary Williams, Rev. Chas., Fell.and Tutor of Union.

Jesus Coll., Oxford, to the living of Shafto, Rev. Arthur, C. of Houghton-le Holyhead, North Wales.

Spring, to the Incumbency of the New Williams, Rev. Robert, late P. C. of District Church of Byers' Green, New Slokenchurch, to the V. of Aston castle.

Rowant, Oxfordshire ; pat, the Crown. Skeffington, the Hon. and Rev. T. C., 1 Willis, Rev. W. M., to the V. of Cor

of Worc. Coll., Oxf. to be Domestic comhide, Limerick. Chaplain to the Viscount Massereene Wilshere, Rev. Edward Chapman, M.A., and Ferrard.

formerly of St. John's Coll., to the Smith, Rev. John, Master of the Mer C. of Chester-le-street, Durham.

cers' School, London, and Chaplain Winslow, Rev. Geo. Erving, to the R. to the Company, to the V. of Kirton- of Alexton, Leicestershire ; pat., Lord in-Holland, Lincolnshire.

Berners. Smith, Rev. Jas. Ind., Librarian of Worship, Rev. Wm. Taylor, to the R. of


Beeston St. Andrew, Norfolk ; pat., Egerton, Rev. Chas., of Kendal Lodge, F. R. Reynolds, Esq.

Epping. Wright, Rev. Martin C., of Sunderland, to Goodenough, Very Rev. Edmund, D.D., the P. C. of Ingleton, nr. Staindrop. Dean of Wells, and Prebendary of

York and Carlisle.

Masters, Rev. Frederick, V. of Runcorn, CLERGYMEN DECEASED.


Monck, Rev. Wm., V. of Owston. Atkinson, Rev. Rich., C. of Laughton, Moultrie, Rev. G., V. of Cleobury More near Gainsborough.

timer, Salop. Banks, Rev. John Cleaver, of Coldred, Nicholson, Rev. William, M.A., R. of

St. Maurice, Winchester.
Benson, Rev. Francis, Incumbent of Ogle, Rev. Jas. Sayer, Fell. of New

Beltingham and Greenhead Chapels, Coll., Oxford, at Naples.

Parry, Rev. Wm. H., R. of Bothal, Boardman, Rev. W. J., at Liscard, Che Northumberland, formerly Dean and

shire, formerly C. of Healon Norris Fellow of St. John's Coll., Camb. Chapel.

Piggott, Rev. Solomon, P. Ć. of DunBythesea, Rev. John Lewis, LL.B., R. stable, Beds. of Bagendon, Gloucestershire, and of Price, Rev. Dan, Prytherch, V. of Caye Leigh-Delamere, Wilts.

and Llansawell. Covey, Rev. Edward, St. James's Par Scott, Rev. Chas. Lionel, formerly R. sonage, Ratcliff,

of Wootton Courtney, Somersetshire. Eade, Rev. Thos. French, R. of Thran- | Tucker, Rev. Marwood, V. of Harpford, destone, Suffolk.

pr. Sidmouth. Elms, Rev. Ewd., R. of Itchingfield, Wetherell, Rev. Chas., C. of Staunton, in near Horsham,

the Diocese of Worcester,



St. Edmund Hall; T. Hanbury, St.

Edmund Hall; S. T. Brandram, WadMay 3.

ham ; W. De Lancy West, St. John's; In a Convocation holden yesterday, H. J. Ball, St. Joho's; G. J. Blomfield, the Rev. Carter Hall, M.A., of Trinity Exeter; J. H. Brookes, J. W. Barlow, College, Dublin, was admitted ad eun. E. Swetenham, R. S. W. Sitwell, and dem.

Assheton Pownall, Brasenose. In a Congregation holden at the same

May 10. time, the following degrees were conferred:

At a meeting of the Board of Houses Masters of Arts-E. Peel, Brasenose, and Proctors, held on Monday, the fol(grand comp. ;) Godfrey Meynell, Bra lowing reply was agreed upon, in answer senose; Rev. J. Wallas, Queen's; Rev. | to the requisition for the formal condemJ. Merry, Queen's; Rev. P. Chabert | nation of Tract 90:Kidd, Ch. Ch.; W. Latham Bevan, “That the Board gladly recognise in Magdalen Hall; J. Bateman, Magda- | this memorial the cordial desire of Memlen; Rev. J. Peers Tweed, Fellow of bers of Convocation to co-operate with Exeter ; Rev. J. Francis Kitson, Exeter ; the heads of Houses and Proctors in Martin J. Routh, Scholar of Pembroke; their endeavours to maintain the statutes Rev. E. Hutton Burnett, Merton. of the University, and to secure integrity

Bachelors of Arts—W. J. Evelyn, of subscription to the Articles of ReBalliol, (grand comp.;) E. M. Evans,

ligion. University, (grand comp.;) J. Barmby, " That the Board retain the same University ; J. Riddell," Balliol ; č. opinion of the Ninetieth Tract for the Spackman, New Inn Hall; R. Hake, Times which they expressed to the Uni

J. M. Wilson. > Examiners.

versity at the time of its first publication, l of St. Mary Hall; Huxley, T. S., Comand upon which they appealed in Feb moner of Exeter; Lowry, C. H., Scholar ruary last to the judgment of Convoca of Queen's ; Ludlow, T., Servitor of tion.

Ch. Ch. ; Morgan, J., Scholar of Jesus ; “ Trusting, however, to the moral Osborn, Montagu F, F., Commoner of effect of the decision then pronounced Balliol; Sedgwick, J., Demy of Magdaby the University upon a kindred sub-| len; Smart, G., Exhibitioner of Lincoln; ject, and considering also that the ques Thompson, G., Gentleman Commoner, tion of a faithful subscription to the Magdalen Hall. Articles of Religion is at present sub

H. G. LIDDEL, ? mitted to a high ecclesiastical tribunal,

C. DAMAN, the Board are of opinion that a formal censure upon the Tract need not, under

A, W. HADDAN,J existing circumstances, be brought before

Mrs. Denyer's Theological Prize for Convocation."

the present year has been awarded to the THE CLASS LIST.

Rev. R. Wheler Bush, M.A., Scholar of Easter Term, 1845.

Worcester. Mr. Bush obtained Dr. ElClass I.-Arnold, T., Scholar of Uni

lerton's Theological prize last year. versity; Jacobs, H., Exhibitioner of

Mr. Maurice Day, of King's College, Queen's; Riddell, J., Scholar of Balliol;

London, was yesterday elected Scholar Smith, Goldwin, Demy of Magdalen.

of Exeter College. Class II.-Barmby, J., Scholar of

Mr. C. Fort, from Winchester College, University; Eddrup, E. P., Commoner

and Mr. C. Francis Willis, Commoner of Wadham; Freeman, E. A., Scholar

of Brasenose, were yesterday elected to of Trinity; Hayman, H., Scholar of St.

the Corpus Christi College Scholarships. John's; Lawley, Hon. Stephen W., Com

May 17. moner of Balliol; Robinson, W., Ireland In a Convocation holden on Saturday, Exhibitioner, Oriel; West, W., D., Bible it was unanimously resolved, that the Clerk of St. John's; Williams, R. V., sum of 2001. should be granted out of Commoner of Christ Church

the University chest, in aid of a fund for Class III.-Barlow, J. W., Com the extension of parochial burial grounds moner of Brasenose; Boger, E., Fellow in the city of Oxford, upon condition that of Exeter; Brookes, J. H. Commoner of the sum be paid as soon as the first addi. Brasenose; Burnard, J., Commoner of tional burial ground shall have been conMagdalen Hall; Douglas, H. A., Com- | secrated. moner of Balliol; Fraser, W., Commoner At the same time, it was unanimously of Worcester; Hartley, C., Commoner agreed, to grant out of the University of St. John's; How, W.W., Commoner chest to the Bishop of Sodor and Man, of Wadham; Mackarness, G. R., Post the sum of 1501., to be expended in master of Merton; Moberly, H.E., Scho books printed at the University Press, lar of New College ; Monck, W.S., Com towards the restoration of a library in moner of University; Pakenham, Hon. King William's College, Douglas, lately, H. R., Commoner of Brasenose; Pearse, destroyed by fire, G. W., Scholar of Corpus Christi; Pren In the same Convocation, the following tice, G. H., Commoner of Trinity; Rice, members of the University, having been R., Scholar of Queen's; Taylor, A., Ex first duly nominated as curators of Sir hibitioner of Queen's; Walford, E., Scho. | Robert Taylor's foundation, were aplar of Balliol.

proved :- The Rev. F. C. Plumptre, Class IV.-Andrews, G.R.W., Com. D.D., Master of University; R. Bulmoner of St. John's; Ball, H. J., Com- lock Marsham, Esq., D.C.L., Warden of moner of St. John's; Brandram, S. T., Merton; Rev. F. Jeune, D.C.L., Master Commoner of Wadham; Ede, F. J., of Pembroke ; Rev. J. Smith, B.D., FelScholar of Pembroke; Eld, J. H., Scho- | low of Trinity; Rev. H.G. Liddell, M.A., lar of St. John's; Faussett, H.G., Student Student of Christ Church. of Ch. Ch. ; Green, Eldred, Scholar of At the same time, the nomination of Queen's ; Hake, R., Commoner of St. the Rev. Dr. Jeune, Master of PemEdmund Hall; Hardie, J., Commoner | broke, to be a select preacher in the

room of the Rev. A. Short, Student of , day, the following degrees were conChrist Church, was unanimously ap- | ferred :proved.

Masters of Arts-Rev. J. lud WellIn a Congregation holden the same don, St. John's, (grand comp.) incor. day, the following degrees were con- porated from St. John's, Camb.; Rev. J. ferred :

Udney Robson, Magdalen Hall, (grand Bachelor in Civil LawT. Spinks, comp.); Rev. W. Lloyd Collett, Queen's St. John's.

(grand comp.) ; R. Blaney, Exeter, Masters of Arts_W.Milton, Exeter; (grand comp.); Rev. J. Hext Bushnell, Offey Crewe, Merton; F. W. Garnett, Worcester (grand comp.); Rev. T. Balliol.

Holmes, Ravenhill, Worcester; W. ScarBachelors of Arts—C. W. Carendish lett Vale, Worcester ; Rev. W. H. Jones; Bentinck, New Inn Hall; J. Willington, Queen's; Rev. F. T. M.Dougall, F. W. New Inn Hall; J. Milner, Queen's; J. Vaux, and Rev. T. Helmore, Magdalen Tombs, Queen's ; II. Jacobs, Michel Hall; Rev. W. Brassey Hole, Exeter; Exhibitioner of Queen's ; W. E. Bally, Rev. R. Wetherell, St. Edınund Hall; A. Taylor, and Julius Conran Lowe, Rev. Seth W. Stevenson, St. Mary Hall; Queen's ; Eldred Green, Scholar of Rev. F. Kenny, Ch. Ch. ; Rev. Brymer Queen's; G. W. Dixon, Queeu's; Gran- Belcher, Wadham ; Rev. W. Bushnell, ville R. H. Somerset, Trehawke Keke- University ; C. Edward Leopold Wightwich, H. Morland Austen, and Divie man, Lincoln; Rev. W. Bousfield, Fellow Robertson, Ch. Ch.; E. A. Freeman, of Lincoln; Rev. G. Murray Houghton, Scholar of Trinity; C. G. Merewether, Lincoln ; H. Fort, Balliol; Rev. P. W. Walsham How, and E. Paroissen Sidney Ashworth, St. Alban Hall; C. Eddrup, Wadham ; T. Naish, Lincoln; Godfrey Price, Jesus; Rev. Vero GurGoldwin Smith, Demy of Magdaleu; don Driffield, Scholar of Brasenose; G. Hon. H. Pakenham, Brasenose ; W. S. F. de Teissier, Scholar of Corpus Christi; Hoole, Brasenose; T. C. Layton, Pem- Rev. Hatfield Edge Pettman, Trinity; broke; F. J. Ede, Pembroke; J. H. Eld, Rev. T. Pantin, Pembroke. Fellow of St. John's; C. Hartley, St. Bachelors of Arts-J.J. Ebsworth, E. John's; J. Henly, J. Richardson Major, Bittleston, and J. Lovick Johnson, St. and Arthur Harbottle Estcourt, Exeter; Edmund Hall; J.J.G.Graham, Queen's; F. Clarke Walsh, W. Haydon, and G. E. Baskerville Mynors, St. Mary Hall; W. Winter, University ; E. Walford, J. Hesselgrave Thompson, Magdalen Scholar of Balliol; Hon. Stephen W. | Hall; W. De Porre, Magdalen Hall; Lawley, Montagu F. F. Osborn, and J. H. Bainbrigge, Wadham ; T. Binfield H. Dalrymple Des Væux, Balliol; G. Ludlow, Ch. Ch.; H. A. Douglas, BalR. Mackarness, Postmaster of Merton; liol; C. Tuffnell, Balliol; C. J. Stuart, E. S. James, Postmaster of Merton ; J. University; Armine Wale Mountain, B. Hayley, Worcester; A. Hinckley, University ; Gansell Jebb, Lincoln ; H. Worcester.

Hayman, Fellow of St. John's ; C. Gore, In a Convocation holden on Wednes. Gambier, T. A. Walker, and G. Pardoe, day, being the first day of Act Term, the St. John's; A. W. Green, W. Brown, following gentlemen were nominated mas P. Smith, and W. Johnston, Trinity, T. ters of the schools for the year en Hughes, Oriel; W. Buckle, Oriel; F. suing :—The Rev. T. Brancker, M.A., | W. Peel, Worcester; D. Price, Jesus; Fellow of Wadham ; Rev. H. Harris, C. Chambres, Jesus. M.A., Demy of Magdalen ; Rev. H. The following gentlemen have been Hubert Cornish, M.A., Magdalen Hall. elected Students of Christ Church from

At the same time, the Rev. J. T. / Westminster :--Gower W. Randolph ; Bainbridge Landon, M.A., Fellow of G. Downing Bowles; Edmund C. Bur. Magdalen, was nominated to the office of ton. a Pro-Proctor by the Senior Proctor. And in the same Convocation, Wales

May 24. Christopher Hotson, Esq., M.A., of In a Convocation holden on Thursday Pembroke, Camb., was admitted ud last, the nomination of Dr. Daubeny, of eundem.

| Magdalen College, and of Dr. Greenhill, In a Congregation holden the same Trinity College, to be Examiners in the faculty of Medicine, at the next examin- 1 of Rugby School, was on Thursday ation was approved.

elected an Exhibitioner on the Michel In the same Convocation the following Foundation, Queen's College.—There gentlemen were admitted ad eundem : were sixteen candidates. Rev. S. T. Bloomfield, D.D., of Sidney 1 The following gentlemen were yesSussex College, Camb. ; Rev. Fred. terday elected Postmasters of Merton :Braithwaite, M. A., of Clare Hall,Camb.; J. Trotter, from Charterhouse School ; F. E. Long. Esq., M.A., of King's Col- Herbert Plater, from King's College; and lege, Camb.

H. Bailey Bevan, from Rugby. In a Congregation holden at the same time, the following degrees were con


Class 1.-6. Barmby, J., Scholar of Bachelor in Civil Law—T. F. Crosse, University ; Case, G., Commoner of Exeter.

Brasenose ; c. Prentice, G. H., ComMasters of Arts—Rev. W. Savage, moner of Trinity ; c. Taylor, A., Scholar Queen's ; Rev. R. Shuttleworth Sutton, of Queen's; b. West, W. D., Bible Fellow of Exeter; J. Rendall, Fellow of Clerk of St. John's. Exeter; P. Augustine Kingdon, Fellow

Class II.-6. Hayman, H., Fellow of Exeter; Rev. T. Francis W. Walker, | of St. John's; d. Lowry, C. H., Scholar Exeter; Rev. E.J. G. H. Rich, Fellow of Queen's; Story, Mervin H. N., Comof New College; Rev. G. T. Cooke, moner of Wadham. Demy of Magdalen; Rev. E. Royds,

Class III.-d. Hake, R., Commoner Brasenose ; Rev. G. Shaw Munn, Trinity;

of St. Edmund Hall; d. Ludlow, T. B., John F. Burgoyne Blackett, Fellow of Servilor of Christ Church ; a. Riddell, J., Merton; R. Meredyth Richards, Mer. Scholar of Balliol; Spackman, C., Comton; Rev. H. J. Gore, Merton.

moner of New Inn Ilall. Bachelors of Arts—W. J. Ripley, Class IV.–Blyth, Benj., Clerk of Wadham (grand comp.); H. Godfrey Magdalen; Hughes-D'Aeth-N., ComFaussett, Student of Ch. Ch. ; R. | moner of Wadham ; Gilbert, Cooper W., Vaughan Williams, Ch. Ch.; Benjamin Commoner of Magdalen Hall; Goring, Blyth, Magdalen; J. Hughes, Oriel ; J., Coinmoner of Corpus Christi ; CarRev. W. T. Redfern, Magdalen Hall; J. dew- Haydon, J., Commoner of Exeter ; Burnard, Magdalen Hali; W. Stewart Hill, T., Smythe, Clerk of Magdalen ; Ferrers, Exeter ; T. Scott, Huxley, Exe d. Smart, G. Exhibitioner of Lincoln, ter ; G. Richmond Webbe Andrews,

H. REYNOLDS, 1, St. John's ; C. T. Corrance, Trinity;

NICOLAUS Pocock, Examiners. R. Higgins, Worcester ; J. Leslie Hall

W, F. Donkin. ward, Worcester ; A. Joseph, Brase a. 1st. Class in Classics-6. 2nd Class nose.

in Classics-C. 3rd Class in Classics UNIVERSITY PRIZES.— Yesterday the

d. 4th Class in Classics. following prizes were awarded :

English Essay-Mr. S. Lucas, B.A.,

Latin Essay-Mr. G. Bradley, B.A.,
Fellow of University.

May 3.
English Verse-Mr. J. W. Burgon,

Commoner, Worcester.
Latin Verse-Mr. Goldwin Smith,

DOWNING-STREET, April 24.- Her B.A., Demy of Magdalen.

Majesty has been pleased to constitute The following gentlemen were on

the island of Ceylon to be a Bishop's Monday elected scholars of Trinity Col

See, to be called the Bishopric of Colege :-Isaac Gregory Smith, G. W.

lombo; and to appoint the Rev. James Cox, and T. Ansell Marshall.

Chapman, Doctor in Divinity, to be On Monday, E. Augustus Freeman,

| ordained and consecrated Bishop of the B.A., Scholar of Trinity, was elected a

said See. Fellow of that Society.

May 10. Queen's College.—Mr. S. James | On the 2nd inst., the following memBowles, Cominoner of Ch. Ch., and late bers of this University were called to the

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