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purposes to which they were devoted. In of 1,3001. having thas arisen, it is due to this, the advocates of a less enlightened the incumbent and churchwardens that religion had displayed a zeal which those immediate measures be taken for relieving who boasted of a purer faith might have them from the heavy responsibility which done well to avoid. He could not exactly they have incurred. – That a further comprehend the arguments of those who general subscription be therefore entered could oppose the development of their ac- into and appeals for assistance be made to quirements to their fullest extent in the all who value the work of church restoraservice of Him from whom they derived tion. And a committee was formed for their talents. On that ground he would carrying all the requisite arrangements encourage the taste for decorations, whe- into effect, with a request that they would ther external or internal. Who could be associate with themselves such other genhold without gratification the finest speci- tlemen as might be desirous of co-operatmens of art, whether architectural oring with them. It was also determined to pictorial, or regard without pleasure the hold another meeting on Saturday next, to productions of the painter or the sculptor, arrange the method of operation.-Bury and not feel that religion had patronised Herald. these sister arts? There was he admitted,

SURREY. an antiquated objection to such decora

KINGSTON-UPON-RAILWAY.—The ner tions, because they had formerly been the Church erected in this rapidly increasing objects of superstitious worship. In a pre- place was consecrated by the Lord Bishop vious age, when men's minds were under of Winchester on Friday, May 2. the control of superstition, when they were enslaved by the priesthood, such an

WARWICKSHIRE. argument might have had some weight;

It has been resolved to erect additional but in the present more enlightened era wings to the Queen's Hospital, Birmingthere was little foundation for such appre- ham, to contain eight wards, for the achensions. The friends of the Protestant commodation of fifty beds. The Rev. Church might now look without danger Dr. Warneford, with his usual munifi. upon what had been once dangerous, and cence, has given the sum of 500l. towards they should have no sympathy with the the expense. spirit which went forth as the destroyer of

WORCESTERSHIRE. all that was beautiful. In fact, the restora- WORCESTER.–At the last quarterly tion of churches was the restoration of Pro- meeting of the committee of the Church testantism, not of Popery. Of Protestant- Building Society; present,- The Rev. E. ism they might say with Luther-" that it w. Ingram, Hon. and Rev. J. Fortescue, would be well to any external ideas, in order Reverends H. J. Stevenson, J. D. Simpthe more vividly to impress spiritual truths son, T. L. Wheeler, and J. Pearson ; upon the mind."

H. B. Tymbs, Esq. and H. Eginton, Ameeting was held on Monday, the 12th Esq., consulting architects to the society; of May, at the Guildhall, in this town, con- the Rev. W. H. Havergal was elected a vened by the subscribers and friends for the member of the committee in the place of restoration of St. Mary's Church, for the the Rev. W. J. Phillpotts, who has left purpose of considering the best measures to the diocese. A conditional grant of 1501. be adopted for raising the deficiency of the was made towards repairing the church of funds; James Borton, Esq. in the chair; Holy Cross, Pershore, if the plan prowhen the following resolutions were unani. posed by Mr. Egerton be carried out, mously carried :-That the best thanks of whereby more than 100 additional free the subscribers and parishioners are due to sittings would be obtained. At the meetthe rev. incumbent and the churchwardens ing of the Diocesan Board of Edacation ; for the assiduous attention bestowed by present,--the Right Hon. Lord Littleton, them upon the works during their pro- the Hon. and Rev. Canon Fortescue, the gress, and for the correct taste and judg- Rev. Canon Wood, &c.; the annual rement by which the works have been port, with a digest of the report of the ladirected. — That extensive dilapidations spectors of Schools for the last year, was and defects have been discovered after the read by the secretary, the Rev. H. J. commencement of the works, the sum of Hastings, and agreed to. David Thomas 1,700l., voted by the vestry, became greatly was elected an exhibitioner; and a plan inadequate to the necessary reparations, for assembling schoolmasters and misand the voluntary subscriptions have fallen tresses for instruction during the harvest far short of the amount required for the month was adopted, provided a suitable proper restoration of so magnificent a number of persons should be found to church; and that a deficiency of upwards avail themselves of it.



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[blocks in formation]


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