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merely to enjoy an animal life, but as it may furnish us with an opportunity of doing good, and becoming ourselves better. We commit all our concerns to thee, and would submit to those circumstances which thou, who knowest what is best for us, shalt ordain. If the Lord will, we desire the continuance of health, and the comforts of life. May we be prepared for sickness, and every change into which thou mayest lead us. If thine infinite wisdom sball appoint that we take leave of the world the present year, may we be ready for our departure. We dare not say we will do this or that ; but we would cherish one purpose, to live better than we have done.

Preserve us from all injurious delays, espe. cially from delaying to repent and reform. Hasten us to keep thy commandments, and practically to know every season of our visitation. May not the night of darkness, in which no man can work, overtake us una. wares, and the things belonging to our peace be forever hidden from our eyes. Exempt us from their folly, who presume on life, and speak of goods laid up for many years. May we do with diligence all of duty that our hands find to do, and go from strength to strength, till we shall appear before thee in thy heavenly Ziop.

If death shall approach by slow advances, may it find us well employed; and if we are called on a sudden to exchange worlds, may it not be our dreadful lot to have treasured up fear and remorse. When we finish this mortal life, may the rod and staff of thy word be our snpport, and an entrance be ministered to us into thine everlasting kingdom.

Unto the king eternal, immortal, and invis. ible, the only wise God, be honour, and glo. ry, for ever and ever. Amen.

Second Prayer, adapted on the Spring.

INCOMPREHENSIBLY blessed and glorious Lord our God! By thee the heavens were made, and all the glorious host of them by the breath of thy mouth. Thou hast appointed the moon for seasons, and made the sun to know his going down. Summer and winter, seed time and harvest, heat and cold, are di. rected by thee. At one time thou givest snow like wool, and scatterest the hoar frost like ashes; at another time thou bringest forth food out of the earth, and causest the grass to grow for cattle, and herb for the service of man.

Because thine eye is upon the year, from the beginning even unto the end, we are now called to rejoice that the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear upon the earth; the singing of birds is come, the tree puts forth her leaves, and the field yields its perfume; the mountains and bills break forth into singing, and the trees of the forest clap their hands. O Lord! bow mani. fold are thy works. :: We bless thee for the beneficial influences of the heavenly bodies; for the light of the sun, and the constant revolution of the sea

sons, and all the rich provision thou hast made for our present support and delight. We bless thee for all our comforts during the inclemencies of the wiuter, which is now past, for all the pleasant intercourse of domestic life, and the kind offices of mutual friendship and good neighborhood, and above all we rejoice in our capacities for contemplating thy glorious works with emotions of religious praise and pleasure.

Thou art now sending forth thy spirit, and renewing the face of the earth. All nature feels thy reanimating power. May devotion invigorate and sanctify the labours of the approaching season. May be who plougheth, plough with religious hope. May he who soweth, rejoice in the expectation of reaping. Give us rain from heaven, and a fruitful sea. son, and fill our hearts with food and pious gladness.

Above all we beseech thee to multiply the spiritual seed of divine truth, and may not the wicked one catch away that which is sown in the hearts of any Crown with success both our secular avd spiritual labours, and may we reap both the harvest of bread and the fruits of righteousness. Give us neither poverty nor riches ; feed us with food convenient for us. By our spiritual improvements may we be like unto that earth, which, drinking in the rain that cometh oft upon it, bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, and receiveth blessing from God; and not like unto that which beareth thorns and briars, is rejected, and nigh unto cursing, whose end is

to be burned. Establish us in every good word and work, and unite us more closely to him who is the true vine. As branches in him wilt thou mercifully spare and purge us, and may we glorify thee, our heavenly fa. ther, by bearing much fruit.

To thee, O Father! the husbandman, by Jesus Christ, the true vine, be all honour and praise. Amen.

glorify fruit. wisbande

Third Prayer, adapted for Summer. ALMIGHTY GOD, the creator of the world, whose eternal power and supreme dominion are seen by the things which are made ! We beseech thee to seal instruction to our souls, by the prospects of the present season. We would raise our thoughts to thee by whom the sun rises in pleasing majesty, and in his daily course diffuses light and heat over the world, by whom the earth is overspread with trees, and herbs, and flowers; who art the father of the former and latter rain, and nightly be. gettest the drops of the dew. We adore thee in all the various productions of the earth which thou art now causing to advance to ma. turity for the support, comfort, and delight of thy creatures. We desire never to forget thine hand in the glorious scene in which we are placed, or cease to derive all the moral instruction thy works convey. Whilst we gratefully adore thy goodness in the pleasant circumstances of this present life, teach us to trust in thy mercy and deliverance when ad

versity shall overtake us. May we carry a. bout with us an affecting impression of this truth, that all flesh is as grass, and the glory of man as the flower of grass. Having been planted in thy vineyard, may we bring forth much good fruit, so that finally we may be numbered with the trees of righteousness, and plants of renown. May our faith grow exceedingly. O grant that by the milk of thy word and speaking the truth in love, we may grow up unto him in all things who is the head, even Christ. Make our souls as a watered garden. There may charity display her graces; hope expand her wings; and the soil, by divine cultivation, yield all the peaceable fruits of righteousness.

We bless thee, whose works as well as. words speak thy will, for the confirmation which the season affords to our religious faith. The corn of wheat, that was cast into the ground, has resumed the body which pleased thee. We will inquire no more, How are the dead raised up, or with what bodies they come? We rejoice in the prospect of the peaceful bow in the clouds, the early pledge of thine inviolable fidelity, and repose our. selves under the shadow of the Almighty.

O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and wonderful works to the children of men ! Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting, and let all people say, Amen.

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