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father granted what she asked, and gave her the upper and the nether springs.

Such is the scene intended to be represented in the subjoined drawing. In it Caleb figures as an aged warrior, like those seen in the Egyptian monuments. Achsah, having been brought up in the desert, exhibits the habits of her life in a robust frame, and a costume suited to the climate; while Othniel is drawn in the garb and with the accoutrements of a traveller, copied from what is supposed to be an Egyptian painting of an Israelite. The pole behind indicates the presence of a well, which forms 'the burden of Achsah’s request, land being of little importance in that country without “springs of water."

The conduct of Achsah, in seeking these “ springs of water," affords a beautiful example for mankind. Earth is to them but a south land, dry and barren. Even its richest pleasures afford them no real happiness: after partaking of them, the immortal soul is left unsatisfied. Where, then, can man find solid good? Only in partaking of the waters of life, which proceed from the throne of God and the Lamb.

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Follow the windings of that holy stream,

Although its course is traced
Through deserts scorched by passion's lightning gleam,

Through sorrow's desolate waste.
And thou shalt find it widen in its course,

And merge, all free from strife,
With gentle majesty and quiet force
Into the streams of life.


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