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The object of the present work is to present to the eye and to the mind of the reader, a correct description of Scripture facts, derived from the best authorities. It must be acknowledged, by all attentive readers of the Bible, that the paintings of the old masters, which have been so widely diffused, have often conveyed erroneous ideas. They do not accord with the idea of Oriental usages, etc., which we derive from the sacred Text, and often discover both ignorance and superstition, and that to such an extent as often to bewilder and mislead the youthful and uninformed mind. Hence it has been thought, that much instruction might be imparted to the reader through a medium, which will at once afford a truthful representation of Scripture facts and of Oriental

Such is the leading feature of this work. In the Engravings, the reader has set before him scenes which cannot fail to be interesting to the mind of the true Christian. They are accompanied by brief accounts, derived from Scripture, of the events which they represent, and a short improvement of the subject.


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