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Under this impression, the artist has represented this scene as one of a devotional character. The engraving exhibits David in the act of performing a sacred “ dance,” or a devotional recitation, before the altar, while, behind, the ark is borne in triumph to its “ rest." The authorities have been chiefly derived from the monuments of Egypt and India, taking only those points which coincide with the Scripture narrative, and using them in the strictest subordination to the spirit of the text.

The ark was placed in a tabernacle which David had, in his zeal, prepared for that purpose. Its solemn removal, and its dignified repose, were well calculated to make an impression upon the multitude, and to animate their zeal for the Lord of hosts. Such dispositions the monarch wished to perpetuate, and for that end he regulated the services of the priests and Levites. This he did especially by animating and instructive Psalms, which he and others were inspired to compose for that hallowed purpose. These compositions have been preserved to our own day in the Book of Psalms, and very precious have they proved to mankind throughout successive ages. They have comforted the mourner; imparted hope to the despairing; healed the broken-hearted; raised the spirits of the drooping ones; supplied the grateful with themes of praise; exalted Jehovah in the sight of mankind; convicted the guilty; and pointed the sinner to a Saviour. In truth, they may be considered as a treasure-house, in which are deposited the richest blessings for the use of mankind. Their sentiments are those breathed by the inspiration of God, and they should be prized above gold and silver. They are thus prized by all true Christians.

The following is a sketch of an Egyptian ark, from sculptures at Thebes.

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