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away upon the eagle-wings of time; to-morrow belongs to God, and not to man. To-day, therefore, while it is called To-day, repent. Think of the solemn period when the Ancient of Days shall have passed judgment on mankind.

The days and years of time are fled,

Sun, moon, and stars have shone their last;
The earth and sea gave up their dead,

Then vanished at the archangel's blast.
All secret things have been revealed,
Judgment is past, the sentence sealed,
And man, to all eternity,
What he is now, henceforth must be.

From Adam to his youngest heir,

Not one escaped that muster-roll ;
Each, as if he alone were there,

Stood up, and won or lost his soul.


Reader, you must be among this vast assemblage, either lost or saved. Examine yourself, whether you be in the faith; for if you are not—if death should overtake you in your present state, your soul will be lost! irrecoverably, and for ever lost !

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