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was most tender and affectionate. The sacred historian says that Joseph fell on his father's neck, “and wept on his neck a good while;” and that Israel said unto Joseph, “Now let me die, since I have seen thy face, because thou art yet alive,” Gen. xlvi. 29, 30. Although both Jacob and Joseph knew well that in the course of nature they must soon be separated, yet was their cup of joy full, as they beheld each other once more in the land of the living. Oh, if the happiness of relatives and friends is so great at meeting on earth, after a long separation, how great must their joys be who, washed in the blood of the Lamb, are re-united in the courts of heaven, never again to be separated! The hope of such a meeting is a consolation under bereavement. It enables the mourner to look beyond the grave, and to realize in thought that happiness which his Redeemer has prepared for him. He may be tempted sometimes to exclaim, in the anguish of his soul,

'Tis a long lingering death we mortals die;
Daily our hopes, our friends, our pleasures fade,

Till nought is left us but to heave a sigh,
Draw the last breath, and lifeless drop the head.

Yet he knows, that if those for whom we mourn have been followers of the Lamb, and we are treading in their steps, they will be given to us again for ever in glory. Christian reader,

Art thou a MoURNER 7 Hast thou known

The joy of innocent delights,

Endearing days for ever flown,
And tranquil nights 2

OH LIVE!—and deeply cherish still
The sweet remembrance of the past;
And trust on Heaven's unchanging will
For peace at last.

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