The Forgotten Prophecy

The Forgotten Prophecy, 2006 M05 12 - 364 páginas
HOW STRONG IS YOUR FAITH? A soon-to-be father and college graduate, Simon Free finds himself distracted from his obligations just when his wife needs him most. Still grief stricken over the murder of his uncle and tormented by dreams he doesn't understand, Simon wonders if it's the pressure of becoming an adult that's troubling him or something more. Unable to confide in his wife, he seeks out the answer to his problems in the unlikeliest of places. The answer, however, will test his faith in ways he never dreamed as it pairs him with a group of reluctant heroes who are at a crossroads with their own faith. The Weeping Age is upon Mankind, and the Prophecy foretelling the Battle of End Time has been forgotten. What will become of Mankind now that the end is near, and will faith alone be enough to keep strong in the struggle against the Evil One? It's a race against-and across-time to remember that which has long been forgotten. The Forgotten Prophecy

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Crítica de los usuarios  - MacNeill - Borders

This book is absoulutely brilliant. In my top five favorite books for sure. It even outranks Harry Potter in my opinion. Leer comentario completo

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