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And now, were it possible to add to the solemnity, or increase the public sense of our gratitude for the joyful return of this auspicious day; we of this place have new cause of rejoicing, in seeing by our own hands a beautiful Structure thus recovered from its ruins, and raised a Church before our eyes; in opening a wider door, and more effectual, I hope, towards propagating, as well as preserving the established doctrine of our faith; and in taking off the reproach from burselves and nation, that the heathen mould not still say; Where is now their Cod? Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think or do any thing as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God; and therefore not unto us, but unto his Name ought the praift to be given, for his loving mercy, and for his truth fake: For all things come of him.

But that we may not altogether derract from men that lawful and subordinate regard that is due to their good works; the charitable contributions of our worthy Benefactors may and ought to be admired and commended: for it is they who have been the instrumental causes of this benefit; it is they, who by their hearty concurrence to the work, have made proof of their faith, affection and liberality; like those noble instances of zeal and emulation recorded by St Paul of the Churches of Macedonia, who to their power, I bear them record, yea and some even beyond their present abilities, contributed; not mentioning the substantial testimony of others, the repeated liberality of several in this place, in imitation of so illustrious a precedent before us.

May the memorial of this their abundant kindness, which cannot deserve less than an annual

II 4 commecommemoration, be transmitted to posterity in this Church throughout all ages? And may the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to make all grace and charity abound in you more and more, confirm and strengthen you in all goodness, that ye always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to do every good word and work, through Christ Jesus our Saviour; to whom with the Father and the blessed Spirit be all honour and glory, now and for ever. Amen.


Christmas-day 1718.









Christmas - Day 1718,

Long. 170 Feet, Lat. 70 Feet.

N. B. Those whose Names are particularly mentioned under this mark ^ [See Pages 82, 83.] have subscribed 200 rupees and upwards towards the Church, and are to be commemorated annually on Christmas-day.

Those marked thus -f- have subscribed 300 rupees. Those marked thus ($) 400 Those marked thus # 500 Those marked thus ^ 800 Those marked thus Q tooo Those marked thus £$* 3000 Those marked thus ^ 10000 Thus - - - - & hath formerly contributed to the Church about Thirty Years ago, before the Siddee war, when first it was in building, and now again to the finishing of it.


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