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It will be sufficient, I hope, here barely to remind you of the advantages we receive from the trade and commerce with these Heathens of all sorts; and that we cannot make them a greater amends for partaking with them in their temporal concerns, than to let them share with us in our spiritual. >

These things, my Brethren, if well weighed and considered, will I hope have that good effect upon you, as to provoke you to zeal and emulation in this good work; that as you have hitherto abounded in liberality, so you would abound in this grace also; that, having begun well in laying a good foundation, you would proceed like wise master-builders, to raise thereupon a superstructure uniform and agreeable thereunto; that as God first created this beautiful world, and then proceeded to store it with inhabitants; so may this School become a never-failing nursery to the Church, and a constant supply of sound members early instructed in the principles of religion, and unalterably engaged to worship God in this place.

Many will be the blessings that will attend this work, not only in regard to the private interest, but to the public good and benefit of mankind, to their temporal as well as spiritual, present as well as future happiness and welfare ; a work so very acceptable, useful and commendable, that it will continually redound to the honour of God, our blessed Saviour, and his Religion; as well as procure the most desirable blessing upon our Church and Nation, the Company and ourselves. Let us not therefore be weary in well doing; for in due time we shall reap, if we faint not; but let us iejledfast and immoveable, always abounding in the

•work work of the Lord, forasmuch as we know, that our labour is not in vain in the Lord.

Now to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, the ever blessed and glorious Trinity, three Persons and one God, be all honour and glory, might, majesty and dominion, now and for ever. Amen.


September 8, 1719*

Subscribed the same day to the Charity-School, Rupees 6190

Or £773 15s. at 2s 6d to the Rupee;



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-X AU S D E.o»-':10'.1 v

Sxibscribed'coiTdittonally towards aCharty-School in Bombay for educating poor Children in the Christian: religion," actording to the use of the Church of England, i.e. provided the honourable Company will contribute thereunto,., as they have lo "that at Fort SfGeorgeibr provided the Subscriptions amount to 8000 rupees in two years time from thedate "hereof; that then the Subscriptions to become due for the use aforesaid, ot else to be void and of no force.

Dated Bombay^ Sept. 8, .1719.

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... - - - -. . ;:i 1. :

". . . . . . Rupees

The honourable Company, towards.

promoting this good work, have ;);

contributed the sum of - - - .. . . Charles Baone, President and Governor,

for myself, .-.-.-.- - - - 2°°0

Laurence Parker, am content for, - 200

Stephen Sirutt, ibr myself, r- - -,i- 15° John Braddyll, - - -.-.- •»:?-.'.:..'. 5°

Walter Brown, -.-.-..--' -r •». - 100

, John Courtney, ------- 4°

M. A. Crommelin, .--.-- 80

J. Bernard, - - - 7 - - - - 100

Carried over — 2720 Rupees

Brought over — 2720

Blackett Midford, ------ ^0

Ephraim Bendall, ------ IIO

Thomas Wilshere, ------ ^0

Henry Albert, ------- ,00

Owen Phillipps, ---.-- IOO John Home, forty rupees per annum during my stay in India from the

time it takes effect, - - - -• ^0

Richard Waters, am content, - - 100

Thomas Atkinson, ------ ^a

Richard Acton, am content for 100 \

Ditto for his Lady deceased, 100} 20°

Theodofia Strutt, ------ IO

Mary Crommelin, - r > - - -. I0

Mary Albert, -.'-,-.!- '- - - iQ Elizabeth Stanton, fifty rupees per ann. .during my stay in India from the

time it takes effect, -" -"-'-'- 50

Susanna Spencer, ------ j0

Sarah Sedgwick, .**..*' *'.-"- -i '-'. - n0

Mary Waddington, - - - - - ^0

Sarah Bel lew, 10

Martha Pack, 20

George Vane, - - - - - - . IOO

Richard Dyer, am content for, - - 100

Samuel Heyden and Charles Kekewick, 15o

"William Gordon, - IOO

Thomas Waters, ----'- - - - 50

John Sedgwick, -------- yc

Elizabeth Boone, -----. I0a

Elizabeth Savage, - 10

Robert Sutton, ----"----- 50

Alan Chambre, ------- . gQ

, Carried over — 4505

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