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proach we hope in a little time to wipe off, having already gotten considerable large contributions from the neighbouring factories, as well as this place, in order to rebuild it; which good design I hope your Lordship will not think it amiss to approve of and encourage. Another favour I have to beg, to know what name your Lordship will please to give it when finished; and whether my reading Prayers in it will suffice, for want of a regular Consecration.

I am sensible of the many inconveniences I sustain in not being so happy as to live under your Lordship's more immediate inspection and guidance; and could wish that all the Canons and Rubrics of our Church (which 1 shall always endeavour to keep up and maintain as the surest guide and safeguard of our Church, especially here in those remote parts) were as strictly observed by the inhabitants of this place, as of any other part of your Lordship's diocese; but J hope, my Lord, you will pardon the many imperfections of this kind, which, by reason of the narrow limits of our private Chapel we are at present confined to, rcannot well be avoided; assuring your Lordship a more exact conformity to, and I hope uniformity of, the "Rites and Cere"rrsonies of our Church, when we shall have open* ed a greater door and more effectual, towards propagating as well as preserving the established doctrine of our faith; which, with your Lordship's blessing on my endeavours',: shall be th$ constant study of,

My Lord, your Lordship's
most obedient fiiirhble servant,

'Richard Cobbe.

P. S. This comes to your Lordship's hands by C 4 the the return of our worthy General the Honourable

William Aiflabie, Esq; and Captain James Hanmer,

he one having lived here tv/enty-eight years,

he other twenty-two; but such instances are not

Common. I am now, I thank Gop, pretty well

inured to this sultry climate, having weathered it

round through every season, which my prede-r

cessor, Mr George Watson, poor Gentleman, was

not able to' attain, dying before his year was com

pleat, anno Domini, 1710.

We have Prayers every morning in our little Chapel at half an hour after six, when the Guards are relieved, and twice on Sunday, according to the use of the Church of England; the Sacrament administred four times in the year; and a Sermon every Sunday, Chrijimas-day and Good Friday.

Salt is made and Money coined here.

<so the Honourable Court of Directors for affairs of the United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies*..,. •..;

:. May it please your Honours, . £ ^ J

T Cannot but with gratitude acknowledge the many and singular favours I have already received at your Honours hands, that especially in preferirjg me, hqw unworthy soever, to be your Honours Chaplain on this pleasant island; in allowing me honourably for fresh provisions, and my passage gratis; besides the advantage of thirty pourjds advanced me in England, which I hope to return when my year is compleat, wjph my hearty thanks to your Honours for the same.

I have sent your Honours she sirst fruits of my Jabours, a list of all the christenings, weddings pnd burials that have happened here since my arrival, and a catalogue of the books contained in

the the honourable Company's library, with an account of such as were by theGovtrnor and Cbunr cil thought wanting, humbly requesting the fame may be lent over, or any other books your Honours shall think more useful and necessary."

We have by God's assistance and your Honours leave undertaken the rebuilding of our ruinous Church here, and in order thereunto have gotten several large and considerable contributions from Surat and this place, besides the subscriptions we may expect from Persia and down the coast;- but above all the example of your Honours first and generous benefaction, which we shall always thankfully acknowledge and commemorate, hath already encouraged others to give freely; and the hopes we have of your Honours further assistance will enliven our hearty and unanimous endeavours to apply ourselves with vigour towards the accomplishment of this good work. We hope likewise your Honours will be pleased to send us such useful and necessary ornaments for our Church as cannot easily be procured in these parts ., such as a good ring of bells, one large marble font, two branches of brass candlesticks, and two tables in brass with the Creed, Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments engraved thereon, with two other tables in brass whereon to inscribe the names of our honourable and worthy benefactors.

In acknowledgment of which favours, as I cannot cease to pray for your prosperity, so shall I always endeavour to discharge the rest of my duty conscientiously and faithfully to the utmost of my power, and to your Honours satisfaction j who am, May it please your Honours,

Your Honours most obliged, humble

Servant and Chaplain,

Richard Coble.

5fa Mr Henry Newman, Secretary to the honourable Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.

SIR, Bombay, 08.11, 17*5.

XTOURS I received with a very worthy and acceptable present of books from the honourable Society, which I have disposed of accordingly to the Gentlemen of the factory at Bombay., who return them abundance of thanks foe the fame; and would have made them a more substantial and suitable return, had not their good intentions been diverted by an object more immediately before them,, the erecting and rebuilding our ruinous Church at Bombay, to which they have subscribed unanimously and fredy to the utmost, and some even beyond their present abilities. I likewise return my particular thanks to the honourable Society for doing me the honour of electing me one of their Corresponding Members; whose good and charitable designs.I shall upon all occasions freely concur with and pro* mote. .<>, »

..The Portuguese were highly offended at the pamphlets as they call them, the Short Instructions; and the New Testaments I brought with me they will not allow to be a,true version. However they dare not speak so freely here as at Goa,. and other places of their own settlements, where they swarm with Padres and Glericos to above the third part of the inhabitants: they amuse the people here with their pageantry and fine shews, keeping them in ignorance and poverty together,

I desire you would intercede for us to the honT ourable Court of Directors, &V. to send us a Schoolmaster or two, such as are brought up in ....';'.. . . you? your Charity-schools, well versed in the ways and methods of teaching: for here is a large field and encouragement sufficient. Here is variety of worship and different sorts of religion tolerated; so that you may see idolatry and superstition abound almost in every quarter.


Mr Stevenson arid Mr Long are both well at Madras, though I have not yet heard from them. I am pretty well inured to this country climate, though it is comfortably warm before the monsoons, which are continual rains faflirig constantly in the heat of summer, and lasting generally from the beginning of June till the latter end of September, and not a drop of rain to speak of all the year after. The island is much healthier now than heretofore, or than is comrrionly reported; which may be owing to the late order of prohibiting the inhabitants dunging their ground and trees with fish, and to the stopping up 'several breaches of the sea, which formerly overflowed a third part of the island; so that with a little care and caution one may live here as comfortably as in any part of England.

I am, with due respects to your honourable
Society, Sir,

Your obliged friend and very humble servant,

Richard Cob be.

Sfi) the Gentlemen of Persia employed in affairs of the UnitedCompany gf Merchants gsEngland trading to the East Indies, greeting. ."".'

Gentlemen, Bombay Castle, .Nov. g, 1715.

QUT of a deep fense of your faith and integrity, and a zeal to promote the public good, we, in the behalf of the rest of the inhabitants of this place, have presumed to beg your « .' charitable

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