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To the Worshipful Sirs, &c. Gentlemen in Persia employed in affairs of the honourable United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies.

Honourable Sirs, &c. J*** Ca^ K

Mar.ii, 1715-16.

*Vr°URS we received, dated 6thFeb. 1715-16, by a Pattimar from Surat, with a list of what you were pleased to subscribe towards rebuilding a Church in this Place; all which were publicly read at our monthly meeting before the honourable Charles Boone, Esq; the worshipful Laurence Parker, Esq; the worshipful Stephen Strutt, Esq; Mr John Clapham, the worshipful Bernard Wyche, Esq; Mr John Hope, and the Chaplain, Trustees for the building of the said Church, and ordered to be entered in our Church register.

In acknowledgement whereof I am, in the name of the rest of the Trustees, desired to return you our hearty thanks for such substantial and generous contributions, such as will enable us, we hope, to complete and finish the good work we have in hand. Wishing you all health and happiness, is the constant prayer of,

Worshipful Sirs, &V.

Your obliged friend, and
most obedient humble servant,

Richard Cobbe.

Yo the Rev. Mr Stevenson and Mr Long, Chaplains at Madras alias Fort St George.

Gentlemen, Bombay Castle, Mar. 23, 1715-16.

HPHE capacity we are engaged in here in these

remote parts of the Christian world, lays, I

D think, think, a stricter obligation upon us than others, of taking all opportunities to set forward the great work we came about, the promoting and advancing the public good; in the discharge of which, I cannot but flatter myself with assurance of success, especially in a work ib generally useful, and under your joint-assistance and approbation; to you therefore, I address myself, with whom I am honoured on a double account of relation, not only as a Brother of the same Ministerial Office and Function, but as a Corresponding Member of the same honourable Society in England for promoting Christian Knowledge, of which good design I look upon this as a chief part, and therefore not improper to be imparted to you.

Gentlemen, we are now, by God's assistance, rebuilding our ruinous Church at Bombay, and would beg the favour of your concurrence with us in promoting it what you can amongst the Gentlemen of Madras. We have raised considerable large subscriptions here, and have had great encouragement from Persia, Surat and down the coast, besides what the honourable Company have contributed: and because the work is great, I hope,Gentlemen, you will be pleased to strengthen our hands towards the support of it. Craving pardon for the trouble and freedom of this request; I am with due respects to the honourable President and Council, and to the Gentlemen inhabitants of Madras, &c.

Reverend Sirs,

Your very humble servant,

and affectionate brother,

Richard Cobbe.

To the Reverend Mr Samuel BrierclifFe, Chaplain in Bengal.

Rev. Sir, Bombay Castle, Mar. 14,1715-16.

T Hope you, will excuse the freedom of this request, it is in behalf of our ruinous Church at Bombay, which is now again in building, and in a fair prospect of being compleated. His Honour Boone I hear has wrote to the President and Council at Bengal to the same effect, with whom I would desire your favourable concurrence in promoting the good work, and getting for us what subscriptions you can amongst the Gentlemen there.

We have collected already about 24000 rupees, and have the honour of the President and Council as Trustees fof the same, which I hope will be encouragement sufficient for the most generous subscriber, and that whatsoever is thus charitably intended will now be applied to its proper use. I speak this on account of the misapplication of what has formerly been contributed, and the scandalous abuse of such abundant charity.

If I can be any ways serviceable to you in these parts, I desire you would please to command at any time, Dear Sir,

Your affectionate brother,
and very humble servant,.

Richard Cobbe.

To the honourable Edward Harrison, Esq; President and Governor of Fort St George, &c. Council.

Honourable Sir and Sirs, *«*9 C*

Aug. 6, 1716.

VV^E hope, Gentlemen, you will not take it

disrespectfully at our hands, if in the sup

D 2 port port of our ruinous Church here, we at last crave your charitable assistance; since it is a work so generally useful, so agreeable to your own generous inclinations, and withal in imitation or so illustrious a precedent as yours is before us; the design of our Church is large and capacious, and therefore in greater need of such powerful supplies. As to the work, we have made some considerable progress, but the completion of it, we hope, will render your zeal still the more conspicuous, and be a means to transmit your names with a greater degree of glory and honour to posterity.

Gentlemen, we herewith send you a specimen of our undertaking, with a list of what hath been already subscribed thereunto, not doubting of your favourable approbation of this matter, and your joint concurrence with us for the cause, is the humble request osy

Honourable Sir and Sirs,
Your assured friends, and very humble servants,
Charles Boone, B. Wyche,

Laurence Parker', 'Thomas Wiljhere,
Stephen Strutt, Richard Cobbet

John Clapham, John Hope.

To the honourable Robert Hedges, Esq; President and Governor of Fort William in Bengal, &c. Council.

Honourable Sir and Sirst ^lo^ifit

\tf E could not omit this present opportunixy without paying our respects to you likewise in the behalf of our Church, which is now, <3od be thanked, in a fair prospect of being compleated. There needs not we hope much occafion of address, being already assured of your abundant liberality; but that it may be the more diffusive, we cannot but flatter ourselves with expectation, not by way of requital or gratitude, but by occasion of the forwardness of others and demonstration of your ready mind.

Gentlemen, we have hitherto been collecting what supplies we can, which indeed have been exceedingly large, and suitable to the extent of so great an undertaking; the proposals of which we here lay before you, with a copy of the subscriptions, begging your favourable acceptance of the fame, from, Honourable Sir and Sirs, Your assured friends, and very humble servants, Charles Boom, B. Wyche,

Laurence Parker., Thomas Wiljhere,
Stephen Strutt, Richard Cobbet

John Clapham, John Hope.

To the Reverend Mr Richard Cobbe in Bombay.

Rev Sir, Fort St George, 3d Oil. 1716.

\\f E could have sooner answered the letter you sent us in March last, but that we hoped, by delaying, we might do it the more to your satisfaction. But it happened to come to our hands just after there had been a liberal contribution raised for the support of a Charity-school that was founded here in December last. And seeing the trade of this place is very much decayed now that the wealthiest of its inhabitants are gone to England; we could not with any decency press the Gentlemen here to assist you in building your Church, so soon after they had generously contributed to our Charity-school. Besides, Sir, there is an objection made against your design, (or rather against the manner of executing it,) to which we

D 3 wish

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