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wish you could give us a satisfactory answer. It
is thought very reasonable that ye build such a
decent commodious Church, as is proportioned to
the number of your inhabitants,, or even to such
an encreaie of them as can fairly be expected: but
it seems the structure ye are raising will be three
times larger than is necessary. Now, Sir, though
the common ties of Christianity would oblige us
to give what we can conveniently spare towards
the building of such a Church as is really wantedat
Bombay, yet we believe that our people will not
be forward to encourage the rearing up of a fa-
brick that is rather magnificent than useful; espe-
cially seeing they have so many other ways bf em-
ploying their charity on objects that arc really de-
serving; and designs far more beneficial than what
you propose. However, Sir, we are so willing to
encourage every thing that has but the remotest
tendency to advance the glory of God, or the
honour of his religion•, that whatever sum the
Gentlemen of Bombay will contribute to our Cha-
rity-school; we will use our utmost endeavours to
raise as much towards the building of your Church.
Be pleased, Sir, to offer this proposal (with our
most humble service) to GovernorBoone, and the
other Gentlemen of your Council; and let us
know how they receive it. Reverend Sir, we are,
Your affectionate brothers, and
most humble servants,

William Stevenson,
Charles Long.

'to Mr St John Bennett, Merchant at Surat.

Sir, BombayCajlle, Dec. 6, iyi6.

rpHIS day we received of the honourable "* Charles Boone, Esq* the sum of 200 rupees


on account of your subscription towards building the Church of Bombay, for which we return you our hearty thanks, and shall always make mention of you with that respect due to so generous a benefactor.

Mr Bennett, I should be glad to hear of your health and prosperity, who am particularly obliged for your civilities here, and though we cannot have the happiness of your company as formerly; yet a line or two will be always acceptable to, Sir, your obliged friend, and

very humble servant,

Richard Cobbe.

to Samuel Annesley, Esq; Merchant in Surat.

Sir, Bombay, Dec. 6, 1716.

THE occasion ofsending this is, because that the Church cam grows short, and wanting your assistance, we have from the date hereof drawn a bill of exchange payable to the honourable Charles Boone, Esq; or order, for the sum of 550 rupees, being the amount of yours and Mr Stanton's subscription Cfor whom you signed,) to which we hope you will give due honour; we return you many thanks, and are, Sir,

Your obliged friends and humble servants,
Charles Boone, B. Wyche,

Laurence Parker, Thomas JVilfhere,
Stephen Strutt, Richard Cobbe,

John Clapham, John Hope.

To Mejf. Clerke and Bowcher, Merchants in Surat.

Gentlemen, Bombay Castle, Bee. 6, 1716.

TN pursuance of a late order of Trustees made

to call in all those subscriptions towards build

D 4 ing tl tJerCh;rch °lBomhay ^at remain unpaid, you are desired to send or order what subscriptions have been signed on your behalf, namely, so Mr

IZZ rk$T *rdred ruPees> to Mr C«r» Bowcher two hundred rupees. Hoping, Gen

tlemen, you will pardon the freedonf ofthis ad, vice, it is because the account of our monthly ex, pence runs high, and the stock of our ready cash iswellnlgh exhausted, though the work, God be hi -n?/0" °nsiw:cr£ifully, and will we hope besimshed in good time. With many thanks for your chantable assistance, I remain, Gentlemen? rour obhged friend, and very humble servant,

Richard Cobbe.

To theRevMrRichvcl Cobbe, Chaplain a/Bombay, Rw•Sir, Calcutta, Dec. 8, i7i6,

J Received your letter concerning Bombay Church; and as I very much approve of your undertaking, so I have done what I reasonably can to ierve you in that affair. Governor Hedges has wrote to Governor Boone to pay in 5oo rupees on his account, there is some more money promised, but I cannot tell as yet in what manner it will be paid, but by some of the latter ships I shall inform you more particularly.

Subscriptions of charity go on but heavily, and the ill-natured proverb of forswearing the building of Churches is but too true; but the particular circumstances of your Church rather confirm people in an unwillingness to contribute towards it. But I do not question but his Honour Boone will much encourage it, as he is a Gentleman of a great Character, and equal to the station he now adorns. I am, Reverend Sir,

Your affectionate brother,

Samuel Brier cliffe.

5*0 the Rev. Mr Richard Cobbe, Chaplain at Bombay^ Rev. Sir, Bengal, Dec. 17,1716.

T Herewith send you our subscription paper,

which was at first designed to be paid into the Company's cash, but not being able to raise a larger sum, it was thought more expedient, that every subscriber should pay his own money as he thought proper.

I told you in my last, that Governor Hedges had wrote to Governor Boone to pay in his subscription.

"I have given a note to Mr George Wyche to pay one hundred rupees on my account, to whom I believe Mr Frankland has given the like directions.

And if you speak to Captain Boddam, he will pay in Mr Livefay's.

This is the whole of what I am able to get for you, but shall be always glad of any opportunity of shewing myself, Reverend Sir,

Your very humble servant, and

affectionate brother, Samuel Brier cliffe.

To the Rev. Mr Richard CobbetChaplain at Bombay.

Rev. Sir, Surat, Dec. 24,1716.

'TPHIS is to acknowledge yours of the 6th instant, as likewise to inclose a bill for 300 new Surat rupees on Mr Richard Waters, which I doubt not will meet with due honour. I gave Mr Bowcher a receipt for his part, so please to procure me one for the whole. I have not to add but a tender of my humble service, and to remain, Reverend Sir,

Your most obedient and humble servant,
'Jarvis Clerke.

To the Reverend Mr Richard Cobbe, at Bombay;

Rev. Sir, Sur at, Dec. 24,1716.

HpHE aoth instant Mr Ckrke sent me your Iet**• ter directed to us both, wherein you desired us to pay our subscriptions to the Church; accordingly I paid him mine the 22d instant, for which he gave me his receipt. Copy, viz.

Surat, 226 Dec. 1716. Received of Mr GeorgeBowcher the sum of rupees two hundred new Surat, which is in full of his subscription towards building the Church at Bombay; rapees I say received by me,

200 Jarvis Clerks

Sir, I wish you better success than your predecessor, who built little, raised and destroyed abundance of money to no purpose; he had finished a stately organ which I saw in the fort, what is become of it God knows. God Almighty bless your endeavours, and also, Reverend Sir, Your most humble servant,

George Bowcher.


To the Rev. Mr Richard Cobbe,Chaplain at Bombay.

Sir, Surat, Dec. 27, 1716.

Had the honour to receive the 20th instant your most obliging letter of the 6th, and am glad to hear the Governor has paid what I subscribed towards the building of the Church. I gave it with a hearty good will; and, if the money which is already raised is not sufficient, would willingly contribute yet further to the compleating so good a work, would the circumstances of


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