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turn you my hearty thanks for the fame. Governor Boone hath accepted the order for the payment of one hundred rupees new Bombay on your account, and given it due honour. If time would permit, I should willingly embrace this present opportunity of waiting on you myself, and visiting your factory also; but I promised the Governor to make no long stay, and am engaged to return the first convenient opportunity.

I hope, Sir, that since the occasion of your want of health in these remote and sultry parts of the world hath excused you from attending that public trust, you have hitherto so long and so faithfully discharged, you will not think this the least of those good works which will inseparably follow you, and even instead of health supply the want of so desirable a blessing.

Worshipful Sir, I wish you and your good Lady a safe and joyful return home; and that you may enjoy with comfort the fruits of your labours in your native air, is the sincere desire of,

Worshipful Sir,

Your most obliged humble servant,

Richard Cobbe.

To the worshipful Robert Adams, Esq; Chief of Callicut, csV.

**»>»,' Jkj"*i'

T-J AVING had the honour of a long and generous reception at Tellichery, I am the more sensibly engaged to return you this sincere though small requital, the recognition of your favours and abundant civilities I there received at your hands. I thank you likewise for the extroardiE 3 nary nary present you have since been pleased to order" me in plate, perpetuated to your memory with this inscription, Donum Roberti Adams Ar

MIGER, DE Callicut & Tellichery PrÆ

Fect. Vicar. Anno Domini 1717. But more especially am I obliged to you for your more than ordinary generous contribution to our Church, the which, as it is esteemed a favour of a more public nature, so will it require a more public instance of perpetual acknowledgement.

I am sensible of the small returns I am capable of expressing, much less of making your Worship for these favours; but if the repeated offers of such services 1 am capable of performing will be at any time acceptable, either to you or yours, I shall always endeavour, as well in gratitude as in duty bound, to approve myself,

Worshipful Sir,

• Your and your good family's
Most obedient humble Servant

And Chaplain,
Richard Cobbe.

To all Christian People., Members <f the Church of
England at China, greeting.

Gentlemen, Bombay, April 3, 1718.

HPHAT you might not want an occasion of exercising your charity in these remote parts of the christian world, I have ventured to lay before you a very deserving object, the rebuilding of our ruinous Church of Bombay, an object without doubt as beneficial as any, and I hope not unworthy your generosity.


Gentlemen, you will pardon the freedom of this request, since it is for the public good this favour is requested; your free-will offerings shall, I assure you, be as Usefully applied here in India as in England, and as greac the praise that will redound to your names, when like true sons you not only acknowledge, but relieve (though in a strange land) the necessities of a distressed mother.

May your seasonable relief meet with as suitable a return, and that such may be an insurance to you of future blessings!

Your humble Petitioner,

as in duty bound, shall ever pray,

Richard Cobbi.

To the Right Reverend Dr John Robinson, Lord Bijhop of London.

My Lord, Bombay Castle, Dec. 6, 1718.

VX^ITH earnest expectation have we waited hitherto your Lordssiip's orders for the consecration of our new Church, which was begun November 18, 1715, and carried on chiefly by the inhabitants of this place; and being now made ready and fit for divine service, is by the Honourable Charles Boone Esq; our very worthy Governor, appointed to be opened on Christmas-day next ensuing.

I hope your Lordship will excuse this haste, in not proceeding so regularly as we ought; and impute it not so much to the impatient desire of those, who have desired to see their charitable contributions thus faithfully applied to the good use they were intended, as to the real inconveniences and straitness of our Chapel.

E 4 I did I did myself the-honour of acquainting your Lordship of our design in this affair, before we had a stone laid in our Church, dated Bombay Castle, October 5, 1715; and now presuming on your Lordship's goodness in pardoning this importunity, do beg the fame favour of receiving this Church of ours, and dedicating it as was intended according to form, and your Lordship's authority in this behalf, to the public celebration of divine offices; that thereby there may be an end put to all private claims, and a means to prevent its return to common uses.

We have Prayers appointed every morning and evening, according to the use of the church of England; a Sermon every Sunday, Christmas-day, Ascension-day, Ashwednesday, Good-sriday, November 5, January 30, May 29, and the King's Accession; the Sacrament every first Sunday in the month; Easter-day, Whit-sunday and Christmas-day; Catechising all Sundays and Holidays, and Litany-days in Lent.

If your Lordship hath any further commands, it shall be my earnest endeavour to make up what is wanting; intreating the favour of your Lordship's blessing, I am with the utmost respect,

My Lord,

Your Lordship's
most obedient humble servant,

Richard Cobbe.

P. S. The Governor desires your Lordship would be pleased to give a name to our new Church.


To the Worjhipful Robert Adams Esq; Chief of Callicut and Tellichery.

Worshipful Sir, *""** C«f'

J"' Jan. 10, 1718-19.

T-TAVING this opportunity of paying my respects, I thought myself obliged for the many favours received, to continue this small tribute of a grateful acknowledgement.

In my last I promised your Worship some account of the ceremony in opening our new Church, which was performed according to Governor Boom's order, in the following mannner.

On Christmas-day last, 1718, the Governor and Council, attended by the free Merchants, Mir litary, &c. Inhabitants of the place, proceeding from the Fort in great order to the Church, and approaching the great door at the west end, were met by the Chaplain in his proper habit, and introduced repeating the twenty-fourth Psalm, with the Gloria Patri. The Church was dressed with palm branches and plantin trees, the pillars adorned with wreaths of greens, aud the double crosses over the arches looked like so many stars in the firmament. Service began as usual on Christmasday, but with this additional satisfaction, the making a new Christian the same day in our new Church -, a good omen, I hope, of a future increase: the Governor,Mrs Parker and Mrs Crommelin,Rood gossips; who came down to the font in time of divine service, where the child was baptized according to order, by the name of Susanna -, a whole croud of black people standing round about, Rammagee and all his cast, who were so well pleased with the decency and regularity of our way of worship, that they stood it out the whole service.


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