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June 25. Rupees.

1719. Brought over — 41210

Blackett Midford for himself, wife

and daughter, - - - - - 40

M. A. Crommelin, - - - - 20

John Courtney, ----- 20

Jonathan Stanton, three Gubbars, 11

Thomas Waters, - - - - - 10

Thomas Wilshere, - - - - 20

Thomas Woodward, - - - - 20

Walter St John, ----- 10

George Collier, ----- 10

William Hearing, - - - - 10

Gregorius Masters, - - - - 10

John Shaw, ------ 10

Samuel Walker, ----- 10

Alexander Gibson, - - . - 10

C. Waddingtori for himself & wife, 20

John Bellew, ------ 20

Jonah Ingram, ----- 10

Richard Acton, 10

Mary Albert, ------ 20

Henry Lowther, ----- 10

Matt. Wood for himself and wife, 20

John Sarson, ------ 10

George Yeomans, ----- 10

Robert Newlin, ----- 10

William Gordon, ----- 10

John Miles, - 10

Richard Spencer, ----- 10

Richard Bristow, ----- 20

John Styles, ------ 10

George Comer, ----- 10

John Moore, ------ 10

Joseph Helding ----- 10

Carried over — 41651 June 25. Rupees.

171$' Brought over — 41651

John Drage, ------ l0

William Smith, 10

The Rev. Mr Cobbe, by order, 102 Joseph Hornall, his fine for misdemeanors, by order of the Go ver. 20 Sept. 6. Collected at Church, - - - 135 Oct. 4. Collected "at Church, - - - 15 Account of customs of f per Cent.

for the month of August, - - n

Ditto, for the month of September, 24

Collected at the Sacrament, - - 14

Customs for the month of October, 6$

The Rev. Mr Cobbe, by order, 105

Christ mas-day, John Bernard, ... 2oo

Philip Worth, - - - , _ l0o

John Bond, »..„-- 100
Laurence Parker, for Mr James

Clapham of Cambay, - - - 150

Customs for the month oiNovemb. 45

for the month of Decemb. a 11

Mar. 6. Collected at the Sacrament, '- 11

Collected at Ditto, - - - - 7

Customs for the month of January, 737

for the month of February, 40

for the month of March, 88

Easter-day, 1720. Collected at Church, - 57

Whitsunday, Collected at Church, - - 36

Rupees — 43942 Omitted in Mr Hill's subscript• p. 62. - 50

Rupees 43992

Subscribed the same day the Church was opened, Christmas-day 1718.

Rupees 2446" or ^305 15 at zs. 6d. the Rupee,

Subscribed in the whole,
From July 1, 1715- to Whitsunday 1720,

Rupees 43992 or £ 5499.


******** £•* **>***************************

^prayer for the Honour ablirtind United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies.

To be used in their Factories abroad.

f~\ Almighty and most merciful Lord God, thou art the sovereign preserver of all that trust in thee, and the author of all spiritual and temporal blessings; Let thy grace, we most humbly beseech thee, be always present with thy servants the United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies, Compass them with thy favour as with a shield, prosper them in all their public undertakings, and make them successful in all their affairs both by sea and land. Grant that they may prove a common blessing, by the increase of honour, wealth and power, to our native country. Give to us and all thy servants, whom thy providence has placed in these remote parts of the world, grace to discharge our several duties, with piety towards thee our God, loyalty towards oUr King, fidelity and diligence towards them by whom we are imployed, kindness and love towards one another, and sin* cere charity towards all men. • That we adorning

the the gospel of our Lord and Saviour in all things, these Indian nations among whom we dwell, beholding our good works, may be won over thereby to love our most holy religion, and glorify thee our Father which art in heaven. All this we beg for the sake of our Saviour Jesus Christ; to whom with Thee and the blessed Spirit be ascribed all honour, praise and dominion, both now and for evermore. Amen.

"December 2, 1698.

We do conceive that this Prayer may be very proper to be uscdy for the purpose expressed in the title of it.

Tho. Cantuar.

H. London.
From a printed copy,

Aug. 12, 1721. R. Cobbe.

To the Honourable Charles Boone, Esq-, President and Governor of Bombay, &c.

Honourable Sir, Bombay Castle

Sept. 10, 1718.

T-JAving considered the necessity of a regular administration in matters relating to the service of God, and the great advantages attending the same, especially here in these remote parts; I have with your Honour's leave, according to my office, and according tothe utmost of my strength and ability, drawn up a scheme of service and duty, according to the use of the Church of England, performed, by God's assistance, in the new Church, in this or such like following method.


Prayers at Church, Every day throughout the year, Morn• and Even.

Sermon at Church,

Every Sunday throughout the year, Christmasday, Ascension-day, Ash Wednesday, Goodfriday, Fifth of November, Thirtieth of January, Twenty-ninth of May, King's Accession, Morning.

Sacrament at Church,

The first Sunday in every Month, Christmas-day, Easter-day, Whitsunday, Morning.

Catechizing at Church,

All Sundays, Holidays and Litany-days in Lent, Evening. <

This scheme of duty (the hour of the day when to be performed being wholly left to your Honour's discretion) is with all submission humbly proposed to your Honour's approbation by, Honourable Sir,

Your Honour's most obedient

humble servant and chaplain,

Richard Cobbe.

To the Rev. Mr Richard Cobbe, Chaplain.

np H E Church being now finished, so'as divine service may be decently performed therein; the President has thought fit to order me to inform you, it is his pleasure, to morrow morning, being the nativity of our blessed Lord, you repair thither at the hour of ten, and perform the office according to the Liturgy of ot'England,


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