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A The Worshipful Laurence Parker, Esq; and

Mrs Mary Parker his wife. ($) The Right Worshipful Francis Coppin, Esq; $ The Right Worshipful Arthur Beavis, Esq-, (J) Mr James Peachy. )J( Mr Geo. Bowcher for his repeated contribution

Mr M. A. Crommelin.

Mr John Hope.

Capt. Daniel Small.

Mr Henry Sheffeild. $ Mr Samuel Annejley.

Mr Warner Cuddon.

Mr ^e&w Clapham. . John Curtis, Joiner. + Mr George Wyche.

Mr Henry Frankland. gfa The Worshipful Robert Adams, Esqj

Mr St John Bennett.

Mr Blacket Midford.

Mr Charles Boddam.

Mr Jo&w Bernard.

The Owners of the Ship Sarum.

The Owners of the Ship yfew. -f Mr Walter Brown. {%) Major Cornelius Sodington.

Mr Richard Waters.

Capt. Wentworth George Pitt. + Mr John Home.

Capt. Thomas Boone.

And other especial Benefactors of this Church, for whom ye ought to bless God, beseeching him, &c.





Opening of Bombay Church,



President and Governor of Bom lay, &c. &c. Council. B Y


Chaplain to the Honourable East India Company.

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Isaiah LVI. 7.

i^r mine House shall be called an House of Prayer jor all people.


&^£H AVIN G at length by God's assistance

§ !$! and the unanimous and hearty con

M currence of its benefactors, raised this j^g^g^ Church to that beautiful prospect in which we now behold it; what can we do better in reason and gratitude, at this time and in this place thus joyfully met together, than render Almighty God our great benefactor our humble and hearty thanks for the same? by praising and adoring his most glorious Name, not only for the blessing which we this day commemorate, the mysterious Incarnation and Birth of our Saviour Christ; but for affording us this occasion 9s fulfilling our joy, in that he hath enabled us to set up the House of God, and to repair the ruins and desolations of it.

Many were the titles of honour in the Old Testament conferred upon the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem, in order to keep up that respect and reverence that was due to it; and in order to prevent any the least abuse or profanation of it: Accordingly we find it stiled by God himself the tent which God had pitched among men; the hill of Sipn which he loved; his dwelling; his courts; and his glorious sanctuary; a fair place; and the joy of the whole earth; the high and holy place inhabited by the high and lofty One; the presence of God; and the place which God had chosen out of ail the earth to put his Name there. G 4 And

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