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coast, with thunder and lightning all round at that time, and a rough sea; which was the reason we did not adventure to put in there.

We made the inner passage, between the continent of Africa and. the island of Madagascar; alias St Laurence, having touched no where since we left England, till we came to Johanna, a small island north-weft of Madagascar, where we landed August 4,1714, and staid seven days; a very seasonable and comfortable refreshment to us all! From thence we reached to Bombay+ our desired haven, God be praised, safe and well, in about six months time, with a very pleasant and prosperous voyage all the way, were it riot for burying our worthy commander Captain Edward Godfrey, and his Chief Mate Mr William Thaxton, and one William Palmer, a Midshipman, tumbling overboard in the night was unfortunately drowned. We arrived at Bombay, Sept. 21, 1714, St Matthew's day; where I was received by the Governor, the Honourable William Aijlalie Esq; she Gentlemen of the Council, &c. courteously and respectfully.

Being thus safely arrived, and having a convenient chamber ordered for me by- the Goyernor, near his own lodgings in the Fort, and near the Chapel, I wens on officiating in the duty of my function there from the time of our arrival, September 21, 1714, to June 19, 1715: and having considered the inconvenience, and unsuitableness withal, of performing our public devotions in so private a manner, as we did in the Fort, having only two upper rooms beat into one, which served us for a Chapel, and being locked up in the Fort or Castle in time of divine Service; I ventured to propose the Building of a Church for God's honour and service, according to the use of the Church ot England; that all the island might see we had some relir gion among us, and that the Heathens and Mahometans and Papists round about us, might in time be brought over as converts to gur profession.

Whereupon I took the freedom on Sundayf June 19, 1715, being the first Sunday after trinity, to recommend in a Sermon preached on the occasion the building of a Church, in order for the more public celebration of God's service; which Sermon, by God's blessing, and the unanimous and cheerful contributions made thereunto, hath since had its desired effect.


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In Page 107. for Aiton, Richajd read Acton, RkhanJ. A



Building the Church of Bombay^



General and Governor of Bombay, &c. &c. Council.


R I C HA R D C O B B E, M. A.

Chaplain to the Honourable East-India Company.

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