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look even the crown of life, with which God will reward those who are faithful unto death. And I am aftonished at the remains of my own unbelief, which prevent my being always ravished with admiration at the thought of the rewards offered to fire my soul into seraphic obedience. An idle country-fellow, who runs at the wakes for a wretched prize, labours harder in his sportive race than, I fear, I do yer in some of my prayers and sermons. A sportsman, for the pitiful honour of coming in at the death of a fox, toils more than moft professors do in the purfuit of their corruptions, How ought confufion to cover our faces! Let those that refine the gospel, glory in their fame : let each of them say, "I thank thee, O God, that I am “ not like a Papilt, or like that Arminian, who looks " ar the rewards which chou haft promised: 1 deny “ myself, and take up my cross, without thinking of " the joy and rewards fer before me,” &c. For my part, I desire to humble inyself before God, for hava ing fo long overlooked the exceeding great reward, and the crown of life, promised to them that obey him: and my thouglits shall be expressed in such words as these :

• Gracious Lord, if he that receiverh a prophet in the name of a prophet, shall have a propher's reward ; if

our light affliction, when it is patiently endured, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of

glory : if thou hast said, Do good and lend, hoping for nothing again (from man,) and your reward Mall be

great, and ye shall be the children of the highest : if • Thou animareit those, who are persecuted for righ• teousness fake, by this promissory exhortation, Re

joice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward s in heaven : Nay, if a cup of cold water only, given in • thy name, fall in no wise lose its reward; and if the • least of thy rewards is a smile of approbation ; let • me be ready to go round the world, shouldīt thou call me to it, that I may obtain fuch a recompence.'

• Since thou haft so closely connected holiness and happiness, my duty and thy favours ; let no man beguile me of my reward in a voluntary humility; nor

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s suffer me to be carried about with every wind of doctrine by the Night of men, and cunning craftinejs, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.

And whatsoever my hand findeth to do, help me to do it with all my

might ; not only left I lose my reward, but also left'i s have not a full reward ; left I lose a beam of the

light of thy countenance, or a degree of that pecu• liar likeness and nearness to thee, with which thou • wilt recompense those, wbo excel in virtue. So shall

I equally avoid the delusion of the pharisees, who expect heaven thro' their faithless works; and the error of the antinomians, who hope to enter into thy glory without the passport of the works of faith.'

• And now, Lord, if thy servant has found favour • in thy sight, permit him to urge another requelt : s so far as thy wisdom, and the laws, by which thy

free grace works upon free agents, will permit; in• cline the minds of papifts and proteftants to receive

the truth as it is in Jesus. Let not especially this • plain teftimony borne to the many great promises

which thou hast made, and to the astonishing Ree

WARDS which thou offereft them that work righte'ousness, be rejected by my Calvinist brethren. Keep " them from fighting against thy goodness, and def• pising their own mercies, under pretence of fighting • against “ Arminian errors," and despifing " Pelagian Checks to the gospel.And make them sensible, that • it is absurd, to decry in word the Pope's pretensions to infallibility, if by an obftinate refusal to “review ☆ the whole affair,” and to weigh their supposed or. \thodoxy in the balances of reason and revelation, • they in fact pretend to be infallible themselves; and • thus, instead of one catholic pontiff, set up ten

thousand protestant popęs.' • Thou knowelt, Lord, that many of them love

thee ; and that, tho' they disgrace thy gospel by ' their doctrinal peculiarities, they adorn it by their

godly conversation, O endue them with more love I to their remonftrant brethren ! Give them and me that charity which behaveth not itself unfeemly, which

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rejoiceth not in a favourite error, but rejoiceth in the

truth, even when it is advanced by our opponents. • Thou seelt, that if they decry true holiness and good • works as “dung and dross,” it is chiefly for fear thy

glory should be obscured by our obedience. Error • transformed into an angel of light has deceived o them and they think to do thee service by propa

gating the deception. O gracious God, pardon

them this wrong. They do it ignorantly in unbelief; • therefore seal not up their mistake with the seal of

thy wrath : Let them yet know the truth, and let the • truth enlarge their hearts, and make them free from • the notion, that thou art not loving to every man dur

ing the day of salvation ; and that there is neither

mercy, nor Saviour for most of their neighbours, • even during the accepted time.?

• Above all, Lord, if they cannot defend their mif• takes, either by argument or by scripture quoted

according to the context, and the obvious tenour of • thy sacred oracles ; give them more wisdom, than • to expose any longer the protestant religion, which

they think to defend ; and more piety, than to make • the men of the world abhor thy gospel, and blas

pheme thy name, as free-thinkers are daily tempt•ed to do, when they see, that those, who pretend

to "exalt thee” most, are of all proteftants the most

ready to disarm thy gospel of its sanctions; to turn • thy judicial sentences into frivolous descriptions';

to overlook the dictates of reason, and good nature ; • and to make the press groan under illogical asser• tions, and personal abufe!'

• Let thy servant speak once more : Thou knowelt, • O Lord, that, thy power being my helper, I would • chuse to die rather than wilfully to depreciate that 'grace, that free grace of thine, which has so long

kept me out of hell, and daily gives me sweet fore• tastes of heaven. And now, Lord, let not readers • of a pharisaic turn, mistake what I have advanced 6 in honour of the wor of faith, and by that means • build themselves up in their felf-sighteous delusion,


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• and destructive contempt of thy merits : Help them • to consider, that if our works are rewardable, it is • because thy free grace makes them so ; thy Father • having mercifully accepted our persons for thy fake,

thy holy spirit having gently helped our infirmities, 'thy, precious blood having fully atoned for our fins • and imperfections, thy incessant intercession still

keeping the way to the throne of grace open for us, • and our poor performances. Suffer not one of the • sons of virtuous pride, into whose hands these Sheets 'may fall, to forget that thou haft annexed the re

ward of the inheritance to the assemblage of the works of faith, or to patient continuance in well doing, and

not to one or two splendid works of hypocrisy, done just to serve a worldly turn, or to bribe a disturbed " clamorous conscience : And enable them so to feel

the need of thy pardon for past transgressions, and of

thy power for future obedience, that, as the chased • hart panteth after the water-brooks, so their awak• ened fouls may long after Christ, in whom the pe' nitent find inexhaustible springs of righteousness ' and itrength; and to whom, with thee, and thy ' eternal Spirit, be for ever ascribed praise, honour, • and glory both in heaven and upon earth-PRAISE, ' for the wonders of general redemption, and for the

innumerable displays of thy Free-grace unftained by • Free-wrath HONOUR, for bestowing the gracious reward of an heavenly salvation upon all believers, • that make their election sure by patient continuance ' in well-DOING — and GLORY for inflicting the just

punishment of infernal damnation upon all that neglect so great salvation, and to the end of the accepted time dare thy vengeance by obitinate contin nuance in ill.DOING.'


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Madeley, March 11, 1774.

feffion of Faith, printed in London 1655. The third part of this valuable book extends thro' above 140 large pages, and the title of that long section runs thus : The testimony of reformed divines afcribing as much 10 Works as I : and many of them delivering the same doctrine. He produces an hundred witnesses, some of whom are collective bodies, such as the As. Sembly-divines, the compilers of the Homilies of the Church of England, and even the Synod of Dort. As the antinomian spirit which flamed against Baxter's works in the lait century, will probably sparkle against the preceding Esay, I beg leave to Thelter behind that great man, and a few of his numerous quotations. I shall cite only Baxter's page, to which I refer those who desire to see the original of his Latin quotations, together with the books, chapters, and pages

of the various authors, Page 322, he quotes the following words from Bishop Davenant, • As no man receiveth that general * juftification which dischargeth from the guilt of all

foregoing sins, but on the concurrence of repentance, faith, a purpose of a new life, and other ac

tions of the same kind ; so no man retaineth a state • free from guilt in respect of following fins, but by

mcans of the same actions of believing in God, call:ing on God, 'mortifying the flesh, daily repenting ! and sorrowing for fins daily committed. The rea

fon why all these are required on our part, is this : o? Because these cannot be fill absent, but their op{ posites will be present, which are contrary to the nature of a juttified man. -- As therefore to the

! conservation

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