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· makes way,

! E first piece of this Check was designed is a preface to the Discourse that follows

swelled far beyond my intention, I pre· Reader under the name of An historical

for the tracts that follow. respect to the Discourse, I must mention s me to publish it. In 1771 I saw the called the Minutes. Their author invited av the whole affair." I did fo; and foon

had “ leaned too much towards Calvi. 1, after mature confideration, appeared

to coincide with speculative antinomia:e same year I publicly acknowledged 1.ese words :

ce springs this almost general antinoour congregations ? Shall I conceal the uit festers in my own breaft? Shall I be 0; in the name of Him, who is no reCisons, I will confess My fin, and that my brethren, &c Is not the antinoLearers fomented by that of preachers ? : become is to take the greatest part of 'pon ourselves, according to the old priest like people? Is it surprising that thould have an antinomian audience ?

make or keep it so? When did we : a practical sermon, as that of our Lord 18? or write such clofe letters, as the 1, John ?" Second Check, p. 64, and

of the paragraph, ...thus openly confessed, that I was inmilt of many of my brethren, and that

towards speculative, as not to have 3 and again it practical antinomianism; thought, that one of my most formi


John Trdale 1909


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