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Let us pray, most dearly beloved brethren, to God the Father almighty, that he would purge the world of all errors, cure diseases, drive away famine, open prisons, break chains, grant a safe return to travellers, health to the sick, and a secure harbour to such as are at sea. Let us pray. Let us kneel down.

Stand up again. O almighty and eternal God, the comfort of the afflicted, and the strength of those that labour; let the prayers of all such as call upon thee in tribulation, come to thee, that all with joy may find the effects of thy mercy in their necessities. Through. R, Amen.

Let us pray also for all heretics and schismatics, that our Lord God will be pleased to deliver them from all their errors, and call them back to our Holy Mother the Catholic and Apostolic Church. Let us pray. Let us kneel down.

Stand up again. O almighty and eternal God, who savest all, and wouldst have none to perish; look down on those souls that are seduced by the deceits of the devil; that the hearts of all those who err, laying aside all heretical malice, may repent and return to the unity of the truth. Through. R. Amen

Let us pray also for the perfidious Jews; that the Lord God would withdraw the veil from their hearts, that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son.

Flectamus genus is here omitted, in abhorrence of the insult offered by the Jews to our Saviour, when they knelt before him in derision, in the hall of Pilate's palace.

O almighty and eternal God, who deniest not thy mercy even to the perfidious Jews; hear our prayers which we pour forth for the blindness of that people; that by acknowledging the light of thy truth, which is the Christ, they may be

rought out of their darkness. Through. R. Amen.

Let us pray also for the Pagans, that almighty God would remove all iniquity from their hearts; that quitting their idols, they may be converted to the true and living God, and his only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Let us pray. Let us kneel down.

Stand up again. O almighty and eternal God, who seekest not the death of sinners, but that they should live; mercifully hear our prayers, and deliver them from their idolatry; and, to the praise and glory of thy name, admit them into thy holy church. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who livest. R. Amen. Here the Priest takes down the cross, and uncovering the top of it,

says: Ecce lignum Crucis Behold the wood of in quo salus mundi pe- the Cross, on which pendit.

hung the salvation of

the world. Then the Clergy, and all the people, on their bended knees, answer :

Venite adoremus. Come, let us adore.* This Anth, and R. being repeated twice more, till the whole cross is uncovered, the Priest lays it down in a proper place, and all kneel. ing thrice on both knees, reverently approach to and devoutly kiss the feet of the crucifix. During this ceremony, trvo chanters in the middle of the choir sing alternately the versicles called the Reproaches, because they are, in the name of Christ, reproaching the Jewish people with ingratitude for the manifold blessings and favours he had conferred on them.

V. Popule meus quid O my people, what feci tibi? aut in quo have I done to thee? in contristavi te? respon- what have I grieved de mihi.

thee? Answer thou me.

• The intention of the Church, in exposing the cross to our veneration on this day is, that we might the more effectually raise up our hearts to him who expired thereon for our redemption. When

V. Because I brought thee out of the land of Egypt, thou hast prepared a cross for thy Saviour.

I. Choir sings, Agios o Theos. O holy God. II. Choir answers, Sanctus Deus. ) I. Choir, Agios Ischyros.

í O Holy II. Choir, Sanctus Fortis.

Š Mighty One. I. Choir Agios, Athanatos eleison) O Holy Imimas.

mortal One, II. Choir, Sanctus Immortalis, mi- ' have mercy serere nobis.

on us. After singing the foregoing praises of God in Greek and Latin, (formerly the two most universal languages,) to show the union between all the Churches, two of the second choir proceed with the Reproaches.

V. Because I was thy guide through the desert for forty years, and fed thee with manna, and brought thee into an excellent land, thou hastprepared a cross for thy Saviour. Then Agios o Theos, &c., is repeated alternately as above, after which

two of the first choir sing : V. What more should I have done to thee, and have not done? I have planted thee for my most beautiful vineyard; and thou hast proved very bitter to me, for in my thirst thou gavest me vinegar to drink, and piercedst the side of thy Saviour with a spear.

Agios o Theos, &c., is repeated as above. V. For thy sake I scourged Egypt with her first-born; and thou hast delivered ine up to be scourged.

The whole Choir. U my people, what have I done to thee? or in what have I grieved thee? Answer thou me.

ever, therefore, we kneel or prostrate ourselves before a crucifix, it is Jesus Christ only whom we adore, and it is in him alono that our respects terminate.

Two of I. Choir. V. I led thee out of Egypt, having drowned Pharao in the Red Sea; and thou hast delivered me up to the chief priests. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Two of II, Choir. V. I opened the sea before thee; and thou hast opened my side with a spear. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Two of I. Choir. V. I went before thee in a pillar of a cloud; and thou hast brought me to the court of Pilate. The whole Choir, O my people, &c.

Two of II. Choir. V. I fed thee with manna in the desert; and thou hast beaten me with buffets and stripes. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Two of I. Choir. V. I gave thee wholesome water to drink out of the rock; and thou hast given me for my drink gall and vinegar. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Two of II. Choir. V. For thy sake I smote the kings of Canaan: and thou ha with a cane. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Two of I. Choir. V. I gave thee a royal sceptre; and thou hast given me a crown of thorns. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Two of II. Choir. . v. By great might I raised thee on high; and thou hast hanged me on the gibbet of the cross. The whole Choir. O my people, &c.

Ant. We adore thy cross, O Lord, and we praise and glorify thy holy resurrection, for by the wood of the cross the whole earth is filled with joy. Ps. May God have mercy on us and bless us; may his countenance shine upon us, and may he have mercy on us. Ant. We adoro thy, &c., to Ps. Then is rung the Versicle, O faithful cross ! with the Hymn, in the * Sweet are the nails, and sweet the wood That bears a weight so sweet, so good.

following manner : FAITHFUL cross! O noblest tree! U in all our woods there's none like thee. No earthly groves, no shady bowers Produce such leaves, such fruits, such flowers.

Hymn. Sing, O my tongue, devontly sing The glorious laurels of our King. Sing the triumphant victory Gain'd on the cross erected high; Where man's Redeemer yields his breath, And, dying, conquers hell and death.

O faithful cross, &c. is repeated to *.
With pity our Creator saw
His noblest work transgress his law,
When our first parents rashly ate
The fatal tree's forbidden meat;
He then resolved the cross's wood
Should make that tree's sad damage good.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from *.
By this wise method God design'd
From sin and death to save mankind;
Superior art with love combines,
And arts of Satan countermines:
And where the traitor gave the wound
There healing remedies are found.

O faithful cross, &c. to *
When the full time decreed above
Was come to show this work of love,
Th’ Eternal father sends his Son,
The world's Creator, from his throne!
Who on our earth, this vale of tears,
Clothed with a virgip's flesh, appears.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from *.
Thus God made man, an infant lies,
And in the manger weeping cries;
His sacred limbs by Mary bound,
The poorest tatter'd rags surround;
And God's incarnate feet and hands
Are closely bound with swathing bands.

O faithful cross, &c. to *.
Full thirty years were fully spent
In this our mortal banishment;
And then the Son of man decreed
For the lost sons of men to bleed;
And on the cross a victim laid,
The solemn expiation made.

Sweet are the nails, &c. from *.

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