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1. The forty days of Lent. 2. The Ember days at the four seasons, being the Wednes.

day, Friday, and Saturday, of the first week in Lent; of Whitsun-week; of the third week in September; and of

the third week in Advent. 3. The Eves or Vigils of Whitsunday; of Saints Peter and

Paul; of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin; of All
Saints, and of Christmas Day. N. B. When a Feast falls

upon a Monday, the Vigil is kept upon the Saturday, 4. All Wednesdays and Fridays in Advent.

ABSTINENCE DAYS. The Sundays in Lent, unless leave be given to the contrary, All Fridays in the year; but if Christmas Day falls upon a

Friday, it is not a day of Abstinence,

January 1, The Circumcision of our Lord.
January 6. The Epiphany.
Ascension-day, the Thursday after the fifth Sunday after

Corpus Christi, the first Thursday after Trinity Sunday.
June 29. SS. Peter and Paul.
August 15. The Assumption of the B. Virgin.
November 1. All Saints.
December 25. Christmas Day.


St. FRANCIS DE SALES, speaking of the Mass, calls it “the most holy, sacred, and august sacrifice;—the Sun of spiritual exercises ;—the Centre of the Christian religion;-the Heart of devotion, and the Soul of piety:-a Mystery so ineffable, as to comprise within itself that abyss of divine charity, whence God communicates himself really to us, and, in a special manner, replenishes our souls with spiritual graces and favours.”

" When prayer," continues the Saint, “is united to this divine sacrifice, it becomes so unspeakably efficacious, as to cause the soul to overflow, as it were, with heavenly consolations.”

“ Endeavour, therefore, to assist at Mass every day, that you may, jointly with the priest, offer up the holy sacrifice of your Redeemer to God his Father, for yourself and the whole Church. The angels, says St. Chrysostom, always attend in great numbers to honour this adorable mystery; and we, by associating ourselves to them with the same intention, cannot but receive many favourable influences from so holy a society. The choir's of the triumphant and militant Church unite themselves to our Lord in this divine action; that with Him, in Him, and through Him, they may gain the heart of God the Father, and make his mercy all our own.”





Before Solemn Mass from Trinity to Palm Sunday

inclusively, the following Anthem is sung: ASPERGES me, Do- THOU shalt sprinkle

mine, hyssopo, et me with hyssop, O mundabor; lavabis me, Lord, and I shall be et super nivem dealba- cleansed; thou shalt

wash me, and I shall be

made whiter than snow. Ps. Miserere mei, De- Ps. Have mercy on us, secundum magnam me, o God, according misericordiam tuam. to thy great mercy.

V. Gloria Patri, &c. V. Glory, &c. Ant. Asperges me, &c. Ant. Sprinkle me, &c. The Priest, being returned to the foot of the Altar,

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V. Ostende nobis, V. Show us, O Lord, Domine, misericordiam thy mercy. tuam.

R. Et salutare tuum R. And grant us thy da nobis.

salvation. V. Domine, exaudi V. O Lord, hear my orationem meam.

prayer. R. Et clamor meus R. And let my cry ad te veniat.

come to thee. V. Dominus vobis- V. The Lord be with cum,

you. R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy spi

rit. OREMUS.

· LET US PRAY. Exandi nos, Domine Graciously hear us, O sincte, Pater omnipo- holy Lord, Father Al

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tens, æterne Deus: et mighty, eternal God: mittere digneris sanc- and vouchsafe to send tum angelum tuum de thy holy angel from cælis qui custodiat, fo- heaven, who may keep, veat, protegat, visitet cherish, protect, visit, atque defendat omnes and defend all who are habitantes in hoc habi- assembled in this place. taculo. Per Christum Through Christ our Dominum nostrum. Lord. R. Amen.

R. Amen. From Easter to Whitsunday inclusively, instead of

the foregoing, the following Anthem is sung and Alleluias are added to the V. Ostende nobis, and

its R. Et salutare, &c. VIDI aquam egredi. I SAW water flowing

entem de templo à I from the right side latere dextro, Alleluia; of the temple, Alleluia ; et omnes ad quos per- and all to whom that venit aqua ista, salvi water came were saved, facti sunt, et dicent, Al- and they shall say, Alleluia.

leluia. Ps. Confitemini Do. Ps. Give praise to the mino, quoniam bonus; Lord, for he is good; quoniam in sæculum mi- for his mercy endureth sericordia ejus. Gloria. for ever. Giory, &c.

A Preparatory Prayer before Mass. PROSTRATE in spirit at the foot of thy holy I altar, I adore thee, o almighty God! and firmly believe that the Mass, at which I am going to assist, is the sacrifice of the body and blood of thy Son, Christ Jesus. O grant that I may assist thereat with the attention, respect, and awe due to such august mysteries; and that by the merits of the Victim there offered for me, I myself may become an agreeable sacrifice to thee, who livest and reignest with the same Son and Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

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