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Ordinary of the Mass.

The Priest at the foot of the Altar, begin

ning, saith :

TN Nomine Patris, TN the Name of the

et Filii, et Spiritûs - Father, and of the Sancti. Amen. Son, and of the Holy

Ghost. Amen. Ant. Introibo ad Anth. I will go in altare Dei.

to the altar of God. R. Ad Deum, qui R. To God, who lætificat juventutem giveth joy to my meam.


Psalm xlii.* JUDICA me, Deus, JUDGE me, O God,

et discerne causam and distinguish meam de gente non my cause from the sanctâ : ab homine nation that is not iniquo et doloso erue holy: deliver me from me.

the unjust and deceitful man..

• This Psalm

is omitted in Masses for the Dead, and of Passion

R. Quia tu es, Deus, R. For thou art fortitudo mea, quare God my strength; me repulisti ? Et why hast thou cast quare tristis incedo, me off? And why dum affligit me ini- do I go sorrowful, micus ?

whilst the enemy af

flicteth me? P. Emitte lucem P. Send forth thy tuam, et veritatem light and thy truth: tuam: ipsa me de- they have conducted duxerunt, et adduxe- me, and brought me runt in montem sanc- unto thy holy hill, tum tuum, et in ta- and into thy taberbernacula tua. nacles. | R. Et introibo ad R. And I will go altare Dei; ad Deum in to the altar of God; qui lætificat juventu- to God who giveth tem meam.

joy to my youth. P. Confitebor tibi P. To thee, O God, in citharâ, Deus, Deus my God, I will give meus: quare tristis praise upon the harp; es, anima mea, et why art thou sad, O guare conturbas me? my soul, and why dost

thou disquiet me? R. Spera in Deo, R. Hope in God, quoniam adhuc con- for I will still give fitebor illi, salutare praise to him, the vultûs mei, et Deus salvation of my counmeus.

tenance, and my God. P. Gloria Patri, et P. Glory be to the Filio, et Spiritui Father, and to the Sancto.

Son, and to the Holy

Ghost. R. Sicut erat in R. As it was in the principio, et nunc, et beginning, is now, semper, et in sæcula and ever shall be, sæculorum. Amen. world without end.

Amen. P. Introibo ad al- P. I will go in to tare Dei.

the altar of God. R. Ad Deum qui R. To God, who lætificat juventutem giveth joy to my meam.

P. Adjutorium nos- · P. Our help is in trum in nomine Do- the name of the Lord. mini.

R. Qui fecit cælum R. Who made heaet terram.

ven and earth. P. Confiteor, &c. P. I confess, &c.

R. Misereatur tui R. May almighty omnipotens Deus, et God be merciful to dimissis peccatis tuis, thee, and, forgiving perducat te ad vitam thy sins, bring thee æternam.

to everlasting life. P. Amen.

P. Amen. R. Confiteor, Deo R. I confess to alomnipotenti, beatæ mighty God, to blessMariæ semper Vir- ed Mary ever Virgin,

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gini, beato Michaeli to blessed Michael the Archangelo, beato Jo- Archangel, to blessed anni Baptistæ, sanc- John Baptist, to the tis Apostolis Petro et holy Apostles Peter Paulo, omnibus sanc- and Paul, to all the tis, et tibi, Pater, quia saints, and to you, peccavi nimis cogita- Father, that I have tione, verbo, et opere, sinned exceedingly in meâ culpâ, meâ culpâ, thought, word, and meâ maximâ culpâ. deed, through my Ideo precor beatam fault, through my Mariam semper Vir- fault, through my ginem, beatum Mi- most grievous fault. chaelem Archange- Therefore I beseech lum, beatum Joan- the blessed Mary ever nem Baptistam, sanc- Virgin, blessed Mitos Apostolos Petrum chael the Archangel, et Paulum, omnes blessed John Baptist, sanctos, et te, Pater, the holy Apostles Peorare pro me ad Do- ter and Paul, and all minum Deum nos- the saints, and you, trum.

Father, to pray to our

Lord God for me. P. Misereatur ves- P. May almighty tri, &c. R. Amen. God, &c. R. Amen.

P. Indulgentiam, P. May the alabsolutionem, et re- mighty and merciful missionem, peccato- Lord grant us parrum nostrorum, tri- don, absolution, and

buat nobis omnipo- remission of our sing. tens et misericors Dominus. R. Amen.

R. Amen.. P. Deus tu con- . P. Thou, O God, versus vivificabis nos. being turned, wilt en

liven us. R. Et plebs tua R. And thy people lætabitur in te. shall rejoice in thee.

P. Ostende nobis, P. Show us, 0 Domine, misericor- Lord, thy mercy. diam tuam.

R. Et salutare tuum R. And grant us da nobis.

thy salvation. P. Domine, exaudi P. O Lord, hear orationem meam. my prayer.

R. Et clamor meus R. And let my cry ad te veniat. come to thee. P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be

with you. R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy tuo.

spirit. When the Priest goes up to the Altar, say: A UFER à nobis, TAKE away from " quæsumus, Do- + us our iniquities, mine, iniquitates nos- we beseech thee, O tras ; ut ad Sancta Lord, that we may be Sanctorum puris me- worthy to enter wi

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