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we beseech thee, by the offerings we have made: and defend us from all dangers by the intercession of blessed Chrysogonus thy martyr. Through.

P. CUMM. Of the same. Grant, O Lord, that by the participation of thy sacrament, we may be cleansed from our secret sins, and freed from the snares of our enemies. Through.


All as in Mass XVI. page 530, except COLL. O God, who gavest the law to Moses on Mount Sinai, and didst wonderfully translate the body of blessed Catharine, thy virgin and martyr, thither by the ministry of holy angels: mercifully grant, by her merits and prayers, that we may safely come to the mount which is Christ. Who liveth.


All as in Mass XIV. page 626, excepe COLL. Deus qui. O God, who by thy heavenly inspiration didst call blessed Felix, thy confessor, out of the desert to exercise his charity in the redemption of captives: grant, that having obtained thy grace by his intercession, we may be freed from the captivity of sin, and brought safe to our heavenly country. Through. Collect of St. PETER, Infirmitatem, with its Secret and P. Coms.

as in Mass I. page 497.


bp. c. All as in Mass X. page 517, except GOSPEL. Nark xi. 22. At that time: Jesus ansiering, said to his disciples: Have the faith of God--Amen I say to you, that whosoever shall

say to this mountain: Be thou removed, and be cast into the sea, and shall not stagger in his heart, but believe that whatsoever he saith shall be done, it shall be done unto him. Therefore I say to you, all things whatsoever you ask when ' ye pray, believe that you shall receive; and they shall come unto you.

Occasional Collects, Secrets, and P. Comms. To be said after the proper ones on days that are not doubles, at

the choice of the Priest or Persons hearing Mass.

FOR DESIRING THE PRAYERS OF THE SAINTS. COLL. Concede. Grant, we beseech thee, o almighty God, that the intercession of holy Mary, the mother of God, and that of all the holy apostles, martyrs, confessors, virgins, and of all the elect, may every where bring joy to us: that while we celebrate their virtues, we may experience their patronage. Through.

SECRET. Be appeased, O Lord, with the offerings we have made; and by the intercession of blessed Mary, ever a virgin, and of all thy saints, defend us from all dangers. Through.

P. COMM. Sumpsimus. We have received, O Lord, thy heavenly mysteries, celebrating the memory of blessed Mary, ever a virgin, and of all thy saints; grant, we beseech thee, that what we perform here in time, we may receive the joyful effects of in eternity. Through.

FOR ALL STATES OF THE CHURCH. COLL. Omnipotens. O almighty and everlasting God, by whose Spirit the whole body of the church is sanctified and governed; hear our humble prayers for all degrees thereof, that, by the assistance of thy grace they may faithfully serve thee. Through.

SECRET. Grant thy servants, O Lord, the

pardon of their sins, comfort in life, and thy perpetual protection: that persevering in thy service, they may always obtain thy mercy. Through.

P. COMM. Libera. Deliver, O Lord, we beseech thee, from all sin and from all enemies, thy servants, who offer their humble prayers to thee, that, leading holy lives, they niay be attacked by no misfortunes. Through.

FOR A CONGREGATION OR FAMILY. COLL. Defende. Preserve, O Lord, we beseech thee, this family from all misfortunes, through the intercession of blessed Mary, ever a virgin; and, as in all humility they prostrate themselves before thee, do thou mercifully defend them from all the snares of their enemies. Through.

SECRET. Receive, we beseech thee, O almighty God, our devout oblation; and, by virtue of this sacrament, defend thy servants from all adversity. Through.

P. COMM. Sumptis. Having received the offerings of our redemption, grant, we beseech thee, o merciful God, that, by the celebration thereof, we may find thy protection against all adversity. Through.

FOR PEACE IN A CONGREGATION OR FAMILY. COLL. Deus largitor. O God, the author of peace and lover of charity, give to thy servants true agreement with thy holy will; that we may be freed from all the temptations that disturb us. Through.

SECRET. Being appeased by this sacrifice, grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that we may not be burdened with the sins of others, who beg to be freed from our own. Through.

P. COMM. Spiritum. Pour forth upon us, o Lord, the spirit of charity; that thou mayest by thy mercy, make those of one mind whom thou hast fed with one bread. Through.

AGAINST PERSECUTORS AND EVIL-DOERS. COLL. Hostium. Crush, O Lord, we beseech thee, the pride of our enemies; and, by the power of thy right hand, frustrate all their malicious and obstinate designs. Through.

SECRET. May we, O Lord, by tlie virtue of this sacrament, be both cleansed from our hidden sins, and delivered from the snares of our enemies. Through.

P. COMM. Protector. Look down on us, O God our protector, and free us from the danger of our enemies, that we may serve thee without any disturbance. Through.

IN ANY NECESSITY. COLL. Deus refugium. O God, our refuge and strength, fountain of all goodness, mercifully give ear to the fervent prayers of thy churcli, and grant, that, what we ask with faith, we may effectually obtain. Througli,

SECRET. Grant, o merciful God, that this sacrifice of our salvation may continually cleanse us from all our guilt, and defend us from all adversity.

P COMM. Sumpsimus. We have received, O Lord, the sacred gifts of thy mystery, beseech: ing thee, that what thou commandest us to do in remembrance of thee, may be a help to our weakness. Through.

IN ANY TRIBULATION, COLL. Ne despicias. Turn not away thine eyes, O most merciful God, from thy people crying out to thee in their affliction; but for the glory of thine own name, relieve us in our necessities. Through.

SECRET. Mercifully receive, O Lord, the offerings by which tlou vouchsafest to bé appeased, and by thy great goodness restore us to safety. Through.

P. COMM. Tribulationem. Look down mercifully, we beseech thee, O Lord, in our tribulation; and turn away the wrath of thy indignation, which we justly deserve. Through.

FOR RAIN. COLL. Deus in quo. O God, in whom we live, move, and have our being, send us, we beseech thee, seasonable rain; that enjoying a sufficiency of the necessaries of this life, we may aspire with more confidence after those blessings which are eternal. Through.

SECRET. Be appeased, O Lord, with the offerings we make thee; and send us the aid of seasonable rain. Through.

P. COMM. Da nobis. Grant us, we beseech thee, O Lord, wholesome rain; and water from heaven the drought of the earth. Through.

FOR FAIR WEATHER. COLL. Ad te. Hear us, O Lord, crying out to thee, and grant our humble request of a dry season;' that we who are justly afflicted for our sins, may experience thy clemency and mercy. Through.

SECRET. May thy grace, O Lord, always go before and follow us; and mercifully receive, as consecrated to thy name, the offerings we bring for the remission of our sins; that by the intercession of thy saints they may avail us to sal. vation. Through.

P. COMM. Quesumus. We beseech thy mercy, 0 almighty God, that thou wouldst stop the overflowing of rain, and show us thy pleasing countenance. Througli.

for THE GIFT OF TEARS, COLL. O almighty and most merciful God, who, to quench the thirst of thy people, madest water spring out of a rock; draw froủn our stony hearts the tears of compunction, that effectually

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