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and forthwith his feet and soles received strength, And he leaping up stood, and walked: and went in with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God. And all the people saw him walking and praising God. And they knew him, that it was he who sat begging alms at the Beautiful Gate of the temple; and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened to him.

GRAD. Ps. xviii. to Alleluia, as in page 652.
GOSPEL. John xxi. page 668.
OFFERT. To me, &c., page 573.

COMM. Simon, son of John, lovest thou me more than these? Lord, thou knowest all things: thou knowest, O Lord, that I love thee.


(Page 434.)
BREAK forth, O Sion.
Thy heavenly guide, thy pastor, and thy king
Exalt his name, resound his glorious praise,
On-tuneful organs, and in vocal lays.
Attempt the arduous theme; ascend as high,
As soaring thoughts, or wings of faith, can fiy,
The wonder then, above all praise confess,
Immensely greater than thou canst express.
Behold the living and life-giving bread,
With solemn pomp on holy altars spread,
Now fills our song, a subject all divine,
In which the wonders of the Almighty shine,
As in a focus, rays of light divine:
The bread of life, which every faithful breast
Believes was broken at the royal feast;
When to the sacred college it was given,
Alike to Judas, and the dear eleven.
With heart inflamed, now raise thy tuneful voice,
In nobler strains, and let thy soul rejoice;
Let every thing within thee jointly move,
To bless the sweet invention of his love.
Let age to age record the solemn day,
And constant homage for the bounty pay;

When he first gave himself in bumble guise, o
At once both Sacrament and Sacritice.
At this mysterious table all is new,
New kings, new laws, present themselves to view;
New heavenly light the veil of clouds unfold,
And, by new phases, terminate the old.

Figures and types take wing, and fly away,
As darkness does, at the approach of day;
When truth and substance, after clouded night,
Appear in all the majesty of light.
What Christ then did, we celebrate the same,
In his own words, and in his sacred name;
As he commanded the dread mystery
Should be repeated to his memory.
And thus by Arm, who spoke, and all was made
Divinely taught, we cousecrate the bread
And wine into the soul's all-saving foud,
His gracious body and atoning blood.
The sacred dogma we fiom him receive,
Nor can the oracle of truth deceive;
That bread is changed, hence but an outward sign
Into his flesh, and into blood the wine.
What reason reaches not, nor sense descries,
Faith's purer light abundantly supplies:
Above all nature we confess his sway,
Bow down our heads; 'tis fit we should obey.
The narrow compass of two forms, mere signs,
Not essences the incarnate Word, defines :
The exhaustless source, and sweetest overflow
Of all good things that Heaven can bestow,
His deified true flesh and precious blood,
linmortal and immortalizing food,
Is meat and drink indeed, and wholly thine,
Under the se p'rate forms of bread or wine.
Impassible's the Victim we adore,
Unalter'd by our touch, nor broke, noi tore;
But Jesus whole, in veiled majesty,
Each one receives -stupendous prodigy!
Let thousands feed-be thou the only guest,
As much dost thou receive as all the rest;
Unnumbered thousands eat, yet still they leave
The unconsumed whole they did receive.

Both rood and bad to this bless'd banquet come
But how unlike! how different their doom !
For 'tis as we approach-as foes or friends
The alternative of life or death depends.

The heavenly bread, that sweet enlivening food,
Is to the unworthy to the good:
Then ponder well the different event,
Of like receiving this dread Sacrament. -

Whenever this bless'd Sacrament shall lie
In different parcels broke before your eye,
Then waver not, remember there remains
Under each fragment what the whole contains,
The same sweet Jesus, who in glory reigns.

The hidden jewel no fracture can invade,
'Tis only on the outward species made;
No stroke impairs its stature or its state,
Or the thing signified can violate.

Lo! then, o man ! involved in rapture gee.
The bread of angels thus made food for thee.
Food to refresh the pilgrim on his way
To the bless'd regions of eternal day:
A sweet viatic and divine repast,
True children's bread, to dogs not to be cast.

Wrapt up in types, the Lamb long figured lay,
Till circling years the shadows drove a way.
In Isaac'twas in lively figure slain,
And in the paschal Lambit bled again
The ancient fathers too in manna ate,
In type or figure, this life-giving meat.
Good Pastor, then, true bread, sweet Jesus, show
Thy tenderest mercies on thy sheep below;
Feed and defend us here, that we may see
Good things with those, who live and reign with thee
In heavenly regions, ever there to spend,
With pure celestial zest, joys ne'er to end.

O Thou, all-good, all-potent, and all-wise,
Meet unwith the
Who feed'st us here with thine own sacrifice,
Make us sit down with thee amongst the bless'd,
At thive own table, in eternal rest:
Where we with them thy glory may adore,
Companions and co-heirs, for evermore. Amen.





January XVI. FEAST of St. FURSEY, ab.
The Mass Os Justi, as in the Common of Abbots, page 688.

February I. FEAST of St. BRIDGET, v. The Mass Dilexisti, as in the Common of Virgins, page 636, except

COLL. O God, who on this day givest us joy by the annual solemnity of blessed Bridget, thy virgin, graciously grant that we may be helped by her merits, by the examples of whose chastity we are enlightened. Through.

The Mass Os Justi, as in the Common of Abbots, page the

March VIII. FEAST of St. CATALDUS, bp. C.

The Mass Statuit, as in the Common of a Confessor and Bishop,

page 517.

XVII. FEAST of St. PATRICK, bp. c. and

PATRON of the whole KINGDOM.
The Mass as in the Missal, with the Credo, page 81%.

XX. FEAST of St. CUTHBERT, bp. c. The Mass Statuit, as in the Common of a Confessor and Bishop,

page 517.

XXII. FEAST of St. FRIGIDIAN, bp. c. The Mass Sacerdotes tui, as in the Common of a Confessor aud

Bishop, page 620, ercept COLL. May we be helped, O Lord, we beseech thee, by the prayers of St. Frigidian, thy confessor and bishop, that we may feel the continual help of his salvation, whose merits we celebrate. Through.

XXVII. FEAST of St. RUPERT, bp. c. The Mass Statuit, as in the Common of a Confessor and Bishop,

page 517.


Pope c.

The Mass Statuit, as in the Common of a Confessor and Bishop

page 517.

. VII. FEAST of St. CELSUS, br. c. The Mass Statuit, as in the Common of a Confessor and Bishop,

page 517.

May X. FEAST of St. COMGALL, ab. The Mass ('s Justi, as in the Common of Abbots, page 5*, ritha

Coinmem, of 88. GORDIAN'S and EPIMACH US, mm. a in the Proper of Saints, May 10, page 637.

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