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He then reads the Post Communion, which may also be found in its

proper place. P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be cum.

with you. R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy tuo.

spirit. P. Ite missa est, P. Go, you are disvel, Benedicamus Do- missed, or, Let us mino.

bless the Lord. R. Deo gratias. R. Thanks be to

God. In Masses for the Dead. P. Requiescant in P. May they rest pace. R. Amen. in peace. R. Amen.

Bowing before the Altar, the Priest says: PLACEAT tibi, LET the perform

sancta Trinitas, e ance of my hoobsequium servitutis mage be pleasing to meæ; et præsta, ut thee, O holy Trinity; sacrificium quod ocu- and grant that the lis tuæ Majestatis in- sacrifice which I, dignus obtuli, tibi though unworthy, sit acceptabile, mihi- have offered up in que, et omnibus pro the sight of thy Maquibus illud obtuli, jesty, may be acceptsit, te miserante, pro- able to thee, and pitiabile. Per Chris- through thy mercy

tum Dominum nos- be a propitiation for trum. Amen. me, and all those for

whom it has been of

fered. Through. Turning himself towards the People, he gives

them his Blessing, saying: BENEDICAT vos, MAYalmighty God,

omnipotens Deus, -" the Father, + Pater, et Filius, et Son, and Holy Ghost, Spiritus Sanctus. R. bless you. R. Amen. Amen.

P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be cum.

with you. R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy

spirit. P. Initium sancti *P. The beginning Evangelii, secundum of the Gospel accordJoannem.

ing to St. John. R. Gloria tibi, Do- R. Glory be to thee, mine.

O Lord. IN principio erat TN the beginning + Verbum, et Ver- + was the Word, and bum erat apud Deum, the Word was with et Deus erat Verbum. God, and the Word Hoc erat in principio was God. The same apud Deum. Omnia was in the beginning per ipsum facta sunt, with God. All things et sine ipso factum were made by him,

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est nihil, quod factum and without him was est. In ipso vita erat, made nothing that et vita erat lux ho- was made. In him minum; et lux in te- was life, and the life nebris lucet, et tene- was the light of men; bræ eam non com- and the light shineth prehenderunt. in darkness, and the

darkness did notcoin

prehend it. Fuit homo missus There was a man à Deo, cui nomen sent from God, whose erat Joannes. Hic name was John. This venit in testimonium, man caine for a witut testimonium per- ness, to give testimohiberet de lumine, ut ny of the light, that omnes crederent per all men might believe illum. Non erat ille through him.. He lux; sed ut testimo- was not the light, but nium perhiberet de was to give testimolumine. Erat lux ve- ny of the light. That ra, quæ illuminat was the true light, omnem hominem ve- which enlighteneth nientem in hunc every man that commundum.

eth into this world. In mundo erat, et He was in the mundus per ipsum world, and the world factus est, et mundus was made by him, eum non cognovit. and the world knew In propria venit, et him not. He came

sui eum non recepe- unto his own, and his runt. Quotquot au- own received him not. tem receperunt eum, But as many as rededit eis potestatem ceived him, to them filios Dei fieri; his he gave power to be qui credunt in nomi- made the sons of God; ne ejus, qui non ex to them that believe sanguinibus, neque in his name, who are ex voluntate carnis, born, not of blood, neque ex voluntate nor of the will of the viri, sed ex Deo nati flesh, nor of the will sunt. Et VERBUM CA- of man, but of God. RO FACTUM EST, et And THE WORD WAS habitavit in nobis; MADE FLESH, and et vidimus gloriam dwelt among us; and ejus, gloriam quasi we saw his glory, unigenitià Patre, ple- as it were the glory num gratiæ et veri- of the only-begotten tatis.

of the Father, full of

grace and truth. R. Deo gratias. R. Thanks be to


After Solemn Mass, the following V. R. and

Prayer are sung for the Queen. P. Domine salvam P. O Lord, save fac Reginam nostram Victoria our Queen. Victoriam.

R. Et exaudi nos R. And hear us in in die qua invocave- the day when we shall rimus te.

call upon thee. Gloria Patri, &c. Glory, &c. Oremus.

Let us pray. QUÆSUMUS, om- WE beseech thee,

nipotens Deus, ut " O almighty God, famula tua Victoria that thy servant VicRegina nostra, quæ toria our Queen, who tuâ miseratione sus- through thy mercy cepit regni guberna- hath undertaken the cula, virtutum etiam government of these omnium percipiat in- realms, may also recrementa; quibus de- ceive an increase of center ornata, vitio- all virtues, wherewith rum monstra devi- being adorned she tare, et ad te, qui via, may avoid the enorVeritas, et vita es, mity of sin, and begratiosa valeat perve- ing rendered acceptnire. Per Christum, able in thy sight, may &c.

come at length to thee, who art the way, the truth, and the life. Through Christ, &c.

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