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Solemn Benediction. While the Priest takes the Blessed Sacrament out of the Tabernacle, the Choir Sings:


that heaven's gate Quæ cæli pandis Laidst open at so ostium;

dear a rate; Bella premunt hos- Intestine wars inyade tilia,

our breast, Da robur, fer aux- Be thou our strength, ilium.

support, and rest. 2. Uni trinoque Do. 2. To God the Father, mino,

and the Son, Sit sempiterna glo- And Holy Spirit, ria;

Three in One, Qui vitam sine ter- Be endless praise; mino,

may He above, Nobis donet in pa- With life eternal triâ.

crown our love. At the Benediction. TANTUM ergò Sa- To this mysterious

cramentum, + table now Veneremurcernui; Our knees, our hearts,

and sense we bow; Et antiquum docu- Let ancient rites rementum

sign their place Novo cedat ritui; To nobler elements of


Præstet fides supple. And faith for all dementum,

fects supply, Sensuum defectui. Whilst sense is lost in

mystery. Genitori Genitoque To God the Father,

born of none, Laus et jubilatio; To Christ his co-eter

nal Son, Salus, honor, virtus, And Holy Ghost, quoque,

whose equal rays Sit et benedictio; From both proceed,

be equal praise ; Procedenti ab utro- Our honour, jubilee, que,

and fame, Compar sit lauda- For ever bless his glo

tio. Amen. rious name. Amen. V. Panem de cælo V. Thou gavest præstitisti eis. them bread from hea

ven. R. Omne delecta- R. Having in it all mentum in se haben- that is delicious, tem. Oremus.

Let us pray. DEUS qui nobis, O GOD, who in this

sub sacramento wonderful sacramirabili, passionis ment has left us a tuæ memoriam reli- perpetual memorial quisti; tribue, quæ- of thy passion, grant sumus, ita nos cor- us, we beseech thee, so poris et sanguinis tui to reverence the sasacra mysteria vene- cred mysteries of thy rari, ut redemptionis body and blood, as in tuæ fructum in nobis our souls to be always jugiter sentiamus. sensible of the reQui vivis, &c.

demption thou hast purchased for us. Who livest, &c.

Proper Masses




The Church employs the four weeks that precede Christmas in preparing the faithful for that great solemnity; hence the beginning of the ecclesiastical year is called Advent, from the Latin word Ad. ventus, which signifies the coming, viz., of Jesus Christ. Our first parents, soon after their fall, were comforted with the prediction of this great event, when God assured them that the time would come when “the seed of the woman should crush the head of the ser. pent." This promise was renewed to Abraham, confirmed to Isaac, determined to the tribe of Judah, fixed in the house of David ; and, lastly, the time of its perfect accomplishment was exactly calculated by the prophet Daniel.

But the Church of Christ contents not herself with the bare con. templation of this early and comfortable promise, and the exact accomplishment thereof; she wishes moreover to prepare her chil. dren to receive the happy effects of the coming of Jesus Christ in their souls. Hence, for several ages, this holy time was spent in an almost general fast; and the Church still points it out to her children as a time of penance, by reciting in Advent those prayers which Are usually said only on Vigils and Fasting days.


Introit. Ps. xxiv.

vi animam mo thee, O Lord, have 11 meam. Deus meus, I lifted up my soul. in te confido, non eru- In thee, O my God, I bescam: neque irride- put my trust; let me ant me inimici mei: ete- not be ashamed; nei

nim universi, qui te ex- ther let my enemies pectant, non confun- laugh at me: for none dentur. Ps., Vias tuas, of them that wait on Domine, demonstra mi- thee shall be confoundhi: et semitas tuas edoce ed. Ps. Show, O Lord, me. V. Gloria Patri, thy ways to me, and &c. Ad te, &c. to Ps. teach me thy paths. V.

Glory, &c. To thee, &c.

to Ps. And thus the Introit is always repeated. I. COLLECT. Exert, we beseech thee, O Lord, thy power, and come; that by thy protection we may be freed from the imminent dangers of our sins, and saved by thy mercy, who livest and reignest, &c. Amen.

II. COLL. Deus qui. O God, who wast pleased that thy Word, when the angel delivered his message, should take flesh in the womb of the blessed Virgin Mary, give ear to our humble petitions, and grant that we who believe her to be truly the Mother of God, may be helped by her prayers.

III. COLL. FOR THE CHURCH. Ecclesiæ tuæ. Mercifully hear, we beseech thee, O Lord, the prayers of thy church, that all oppositions and errors being removed, she may serve thee with a secure and undisturbed devotion. Through, &c. Amen.

Or following: COLL. FOR THE Pope. Deus omnium. O God, the pastor and governor of all the faithful, look down in thy mercy on thy servant N. whom thou hast appointed Pastor over thy Church; and grant, we beseech thee, that, both by word and example, he may edify all those that are under his charge, and, with the flock entrusted to him, arrive, at length, at eternal happiness. Through.

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