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Safe in my heart, and closely hid,

Thy Word, my treasure, lies; To succour me with timely aid,

When sinful thoughts arise.
Secured by that, my grateful soul

Shall ever bless Thy Name:
O teach me then by Thy just laws

My future life to frame !


N. V.


17. 19. 24.

C.M. BE gracious to Thy servant, Lord,

Do Thou my life defend, That I, according to Thy Word,

My future time may spend.
Though like a stranger in the land,

From place to place I stray,
Thy righteous judgments from my sight,

Remove not Thou away.
For Thy commands have always been

My comfort and delight;
By them I learn, with prudent care,

To guide my steps aright.


N. V.



65. 67. 71. With me, Thy servant, Thou hast dealt

Most graciously, O Lord ; Repeated benefits bestow'd,

According to Thy Word.

Before affliction stopp'd my course,

My footsteps went astray ; But I have since been disciplined

Thy precepts to obey.
'Tis good for me that I have felt

Afiction's chast'ning rod,
That I might duly learn and keep

The statutes of my God.


N. V.



105. 108. 111, 112, THY Word is to my feet a lamp, The way

of truth to show; A watch-light to point out the path

In which I ought to go.
Let still my sacrifice of praise

With Thee acceptance find;
And in Thy righteous judgments, Lord,

Instruct my willing mind.
Thy testimonies I have made

My heritage and choice ;
For they, when other comforts fail,

My drooping heart rejoice.
My heart with early zeal began

Thy statutes to obey;
And, till my course of life is done,

Shall keep Thy upright way.


N. V.



169. 173, 174, 175. To my request and earnest cry

Attend, o gracious Lord ;
Inspire my heart with heavenly skill,

According to Thy Word.
Let Thy Almighty arm appear,

And bring me timely aid,
For I the laws Thou hast ordain'd

My heart's free choice have made.
My soul has waited long to see

Thy saving grace restored;
Nor comfort knew, but what Thy laws,

Thy heavenly laws, afford.
Prolong my life, that I may sing

My great Restorer's praise; Whose justice from the depth of woe

My fainting soul shall raise.

N. V.



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 9. To Sion's hill I lift

my eyes, From thence expecting aid ; From Sion's hill, and Sion's God,

Who heaven and earth has made.

Then thou, my soul, in safety rest,

Thy Guardian will not sleep;
His watchful care, that Israel guards,

Will thee from danger keep.

Shelter'd beneath the Almighty's wings T Thou shalt securely rest,

Where neither sun nor moon shall thee

By day or night molest.
.6 At home, abroad, in peace, in war,

Thy God shall thee defend;
Conduct thee through life's pilgrimage

Safe to thy journey's end.

N. V.



1. 4. 6, 7.
O'Twas a joyful sound to hear

Our tribes devoutly say,
Up, Israel, to the temple haste,

And keep your festal day.
'Tis thither, by divine command,

The tribes of God repair,
Before His ark to celebrate

His Name with praise and prayer.
O pray we then for Salem's peace,

For they shall prosp?rous be,
(Thou holy city of our God !)

Who bear true love to thee.
May peace within thy sacred walls

A constant guest be found,
With plenty and prosperity

Thy palaces be arown'd.

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N. V.



1, 2.
Who place on Sion's God their trust,

Like Sion's rock shall stand ;
Like her immoveably be fix'd

By His Almighty hand.

Look how the hills on ev'ry side

Jerusalem inclose;
So stands the Lord around His saints,

To guard them from their foes,



EXCEPT the Lord the house defend,
In vain their toil the builders spend;
Except the Lord our walls sustain,
The watchman waketh but in vain :
Early ye rise and late take rest,
And eat your bread, with cares oppress'd;
Vain fruits from all your toil ye reap;
For to His own He giveth sleep:
Lo! children too are from the Lord,
The fruitful womb is His reward :
As arrows in the giant's hand,
The children round their parents stand.
Happy, whose quiver, with them stored,
Is ever ready at his word ;
He from his foes shall not refrain,
But in the gate bis cause maintain.


N. V.



1, 2. 5, 6, 7, 8. From lowest depths of woe

To God I sent my cry;
Lord, hear my supplicating voice,

And graciously reply.
My soul with patience waits

For Thee, the living Lord ;
My hopes are on Thy promise built,
Thy never-failing Word.

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