The Myth of the Generational Curse

Xulon Press, 2007 - 96 páginas
This book entitled, The Myth of the Generational Curse, is a powerful and liberating message, intended to expose and dispel the myth of the misleading doctrine of the generational curse. The book's examination of the generational curse doctrine uncovers the unsound Scriptural foundations of the doctrine and brings believers in Christ to the awareness of their God-decreed blessedness in Christ. The study is based on powerful Scripture passages which will awaken the believer to the profound truth of being blessed of God in Christ with all spiritual blessings, and, hence, to the fact that a believer in Christ cannot be affected by any curse. The idea of generational curses has been accepted and propagated superstitiously without proper consideration of its inconsistency with the truth of the word of God. As a result, it has fostered unnecessary fear and despair in the minds of many Christians. The truth unfolded in this book from the Holy Scriptures will free the minds of Christian believers from the bondage of fear generated by the false idea of generational curses being able to influence their lives. G. A. N. James is a missionary and radio minister, who has ministered the Gospel in Africa, India, North and South America, and the Caribbean for over 35 years. His ministry emphasis is in upholding and teaching the Gospel in its power and purity as given by the Holy Spirit in the Bible. His hope is that people would not be convinced merely by his opinions and arguments, but by the truth of the living word of God illuminated by the unction of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. From poor and humble beginnings, he attributes his success totally to the graciousness of the blessing of God.

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God Rejects the Idea of Generational Curse
Removal of the Curse of
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