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1. Divide 0.75 by || X 0.081.

2. Find the least common multiple of A, 2 J, 5, and H.

3. A and B, 44 miles apart, travel towards each other. A travels of the whole distance, while B travels £ of the remainder. How far are they then apart?

4. In what time will $ 680, at 4 per cent simple interest, amount to $ 727.60?

5. How many cubic yards are there in a cistern the dimensions of which are 64 dcm, 225 cm., and 3.75 m.?

6. If 9 men build 247-I2g- rods of wall in 28 days, in how many days will 8 men build 51 rods?

7. What is the difference between the square root and the cube root of 1771561?

8. A can do a piece of work in 10 days, A and C can do it in 7 days, A and B can do it in 6 days; in how many days can B and C together do it?


1. The sum of * x °-83* and 2* * * is how many

0.0 Of m

times the difference?

2. How many kilometres are there in 2 m. 6 fur. 39 rd 5 yd.?

3. What common fraction equals the sum of 0.18 and 0.307692?

4. A cube contains 79507 cubic inches. How many square inches does its surface contain?

5. Having purchased an acre of land, I sell from it a rectangular lot, 121 yds. long, and 25 yds. wide, for what the whole acre cost me. What per cent do I gain on the land thus sold?

6. A collector who charges 8 per cent commission on what he collects pays me $534.75 for a bill of $775. What amount of the bill does he collect?

7. A can travel around a certain island in 2-^ days, B in 3£ days, C in 3£ days. If they set out at the same time from the same point, and travel in the same direction, in how many days will they all come together at the starting-point, and how many times will each man have gone around the island?

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