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may pass the Cincinnati examination on payment of a fee of ten dollars. Candidates in Cincinnati will assemble at 8 A. M., on Thursday, June 28, in some place to be announced in the daily papers of that city.

No person will be examined for admission to College at any other time than those above specified.


The elective courses of study are open to persons not less than twentyone years of age, who satisfy the Faculty, without passing the usual examination for admission, that they are fitted for the courses they select. They will receive no degree; but at the end of each academic year they will receive a certificate of proficiency in those courses which they pursue during the year, and in which they attain not less than seventy-five per cent.

Persons who wish to avail themselves of this provision must present themselves at Harvard Hall, September 27, 1877, at 10 A. M., with the necessary testimonials as to age, character, and fitness to attend the courses they wish to pursue.


All candidates for admission are required, at the time of the final examination for admission to the Freshman Class, to produce certificates of good moral character; and students from other colleges are required to bring certificates from those colleges of honorable dismission.

Every candidate, if admitted, must furnish to the Bursar a bond for four hundred dollars, executed by two bondsmen, one of them a citizen of Massachusetts, as security for the payment of College dues. If the student prefer, however, he may in place of the bond make a deposit with the Bursar for the same purpose. A similar bond for two hundred dollars, or a deposit, will be required of unmatriculated students.


As the prescribed studies of the Sophomore and Junior years are of an elementary character, students who wish to be relieved from attendance at College exercises in one or more of them will be so excused, if they pass a satisfactory examination in such study or studies at the time of their examination for admission, or at the beginning of the year in which the study is pursued in College. Preparation for such examination can often be made while the student is preparing for College, or in the long vacation, and time may be thus gained for higher courses of study.

For information concerning the College not contained in this circular the Catalogue should be consulted.

The College itself no longer issues an annual catalogue. “The Harvard University Catalogue” (price in cloth, 75 cents ; in paper, 50 cents) is published by MR. CHARLES W. SEVER, bookseller, Cambridge, Mass., to whom orders for it may be addressed.

Circulars giving information about the professional schools of the University, the Scientific School, and the Bussey Institution, may be obtained on application to J. W. HARRIS, Secretary, Cambridge, Mass.


18MO, PAPER, 50 CTS. A VOL. ; Cloth, 75 CTS. A VOL.

This Series is intended to supply cheap and accurate pocket editions of the Classics, which shall be superior in mechanical execution to the small German editions now current in this country, and more convenient in form. The Texts have taken their place among scholars as valuable contributions to classical literature, and are admitted to be good examples of judicious and practical scholarship, and it is believed that there are no texts better adapted for general use. The volumes are handsomely printed in a good plain type, and on paper capable of receiving writing ink for notes.

CÆSAR. C. Julii Cæsaris Commentarii de Bello Gallico. Recognovit GEO.

LONG, M. A. SALLUST. C. Sallusti Crispi Catilina et Jugurtha. Recognovit GEO, LONG,


VERGILIUS. Publi Vergili Maronis Opera. Ex Recensione J. CONINGTON,

A. M., Linguæ et Litterarum Latinarum apud Oxonienses Professoris. CICERONIS ORATIONES. M. Tullii Ciceronis Orationes Selectæ XIV. Re.

cognovit REINHOLDUS KLOTZ. Editio altera emendatior. CICERO DE SENECTUTE ET DE AMICITIA. M. Tullii Ciceronis Cato

Major sive de Senectute, Lælius sive de Amicitia, et Epistolæ Selectæ.

Recensuit GEO. LONG, M. A. HORATIUS. Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera Omnia. Ex Recensione A. J.


LUCRETIUS. T. Lucreti Cari de Rerum Natura Libri Sex. Recognovit

HUGO A. I. MUNRO, M. A. XENOPHON. Xenophontis Anabasis. Recensuit J. F. MACMICHAEL, A. B. HERODOTUS. Recensuit JOSEPHUS WILLIAMS BLAKESLEY, S. T. B. Coll.

ss. Trin. apud Cantabr. quondam Socius. 2 vols. THUCYDIDES. Recensuit JOANNES GULIELMUS DONALDSON, S. T. P. Coll.

88. Trin. apud Cantabr. quondam Socius. 2 vols. ÆSCHYLUS. Ex Novissima Recensione FREDERICI A. PALEY. Accessit

Verborum quæ præcipue notanda sunt et Nominum Index. SOPHOCLES. Ex Novissima Recensione GULIELMI DINDORFII. EURIPIDES. Ex Recensione FREDERICI A. PALEY. Accessit Verborum

et Nominum Index. 3 vols.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. -Either of the above volumes sent by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the

United States or Canada, on receipt of the price.

"A journal of acknowledged power and respectability.”London Times.

The Nation;

A Political and Literary Weekly.

Its political management has won for it the confidence of people of character and culture — the class which has the largest stake in the public welfare and the clearest understanding of how that welfare is to be secured.

Its literary resources may be said to embrace the most distinguished scholarship of the United States and a valuable contingent of foreign learning.

It is neither partisan nor tributary to any interests whatever, except those of good government and a pure literature.

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