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Nov. 28th.

allies, is to restore and preserve every By the arrival of two mails from old government. D Hamburg this day particulars have Dec. 2. The letters from France been received of the operations in fay, the Chouans are in very great Suabia, which have terminated so fil force; a body of them to the amount vourally to the allies---No jingle of 20,000 liave taken Quiinper, ots great barrle was fought, but the relult the coast of Brittany they are said to of a series of actions on different points be 60.000 strong, and all communiwas the expulsion of the French as cation between L'Orient and Paris is far as Manheim, with the lofs of 3 or cut off. 4000 men.

1 9. Yesterday a servant of Lord At Vienna, Berlin, Frankfort, and Minto arrived in town, with dif all the towns of Germany ruinours of patclies from his lord thip at Vienna: peace prevail, and very little doubt is though ignorant of their contents, it entertained bur that negociations be is not difficult to guets at their natween France and Germa:ny are very ture. The whole continent o Europe far advanced.---A peace with Ger is at this inoinent traversed by meffens

nany would be a very popular mea gers, on the subject of the retrear of fure in France, and would greatly the Russians or negociation for pence, consolidate the power of the new The court of Vienna wishes to com: governors of that coutry.

promite with that of Petersburg till 30. Yesterday morning an extraor- | it has obtained from the Frenci redo elinary gazeite was published, with públic agreeable terins of peace; intelligence of various fucceiles gain and with this view it has partly ed by the allies in Italy--- A general yielded to the representations of the action throughout the whole line, British cabinet, in favour of the renear Coni and Novi, in the beginning storation of the king of Sardinia. of this month; there is much confu- j The hatty and pallionate feceflion of fion in the details on both sides, but Suwarrow has given great aların to it app ars the Austrians “ happened" the coalition, who forefee, by that to gain the victory, with the lofs, on measure, how much they must lower the part of the French, of 4000 ven. their sums, should a negociation for

'Sanguinary as the engagement was peace take place. it produced no other consequence 12. Advices from China of the sth than that of checking the attempts of of March mention the death of the the French to penetrate into Pied- Emperor Kien Long; in consequence mont, by Coni, Novi, and Pignuol;it of which a general mourning throughwill probably leave the Aulirians in out the empire had been ordered to quier pofleflion of that province dur- take place for 12 months. The royal ing winter---The most remarkable authority devolves to his son Ka feature in the gazette is that which King, who has reigned nominally for atlures us the Piedmontese ariny is upwards of two years palt. The to be einbodied, and to take an oath Chinese are consequently all in white, to the king of Sardinia : the restora+ , and remain with unihaven heads and tion of that monarch will not only beards for 6 months out of the 12. be an honourable act on the part of 1 16. By the Paris journals to the 13th Austria, buc it will be one of the inft, which were received yesterday, inolt prudent that can be adopted; a we have the important and pleasing monarch fo much beloved by his fub- intelligence of a suspension of arms, jects deserves to be reinltated ; and which took place on the 6th inft. in the foundsit policy on the part of the Suabia for eighteen days; within that

period it is expected to be ratified by , France; their case has been the fub-
both governments for the winter, and jeets of frequent reports to the legis -
to extend to Italy, and every partlature, and has given rise to repeated
where the French and Austrian ar-'1 discussions ; nothing decisive how-
mies are opposite to each other ever was done, and the unfortunate
In the mean time, all accounts speak persons reinained in close confine-
confidently of negociations for peace. | ment at Calais; from Calais they were
The court of Spain is exerting its in a short time ago. removed to the
fluence with that of Vienna in be castle of Ham, in the ci-divant pro-
half of France, and it is said the king | vince of Picardi.--By the order of
of Prussia is acting the fame path Buonaparte and his brother confuls
with Great Britain. Counts Metter they have within these few days been
njen and Lehrbach, who where the | set at liberty, and permission has been
Imperial ministers at Radstadt, are granted them to leave France.
called to Vienna, and every circum 25. No Hambuogh mail has been
Stance shews that active efforts are | received for some days, owing to the
making to put an end to this dreadful frost--one packet with a mail for
war--Buonaparte, it is said, insists on Hamburg, which lately returned to
the treaty of Campo Formio, as the Harwich, has failed for Cruxhaven. It
basis of any negociation.

is hoped that the Itate of the weather
19. By accounts received lately will prove such as to permit this ver-
from those parts, there is every rea fel to reach the place of her desti-
son to believe that the French are as nation; for the present intcrruption in
firmly established in Egypt, as we the regular communication with the
are in India; a truth which has bedied continent is not only to be lamented
the best founded expectations formed as occalioning a want of intelligence,
& year ago. .

but also on account of the serious ein
21. It will be recollected that two taraflinents it must create in coin
.çr three years ago some emigrants | merce.
were thipwrecked on the coast of |

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Cruelty of torturing to force
AUTHOR of Whole Duty

of Man Not an Univer-

Controversy between a Chris.


tian and a deist

Conscience, liberty of 178
Atonement, answer to queries

Council, account of a Jewish
Anecdote of Archbishop Laud 52

182, 203

Confession of W. Mills.
with reflections 370

Address to Candid and Serious

Men reviewed.

Dialogue between a Deist and
Atlantis, Plato's account of 131

à Christian
Alps, description of 365

a methodist
Г. - В

and universalist

2 18 -
Brown on Universal Redemp-
tion reviewed

81 Earthquake, theory of
Baptist and Pedobaptist, con-
ference between .

Amonton's theory

Woodward's do.
Calvinist, odd saying of one 24

- history of
Copperas Maker, a covetous

in Asia Minor
one punished

extraordinary one
Criticism on Ps. xlix. 19. 14,25 at Mutina
Job, xxxiv. 36. 26

at Antioch
Ps. X. 16


-- through Europe
- 2 Chron. vi. 18. 39 * in 1693
Acts, ii. 3 100

in Jamaica, 169,2
Luke, iii 22 44 - in Calabria, 1638 63
1 Cor. vii. 36, 39 101

- phenomenon of 68
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Exod, vi. 3 241 Exposition of James, y. 13

the word aion 154 Election, uses of
- Lord of Hosts 270


Fires, subterranean, uses of 92
Christ the end of the law 39 Fear, sinful, removed
orice preaching to the spirits Fuller, Andrew, Letter I. from 177
* in prison

on the person of 209, 266, 327







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132, 165




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Andrew Fuller, Answer to 305 Parable of Dives and Lazarus

.-. 327, 334 explained i
Letter to 233

Punishment, endless, bad ef.:

Faith, on'

fects of preaching
Plutarch, saying of i n exo

Plato on future punishment ib.
God, thoughts on -...214

Planets inhabited .... * 120
Prophecy of Hildegard - 195

Paraphrase on Psalın xlix. - 202
Islands, formation of new 98, 130 Preceptor, No. I.

Poetry. The Nautic Convert 25

On the new year i
Job, chap. v. a new translation 102

The preacher's licence ib.
· 197 Hymn to the Creators
vii. .

Lines to Gen. Washington ib.
Jonathan the Jew, life of ' 107.

Address to young women '93

Ode to Jesus
Justice, punitive


Extempore on the sun 94
Jehovah, the propriety of re-

Elegy on the grave

taining the name in the

On the Restoration '125

Epitaph on a youth 126
Jonah, sign of the prophet 275, On entering a place of wor.


' ' 157

Trust in God
Lex Talionis

Lines to a young lady
retaliated : 118


Beauties of Paradise
Luxury in eating

The moths


On the yanity of the world - 221
furniture, beds, &c. 248

Sin the cause of natural evil ib.

On the love of Christ. 222
Mathematical questions, 27, 156,

Vanity of sublunary objects 2:57
On the nativity

- An.

The triumph of truth "253

Hymn at the execution of
swers to 87, 188, 284, 372.

W. Mills

, 285
Mountains, utility of 164
Man formed for society

On the love of God ib.

Robespierre's Epitaph:
Magnanimity, instance of


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Poem written by Musculus 374
127, 159, 191, 222, 254, 286,

319, 342, 375
Natural History 1, 33, 65, 97, 129,-,
161, 193, 225, 253, 289, 321, 345

Queries of T. F. answered &

o on Solomon's Song 27.

the seperate state of
Nobility, true
251 the wicked


I Cor. xv. 12
. . .

the imposition of
Oaths, essay on

the cloven tongues
of fire

Punitive justice
49, 138

answered 100
Punishment, cruel, in Russia 5! speronto the Restoration 187.


. 155






- 92




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Volcanoes in the sea

Vanity of the world .
Righteousness, scriptural idea
; of
Restitution of all defended 69 Universal doctrine, letter on
Reprobation, essays on 89, 168 from a ininister to his son
Reviewers reviewed


m antiquity of 348 Restitution, letter on to a Cal.

W 293.

Water, force of on melted

metals Spirit, holy, enquiries concern - putrefaction of in ships 322 ing 1. . 10

philosophic experie; Select sentences 24, 250, 283 ments on

290 Scriptures, sufficiency of 53, 196 metamom controversy concerning 323 Snow, a family live a month Worlds, little ones within the under

255 great ones

a on other -- T

Werter, Sorrows of censured Thompson's letter, remarks on 115 Wright's Five Discourses reTalmud and Gemara : 185 viewed


83 Translation of Exod. vi. 3 241 Women, Letters on, 111, 136, 238,


equal in mental capa. Volcanoes, Houel's theory of I city to men - Woodward's do...

a society of 126, 289 - Lister's do.


panegyric on - conjecture on their

Whistle, the


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