The strangers' guide

Published and sold by Wm. Alexander, Castlegate; Sold also by Baldwin, Craddock, and Company, London; Robertson, Edinburgh; Hargrove and Son, Harrogate; J. Edwards, Halifax; and the booksellers of Leeds, Hull, Doncaster, Sheffield, 1818

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Página 230 - ... occupying three sides of the yard. The Basilica, or County Hall, stands on the right of the entrance. This part of the castle, built at the expense of the county, in 1673, and rebuilt by the same means in 1777, is a superb erection of the Ionic order, one hundred and fifty feet in length, and fortylive in breadth. The entrance into it, is by a portico of six columns, thirty feet in height; over •which are placed the king's arms, an elegant statue of justice, and other emblematic figures. Here...
Página 87 - Why all this toil for triumphs of an hour ? What though we wade in wealth, or soar in fame ? Earth's highest station ends in, " Here he lies," And " Dust to dust
Página 129 - In short, he pursues his theme, from point to point, with the steadiness and plainness of one who descants on a common matter of fact. The difference between his style of description, and the two kinds which I have placed in opposition to it, is very perceptible in the following lines— " They bade the passing knell to toll For welfare of a parting soul.
Página 43 - I enjoyed in my native country, through the expence and care of my great master Egbert. May it therefore please your Majesty, animated with the most ardent love of learning, to permit me to send some of our young gentlemen into England, to procure for us those books which we want, and transplant the flowers of Britain into France, that their fragrance may no longer be confined to York, but may perfume the palaces of Tours.
Página 85 - Ackworth, esquire, presented to the tninster two of the other branches ; but who were the donors of the remaining two, is unknown. Two large tapers also are sometimes. placed at the altar ; and, on particular holy days, the four principal dignitaries, have each a branch of seven candles placed before them, at their respective stalls. WINDOWS IN THE CHOIR. The windows here are richly variegated, and adorned with representations of kings, escutcheons, arms, &c. Those of the small transepts are, remarkably...
Página 44 - In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not which shall prosper, whether this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.
Página 103 - It is placed upon an elegant enriched marble pedestal, six feet high, with scrolls at the angles, and on the frieze of which are introduced the emblems of Wisdom, Fortitude, and Eternity. Sir George is represented leaning upon a pillar, holding in his right hand a scroll, on which is written : " The Petition of the Freeholders of the County of York.
Página 42 - The employments of your Alcuinus in his retreat are suited to his humble sphere ; but they are neither inglorious nor unprofitable. I spend my time in the halls of St. Martin, in teaching some of the noble youths under my care the intricacies of grammar, and inspiring them with a taste for the learning of the ancients; in describing to others the order and revolutions of those shining orbs which adorn the azure vault of heaven; and in explaining to others the mysteries of divine wisdom, which are...
Página 43 - Scriptures, to the pursuit of wisdom ; than which nothing is more conducive to a pleasant, happy, and honorable life ; nothing a greater preservative from vice ; nothing more becoming or more necessary, to those especially who have the administration of public affairs, and the government of empires. Learning and wisdom exalt the low, and give additional lustre to the honours of the great. By wisdom kings reign, and princes decree justice.
Página 55 - Wulstan 930 This prelate espoused the cause of Anlaff, the Danish king of Northumbria, against Edred, the king of England — He was committed to prison by the latter, but was soon released and restored to office. 17. Oskitell 955 18. Athelwold 971 Resigned his prelacy the first year, and lived and died in retirement. 19.

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