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A backbiting tongue hath disquieted many, and driven them from nation to nation; strong cities hath it pulled down, and overthrown the houses of great men.

Whoso hearkeneth unto it shall never find rest, and never dwell quietly.

The stroke of the whip maketh marks in the flesh; but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones.

Many bave fallen by the edge of the sword ; but not so many as have fallen by the tongue.

The death thereof is an evil death, the grave were better than it.

It shall not have rule over them that fear God, neither shall they be burned with the flame thereof.

Such as forsake the Lord shall fall into it: and it shall burn in them, and not be quenched ; it shall be sent upon them as a lion, and devour them as a leopard.



SURETYSHIP hath undone many of good estate, and shaken them as wave of the sea : mighty men hath it driven from their houses, so that they wandered among strange nations.

Ą wicked man transgressing the commandments of the Lord, shall fall into suretyship: and he that undertaketh and followeth other men's busioess for gain, shall fall into suits.

Better is the life of a poor man in a mean cottage, than delicate fare in another man's house.

Be it little or much, hold thee contented, that thou hear not the reproach of thy house.

For it is a miserable life to go from house to house : for where thou art a stranger, thou darest not open thy mouth.

Thou shalt entertain, and feast, and have no thanks : moreover thou shalt hear bitter words :

Gjve place thou stranger, to an honourable

man; my brother cometh to be lodged, and I have need of mine house.

These things are grievous to a man of understanding; the upbraiding of house-room, and reproaching of the lender,


He that loveth his son causeth him oft to feel the rod, that he may have joy of him in the end.

He that chastiseth his son shall have joy in bim, and shall rejoice of him among his acquaintance.

Though his father die, yet he is as though he were not dead: for he hath left one belind him that is like himself,

While he lived, he saw and rejoiceth in him: and when he died, he was not sorrowful.

He that maketh too much of his son shall

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bind up his wounds; and his bowels shall be troubled at every cry.

An horse not broken becometh headstrong: and a child left to himself will be wilfæl.

Better is the poor, being sound and strong of constitution, than a rich man that is afflicted in his body

Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.

There is no riches above a sound body, and no joy above the joy of the heart.


Whoso regardeth dreams is like him that catcheth at a shadow, and followeth after the wind.

Divinations, and soothsayings, and dreams are vain; and the heart fancieth, as a woman's heart in travail,


For dreams have deceived many, and they have failed tbat put their trust in them,

He that washeth himself after the touching of a dead body, if he touch it again, what availeth his washing ?

So is it with a man that fasteth for his sins, and goeth again, and doeth the same: who will hear his prayer? or what doth his humbling profit him?


Hearken unto me, ye holy children, and bud forth as a rose-growing by the brook of the field.

And give ye a sweet savour as frankincense, and flourish as a lily; send forth a smell, and sing a song of praise, bless the Lord in all his works.

All the works of the Lord are exceeding good,

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