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exceedingly friendly to growth and proficiency. It would also give superiority to a variety of hindrances and impediments. Many difficulties which clog and fetter a mind but feebly devoted to the divine glory, are nobly broken and shaken off by a spirit rising in the might of this master principle. A multitude of enfeebling influences which fasten upon a worldly heart, are repelled by the “ ARMOUR OF God.” How purifying also is this disposition to glorify God! What excrescences will it lop off! What impurities will it cleanse away! How will it refine our motives! How will it draw out the poison mixed with our very virtues !

And would not “ the joy of the Lord then be their strength ?" Is not he who purely aims at the divine honour freed from a thousand fears and misgivings, and blessed with a larger share of the peace of God which passeth understanding? And must not this re-act upon his piety, and render it still more lively, energetic and triumphant ?

VIII. How seemly a preparation for heaven! Heaven is the expansion of the principle, and the perfection of the habit of glorifying God. It is little we know of heaven. But thus much we do know, that the inhabitants “serve God day and night in his Temple”—that “ they cast their crowns at his feet” —they ascribe “ glory and honour to him that sitteth on the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever.” It is therefore a meet preparation for such a state, to be employed now. in glorifying God in our bodies and spirits? It is the happiest education—the best training—for that exalted life. When we are employed in doing all things to the glory of God, let us cheer and comfort ourselves with the thought that we are gradually assuming some resemblance to the peculiar character of heaven ; that we are doing, though imperfectly and faintly, the will of God as it is done in heaven ; that we are “ sowing to the spirit," and “shall of the spirit, reap life everlasting;" that we are nourishing those germs which shall continue to shoot and grow, and which shall at last ripen into “ glory, honour, and immortality.”



BY THE SAME AUTHOR, in 12mo. price 5s.6d.




Archdeacon of Exeter, Rector of Hadleigh, &c;


An Account of the Rise of the Reformation in the

Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

“ The records of those times are precious, and ought not to be so much forgotten as they are. We are satiated with the diffuse and garrulous memorials of contemporary necrology; while the lives of those who were lights in darkness, the confessors and martyrs of the heroic days of the Church, are suffered to remain untold or unread. We return our best thanks to Mr. Stow for the very interesting narrative which he has here presented to us, compiled with much care and industry, from scattered and obscure materials. The volume does him great credit, and forms an acceptable accession to a class of works of which we have but too few."'--Eclectic Review.


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