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Author of “The Spiritual Songs, or Hymns on the Millennium,"
- (Composed from her Writings,)

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* Let all the nations be gathered together. and, let the people be
* assembled : who among them can declare, this, and shew as former
“things? let them bring forth their witnesses; that they may be justified :
“ or let them hear, and say, It is truth.—Ye are my witnessei, saith the
* Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen... that ye may know and
“believe me, and understand that I am he: before the there was no God
“formed, neither shall there be after me—I, even I, am the Lofto; and
“ beside me there is ne saviour.”—lsAIAH, xliii. 9, 10, 11.

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W. TOZER, Chapel Place, Duke Street, Southwark; the Miss EVELEIGHS,
St. Midwell's, Exeter; S. HiRST, Leeds; W.WADMAN, York;
JAMES LIGHT, Coventry Street, Stourbridge; EDM.
BAKER, Ilminster; C. BRADLEY, Digbeth,
Dirmingham; J. NESBIT, Gravesend;
and T. TURPIN, Greenwich.

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In order to make the following pages perfectly comprehensible, it may be necessary for me to state, that all the references to the respective books are numbered as in the following catalogue.

. In the Index reference, the figures shewing the number of the book and the page will follow the article; as for example:—

“The great A line he cannot read,” 8, 103–11, 4.

The first numbers represent the first book and page, and the following mumbers after the dash (–) the other ok thus—the 8, 103, signifies the 8th book, 103d page, and the 11, 4, the 11th book and 4th page, and so on where any numbers follow the first.

When several pages in one book are referred to, as under the article Adam—“Christ compared to the second Adam,” 6, 277–8, 74–11, 106–14, 65–16, 50–21; 20, 30–65; 5, 10, 20–shews that the quotation is taken from the 6th book, 277th page, and that it is repeated in the 8th book, 74th page—ll th book, 106th page—14th book, 65th page— 16th book, 50th page—21st book, 20th and 30th pages— the 65th book, 5th, 10th, and 20th pages, and in a similar manner the numbers will be given when the article is repeated in one and more books and pages. •

The scripture quotations have the number of the book from whence taken for the first number, the chapter for the second number, then the verse or verses, and the last number is the page of the book in which it is printed. When the same chapter and verse occurs in more than one hook, as for example, after the first chapter of Genesis given in the first line, the following line shews that it is likewise to be found in 43, 23–57, 33–62, 10—that is, in the 43d book 23d page—57th book, 33d page, and 62d book, 10th page; for in all references of this kind the first number refers to the book, and the second to the page, and in like manner for any others, where a repetition in the subsequent line is given.

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When it may be necessary to abbreviate a word, the title of the article will be printed in an italic letter; as for exmple, c. for communications; w. for writings, &c. and after the article eluc., for elucidation—erp. for explained, and ans. for answered, will occasionally be printed.

For the sake of comprising a great quantity of matter in a small compass, I have omitted all the references to the scripture elucidations; the Reader will therefore be pleased to attend to the scripture Index for the portions he may be desirous to examine, and refer to the respective books for an explanation, as it would have taken several extra numbers to contain the articles that are there most Divinely elucidated by the Spirit of Truth: and if they were to mark the number of the book and page opposite the texts in their Bibles, it would afford them great assistance in having an immediate reference and connection with the books.

I would also recommend those who have complete sets, “o eark them in the margin with the numbers referred to in the index, immediately opposite the respective parts that are similar, explanatory, or connected; and thereby form a complete marginal reference, like those in the Bible; by which means they will be enabled to compare and examine them with the scriptures, weigh the whole together, draw the link, lengthen the chain, see if one link will join with another,compare the whole together, see if it adds link to link, chain to chain, like the dawning morning, higher and higher, brighter and brighter, to the perfect day: or like a flower in the bud, openiug more and more, until the full blown flower appears. In this manner we must weigh the works of GoD ; like the husbandman's seed, first thrown into the earth, and buried down without any appearance of seed till you see the blade appear; then cometh the stalk, next the ear, then the blossom, and then the grain is fit for harvest. Just so we must mark the rising of all things that come from GoD.

London, February 21, 1815.


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