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Alcmena having, at one birth, brought forth two children, it was difficult to determine in which Jupiter had a particular interest, and, no doubt, Amphitryon, would have been much puzzled to have decided which of the two had a celestial origin, had notan extraordinary circumstance occurred, which revealed the hero whose strength was afterwards to astonish the whole world. Two serpents, sent by the jealous Juno, glided into the bed where slept both Alcmena's children. Iphicles, having perceived them, fled, uttering cries offear. Hercules, on the contrary, seized the two reptiles, and grasped them so firmly that he stifled them both. So much strength caused Hercules to be acknowledged as the son of Jupiter. In this small picture is found all the science which characterizes the master with respect to the designing : the colouring is equally good and of the most vigorous, but it has, in parts, become dim. This reason has appeared sufficient to some persons to attribute the picture to Agostino Carracci, whose colouring was less brilliant than that of his brother Annibale. Height, 8 inches : width 6 inches.

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