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The martyrdom of St. Sebastian having been already published in this work, n° 235, we shall not repeat the history of that pious warrior. Raphael, when treating this subject, seems to have intended making a figure, wherein he could put into action the statue of Apollina. In fact, the attitude of the martyr has enabled him to represent, in all its details, the elegant form of a man still young, who has reached the age of virility, and yet has preserved the graces of youth. Altough the martyr is already pierced by an arrow, the love of God upholds his soul, the expression of the head displays a heavenly smile, it seems to defy the executioners making him feel any pain. From the finishing, discernible in this picture, it must be considered as belonging to Raphael's second manner, at the time when he had entirely refined his style in consequence of seeing some of Leonardo's da Vinci's works. This small picture, painted on cedar wood, was at Turin in 18o7 : it was then brought to Paris, and is now in the cabinet of M. Migneron. It had not yet been engraved.

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