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The revolution of another year has brought to our table,“ The Christian's Almanac for 1845;" The Complete Suffrage Almanac, and Reformer's Manual for 1845;" Wilson's Clerical Almanac for Scotland ;” and The Congregational Calendar, and Family Almanac for 1845." The first is published by the Religious Tract Society, and contains a large amount of letter-press, especially in the astronomical department; but we must say, there is a great want of arrangement, so that the juxtaposition of some articles might be turned into jest. The second is what it professes to be, a manual for politicians, and is very well got up. The third is valuable, as "containing complete lists of the ministers of all denominations in Scotland;" and the last is the year-book of the Congregational churches. Lists of our associations in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; obituaries of nearly thirty deceased ministers; notices of all the institutions, colleges, &c. belonging to our body, and which alone occupy sixty-four pages, besides a large amount of astronomical, historical, and ecclesiastical intelligence, form the useful contents of this calendar, and which will not be found elsewhere. It is illustrated with four glyphographic engravings of new chapels and schools. A copy of it should be on the study-table of every minister in our denomination. (Jackson and Walford.)

The Encyclical Letter of our Lord Pope Gregory XVI. to all Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, and Bishops, issued May 8, 1844,” and which is directed against all “ Bible Societies," and other evangelical associations, is far too important a state paper to remain without an authentic translation, for the use of British and American Protestants. Sir Culling Eardley Smith, Bart., whose recent residence in Italy has filled his mind with loathing of the papal system, having procured a copy of the Diario di Roma, which contained the official copies, in Latin and Italian, of this curious historical document, has therefore translated and published it in an English dress; and to give his pamphlet a high literary value, the Latin text and the authorised Italian version are printed in double columns, at the foot of the translation, paragraph by paragraph, with all the Latin references complete. This very seasonable and scholar-like performance, for which we offer Sir Culling our best thanks, is dedicated to the “ members of the church of Christ,” in language eminently scriptural, affectionate, and instructive. The worthy Baronet suggests at its close, that “a joint reply to this papal manifesto, from the English and American churches,” is desirable ; and joyful would be the day when delegates from the whole evangelical church might meet to assert that it is "the duty of every man to read the Scriptures, and to judge of their sense;" and that mankind are not “ bound to accept the exposition of them at the hand of a sacred order.” (John Snow.)

As we desire to encourage every attempt to diffuse useful knowledge and Christian morality amongst the masses, so we feel it our duty to notice a new and important enterprise of the Messrs. Chambers, of Edinburgh, to supply a series of small and cheap detached publications, accommodated to the tastes and necessities of the genuine populace of our land; so that the very humblest and least instructed may be interested, and yet the better informed not repelled. These are printed on a large double-foolscap sheet, thirty-two pages for one penny! We have now the first half-dozen before us, and having perused several of them, can assure our readers that they deserve general attention and the best efforts of philanthropists, to promote

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their circulation. For one halfpenny (pages 16) we have the delightful * Story of Colbert,” which we should rejoice to place in the hand of every British youth leaving school for business. A Tale of Norfolk Island,another halfpenny nub. ber, is a deeply-affecting account of the penal settlement of New South Wales, which, while it is most suitable to warn such as are in danger of being sent there, supplies also a study of human nature, and an illustration of the influence of the Gospel, that makes it at once “a religious and deepły interesting tract for all.” “The Management of Infants,” “ Time Enough,” “The Employers and the Emplored," are replete with instruction. Let such tracts as these find circulation, and we shall see the laborious classes improved in intelligence and morals too. We sincerely hope the Chamberses will be encouraged in this work by the zealous co-operation of all the friends of their country. (W. S. Orr and Co.)

Dr. J. H. Merle d'Aubigné, of Geneva, possesses the happy talent of giving interest to every topic he takes in hand. In June last he delivered an address at the general meeting of the Evangelical Society, at Geneva, which the Rev. Frederic Monod, of Paris, who heard it, earnestly requested might be printed separately, for extensive circulation. It has been published in Paris, “ Le Lutheranisme et le Réforme ;" and a translation of it, entitled “ Luther and Calvin, or, The True Spirit of the Reformed Church,” has just appeared from the press of Blackie and Son. We doubt whether the translator has done the author full justice; but it is notwithstanding a most able and suggestive address, that will amply repay the reader by its spirit-stirring and seasonable appeals. (Blackie and Son.)

As a great want of information often prevails amongst young and inexperienced ladies, who have just entered upon married life, so it is most desirable that their husbands should put into their hands a book like Dr. Bull's “ Hints to Mothers for the Management of their Health, &-c. ;” and which we are happy to see has reached a fourth edition, “ considerably enlarged.” Although it does not exactly fall within our critical department, yet we feel bound to say, that had such a book fallen into our hands thirty years ago, it would have prevented many personal mistakes, and much domestic suffering. (Longman, Brown, and Co.)

We have no reason to doubt but that Mr. W. J. Brock’s “ Lays of the Heart, or various subjects," sincerely express his devout feelings; but he, and all pious poetasters, should remember that it is written, " I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.” God is little honoured by feeble lines and false quantities, such as can be tolerated nowhere out of Grub-street. (G. Biggs.)

The third number of the new Scottish quarterly, The North British Rerier, is an able and interesting one. We cannot speak of all the articles, for we have not read them ; but the first, on the Political Economy of the Bible, by Dr. Chalmers; the second and sixth, on scientific topics, which are, we suppose very justly, attributed to Sir David Brewster ; and the fifth, on the United States, from the pen of one of the Free Church delegates to the churches of the Republic, cannot fail, we think, to instruct and delight intelligent readers.


The Life of Isaac Milner, D.D., F.R.S., Dean of Carlisle, President of Queen's College, and Professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge: comprising a Portion of his Correspondence, and other writings, hitherto unpublished. By his Niece, Mary Milner. London. pp. 456.

The Pocket-Book Almanack, for 1845. London: Religious Tract Society.

The Holy Land; being Sketches of the Jews, and of the Land of Palestine : compiled from the best sources. London. pp. 447.

The Missionary's Reward; or, The Success of the Gospel in the Pacific. By George Pritchard, Esq., Her Britannic Majesty's Consul in the Islands of the Pacific. With an Introduction, by the Rev. John Angell James. London. 1844. 12mo. pp. 209.

Lays of the Heart, on Various Subjects. By W. J. Brock. London. 1844. Pp. 132.

The Missionary Jubilee; a Poem for the Young. By Jubal. London. 1844.

pp. 36.

Des Causes qui retardent la Conversion du Monde ; or, The Causes which retard the Conversion of the World. Translated from the French, by a Clergyman of the Church of England. London. 1844. 12mo. pp. 66.

Tractarianism not of God. Sermons, by Charles B. Tayler, M.A., Rector of St. Peter's, and Evening Lecturer of St. Mary's, Chester. London. 1844. 12mo.

pp. 304.

Laodicea; or, Religious Declension, its Nature, Indications, Causes, Consequences, and Remedies. An Essay. By David Everard Ford. London. 1844. 12mo.

pp. 118.

Christian Devotedness; or, Memorials of Mrs. and Miss Palmer, of Newbury. By Henry March, Author of Sabbaths at Home. London. 1844. 12mo. pp. 121.

Memoir of Mrs. Martha Innes, Edinburgh: with Extracts from her Diary and Letters. Compiled and edited by her Husband. London. 12mo. pp. 226.

A Memoir of the Rev. John Elias. By the Rev. E. Morgan, A.M., Vicar of Syston, Leicestershire, and Author of the Life of the Rev. T. Charles, of Bala. With a Portrait, and an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. J. K. Foster, late President of Chesh College. London: H. Hughes. 12mo. pp. 216.

A Memorial to bring to remembrance Twelve Sermons preached in Christ Church, Barnwell, Surrey. By the Rev. John D. Lane, M.A., Fellow of St. John's College, and Curate of Barnwell, Cambridge. London. 1844. 12mo. pp. 203.

A Treatise on Prayer. By J. Thornton, Author of a Treatise on Repentance, Fruits of the Spirit. London: Tract Society. 12mo. pp. 212.

The Institutions of Popular Education. An Essay, to which the Manchester Prize was adjudged. By the Rev. Richard Winter Hamilton, LL.D., D.D. Post 8vo. London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co.

The Encyclical Letter of our Lord Pope Gregory XVI. to all Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, and Bishops, issued May 8, 1844. Translated into English by Sir Culling Eardley Smith, Bart. With the Latin Text, and the Authorised Italian Translation appended. 8vo. London: J. Snow.

The Congregational Calendar, and Family Almanac, for 1845. Compiled pursuant to a Vote of the Annual Assembly of the Congregational Union of England and Wales. 12mo. pp. 132. London: Jackson and Walford.

The New Englander ; October, 1844, Vol. II., Number 4. 8vo. Ner Haren, U. S.: A. H. Maltby. London: Wiley and Putnam.

The North British Review ; No. III., November, 1844. 8vo. London: Hanion, Adams, and Co.

The Case of David Salomons, Esq.; being his Address to the Court of Aldernes, on applying for Admission as Alderman of the Ward of Portsoken, on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 1844. Revised by himself. 8vo. London: J. Rickerby.

Letters on Church Reform. By the Rev. William Carlise. 8vo. London : Palmer and Son. Payne's Universum, or Pictorial World.


Parts 7-11. London: Brun and Payne.

The Illustrated Oxford Bible. Part 8. 4to. London : Brain and Payne.

Pictorial Natural History of the Three Kingdoms; being a Comprehensive decount of Animals, Plants, and Minerals, together with the Outlines of Geology. Translated from the German of Lindner and Lachmann, Professors of Natural History. 4to. Parts 1, 2, 3. London: Ewers and Co.

A Revived Ministry our only Hope for a Revived Church. By One of the Leas among the Brethren. 12mo. London: Jackson and Walford.

Divine Faith exhibited in its Roots, its Branches, and its Fruit ; designed but only to oppose our Atheism, Deism, Rationalism, Enthusiasm, and Partialism, but to confirm the believer. To which is annexed, the Trial of Faith, as to Suffering, Obedience, and Offerings. By R. Weaver. 12mo. London: Jackson and Watford.

Dialogue on Baptism ; suggested by the following Notice: “A most interesting spectacle was witnessed in the New Street Church, Edinburgh; the baptism of a converted Jew, and his child, a little girl, three years of age." By D. Grifths, Cannock. 12mo. London: Jackson and Walford.

An Address delivered at a United Meeting of the Sunday-school Teachers of Hastings, August 12th, 1844. By the Rev. W. Davis. 12mo. London: J. Spom.

Hymns for the Chamber of Sickness. By James Edmeston. London: Track Society.

Sermons preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Plymouth. By the Bet. Hinton C. Smith, B.A., Minister. London. 12mo. pp. 234.

Discourses to Youth, No. 1, The Orphan Youth. Preached in Westminster Chapel, Lords-day, Sept. 8, 1844. By Samuel Martin, Minister of the above. No. 2, Oct. 13, The Youth far from Home.

The Scripture Text-Book ; being a Second Edition of Scripture Texts, arranged for the use of Ministers, Teachers, and Visitors. Compiled by the Religious Trat Society, and Book Society for Ireland.

The Three Parties, or, Things as they are in the Church of England ; being an Extract from the Rev. R. Montgomery's Gospel before the Age. Second Edition. London.


Will be ready early in January, 1845, the Whole Works of the Rer. William Bridge, formerly of Emanuel College, Cambrid ge, and Minister of the Gospel, et Great Yarmouth, A.D. 1645–62; now first collected, with brief Memoir, x* Index, and Portrait, engraved from the original by Sherwin, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth.

In the press, Look to the End; or, the Bennets Abroad. By the Author of "The Women of England.” 2 vols. post 8vo.



As we inserted in our last an outline of the interesting and important business which occupied the attention of the Autumnal Meeting at Norwich, so we shall now proceed to report the substance of the fraternal discussions which occupied its morning sittings.

The following brethren were in attendance during the several sessions :

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Ministerial Delegates and Visitors. Rev. Alexander, John, Norwich.

Rev. Jackson, G. H., M.D., Bury, Suffolk. Ashton, Robert, Putney.

James, J. A., Birmingham. Ashley, John, Thetford, Norfolk.

James, Thomas, London. Ainslie, Robert, London.

James, Thomas, Debenham, Suffolk. Blackburn, John,

Kay, John, Coggeshall, Essex. Blackitt, C. R., Burnham, Norfolk. Kempster, J. J., Norwich. Browne, James, North Walsham.

Laidler, Stephen, Harleston, Norfolk. Browne, John, Coward College.

Legge, William, Fakenham,
Burnet, John, Camberwell.

Lucas, James, Hingbam.
Bodley, Edward F., Rochford, Essex. Lyon, James, London.
Burder, HenryForster, D.D.Hackney. Madgin, H. F., Duxford, Cambs.
Browning, S. A., Framlingham, Matheson, James, D.D., London.

Massie, J. N., Manchester.
Campbell, John, D.D., London.

Millis, John, Lavenham, Suffolk.
Cooper, James, Heachham, Norfolk. Matthews,James,Shipdham, Norfolk.
Coleman, Henry, Wickhambrook, Palmer, W. S., London.

Prout, Ebenezer, Halstead, Essex.
Cuzner, J. S., Dartford, Kent.

Raban, James, London.
Corbin, John, Derby.

Robinson, Richard, Witham, Essex.
Dennant, John, Halesworth, Suffolk. Richard, H., London.
Davids, J. W., Colchester.

Richardson, D., Ashwell, Herts.
Davis, James, Denton, Norfolk.

Ritchie, Andrew, Wrentham, Suffolk. Elliott, Richard, Devizes.

Rook, H. J., Faversham, Kent. Elliot, Joseph, Bury, Suffolk.

Rutherford, James, Wymondham,
Elrick, John, Sudbury,

England, Samuel, Royston, Cambs. Russell, J. S., Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Fairbrother, Rd., Dereham, Norfolk. Roberts, Richard, Oulton.
Flower, David, Burwell, Cambs.

Reed, Andrew, B.A., Norwich.
Garthwaite, William, Wattisfield, Rogers, John, Rendham, Suffolk.

Scales, Alfred, Stowmarket, Gooch, Thomas, Stratton, Norfolk. Sherman, James, London. Grant, William, Elmham,

Smith, G. L., Halesworth, Suffolk. Holmes, William, Wisbeach, Cambs. Steer,Sam.,Castle Hedingham,Essex. Hollis, H., Long Melford, Suffolk. Slater, Martin, Fordham, Cambs. Hunt, John, Brixton.

Stoughton, John, Kensington. Hickman, B., Coward College.

Watts, Francis S. H. College, Bir-
Hayward, T. Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Higgins, Wm., Latchingden, Essex. Wells, Algernon, London.
Hamilton, Robert, Lynn, Norfolk. Wheeler, Thomas, Norwich.
Hopkins, Wm. Southwold, Suffolk, Whitby, John, Ipswich.

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