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for the ungodly," as well as the righteous ; this “ pious deacon” declares him as dangerous in society; and that he would be especially so among the youth of that place, if put under his instruction.

What, I ask, would such “ pious” men do, if they had power ?, Would not the horrors of an inquisition, which, is at length driven from Europe, find an asylum in this “land of Gospel liberty ?” And would not the tragedy of Sevetus be re-acted, by these devoted followers of the reforner: How much better is such religion than Mehometanism? And do not its supporters maintain it in the same way, to the full extent of their power? These are the men who profess to be followers of the “meek and lowly Jerus ;" that Jesus, who said to his disciples (when they told him they saw one casting out devils, and forbade him beause he followed not them) “ forbid him not, for he that is not against us, is for us.” But it is doubtfull, whether even our Saviour himself could escape the anathemas of these “ demonstrators of the right," if he should now appear on earth, with sentiments differing from those of their leader, the celebrated John Calvin.

Whether the doctrine of the final restoration of allthings be true, or not, is not now the question : but this persecuting spirit I consider unfriendly to the cause of religion, and therefore, think it ought to be exposed to the view of all, that it may be " cast out, and trodden under foot of men." They may “pay tithe of mint, annise and cummii ;" yet so long as they omit “ the weightier matters ;" among which I shall reckon “ charity, which suffereth long, and is kind” they are “ become as a sounding bras, or a tinkling cymbal. “And now abideth faith, bope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is CHARITY.

New-England, January 2, 1822.

THE EDITOR'S APOLOGY. : The following extract and reply would not be published in this work, was it not conceived to be the most proper method that can be taken, to correct erroneous inpressions among the candid, liberal Christians, in this vicnity, and let our readers know generally, the employment of many in this place, who profess to have met with a change of heart, as taught in the scriptures. We are happy however to state, that we belive there are many pious, peaceable Christians, in the Church from which the following untruths originated; and those too, who are much mortified at the conduct of thçse run-abouts. Whoever has heard the Parson of that parish in his severe and lashing animadversions of his Church, is doubtless convinced that he is not only opposed to suci reprehensible conduct, but is sensible there are many who deserve chastisement. Neither would the innocent and piots part of the Church, be willing to have the infamous tatlers and hawkers lashed, as “ with a scourge of small corcs,” over their shoulders, unless they knew there were such'among them. If this be considered uncharitable, and either the minister or any of the respectable part of his Chuch, will give it as their opinion, there are none such, a recaitation shall appear in our next. We make these remarks that the whole of them may not be censured.

EXTRACT. ,When you preached here (Westbrook) we understood you o hold, that we must be born again and be holy, in order to be prepared for heaven ; and all denominations understood you alike. But when we are in Portland, our Calvilist brethren tell us, you deny all revealed religion, and say men are naturally good enough ; deny there is a devil, hell, or any change of heart—and, even go where people are under :onviction, and offer them money to buy them off, &c. and thit most of your society have denied the doctrine, and they should think you would leave off preaching."

REPLY. The Editor has no doubt that the above, and many other equally groundless things have been reported, and that "some' people of small privileges will be frightened by them, and be leard to say many things of which they will, hereafter, be both ashamed and sorry. But those“ busy bodies" know not what they are doing ; they are only preparing the way for the greater spread of truth, by leading people

characenor, and it not evidebim prer

to inquire and look the more carefully into their doctrines, and on making work for repentance for themselves. They would be very unwilling to see a circumstantial history of their own proceeding, for twelve years past. Our prayer is, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." The people who report such foolish untruths, have never heard the Editor deny the necessity of the new-birth, that there was a devil and hell, or offer money to prevent canviction for sin ; and it is not probable they have candor enough, either to hear him preach or converse, or read his writings. Is it not evident, they speak of the things they know not, and testify of what they have not seen ? The character of those walking bundles of silk, is thus drawn by the pencil of Paul :-"And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but TATLERs also and BUSY BODIES, speaking things which they ought not.” 1. Tim. v. 13. Now our friendly advice is, since “ whoso hateth his brother is a murderer," that they so conduct as “ not to suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evil doer, or as a BUSY BODY in other men's matters; “adorning themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety: not with broidered hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array, but with gooD WORKS !"

Had we ever doubted the existence of a devil, we should now be convinced of our error, or that these religious gypsies have" run before they were sent.” Though “ he was a liar from the beginning," by his sending them to describe fortunes in “ the world to come” of which he and they are alike ignorant, and of which he is not the ruler, we think the “ Prince of the power of the lying breath,” does not exhibit so much wisdom as he did formerly. Either his head is bruised so as to produce derangement, or he is old and superannuated and has revealed to “ Delilah his secrets," or committed his treasure to “ the weaker vessel.” In either

supermitted his trebe impeached our enemies ..

and enam of fire o assemble

If there be no hell, why do our enemies “ weep and wail and gnash their teeth ?" If they are not “ tormented with the stream of fire and brimstone" " which is poured” upon their heads, when assembled “ in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb," pray tell us who is ? It cannot injure those who are not there ; consequently, those whona

(Daniel VI)

they say, are forever banished from his presence, will not drink fire and brimstone in his presence. Every man is in hell when he feels the guilt of sins ; other hells are as harmless as “ the burning fierytoven, into which, Danielewa cast, though raised to the seventh degree of effervescence. ^

That any of our society has apostatized from the faith, is beyond our knowledge. It is believed that some of the “great men” of the 2d parish did exbibit so much craft, as to make a delirious man say, That he had some doubts. Had be been “in his right mind,” the net of questions would have bound him, as a spider's web would hand-cuff a Sampson.

Why should it be thought advisable for me to leave off preaching, if it convinces people my doctrine is untrue? It must be those who hear that become convinced. That being the case, it is thought best to continue preaching ; for the people are very attentive, and exbibit the greatest desire to know “ the whole truth.”

That we offer money to buy off from conviction is too ridiculous to be mentioned. None but a Calvinistic dandy would have the unblushing impudence to put such a fortune-book into the mouths of " the busy bodies."

The doctrine of the new birth is an essential article in our preaching. Christians of generous feelings, of all persuasions, know we defend it, and those who have heard will testify to this truth. We hold to the new-birth according to the following Scriptures. John 1. 12, 13.—111. 3. 1. Peter, i, 22, 23. 1. John, 111. 1, 2, 9. iv. 7, 8. v. 1, 2. But this is putting away the heart of stone, or stony heart, and taking a new one. Ezekiel, xxxvi. 26. Now those who pretend to have exchanged hearts, and yet have the stony heart, are surely mistaken. There is a difference between exchanging hearts, or giving up the old one and receiving the new, and having the heart changed. If they have both hearts, they are double hearted, according to Psalms, xii. 2. “ They speak vanity every one with his neighbor : with flattering lips, and with a double heart do they speak.” of this description there is a busy multitude. Though the words, heart and hearts are used about a thousand times in the Bible, there is but one place, we believe, where a CHANGE OF HEART is expressed, and that is as

end it, adherous feessentials

to the follow iruth. We hold those who ®), of all pe

follows, viz: " Let his HEART BE CHANGED from a man's, and let the heart of a beast be given unto him.” Daniel, IV. 16. Now we have no doubt but those who have circulated the reports, which elicited these remarks, have met with that change of heart ; for by their fruits we know them. When the time has come that our proud and haughty enemies are humbled, we pray God with all our hearts, that their sins may be forgiven, that we may unitedly bless the most High, whose kingdom is from generation to generation.

“ PIOUS FRAUDS,” A MIRROR. In Bucks Theo. Dictionary. p. 393, we have the follow, ing, ; “ Pious“FRAUDS are those artifices and falsehoods made use of in propagating the truth, and endeavoring to pronaote the spiritual interests of mankind. These have been more particularly practised in the church of Rome, and considered not only innocent but commendable." So it appears they have not been confined wholly to the church of Rome, though more of it has been practised there, than in other churches ! But was the Doctor to write again, and without prejudice, it is questionable where he would see most of those pious practices. There is much artifice now used, and many falsehoods circulated among those who profess “ to propagate the truth and promote the spiritual interest of mankind.” By what name shall we better describe the following conduct, than by pious frauds ?

Pious Preachers profess to believe that God has a chosen number in the human family, whom he foreordained for eternal life, and has, in covenant, given them to his Song and that no one can pluck them out of his hands; and yet they pretend that they are hourly in danger of dropping into hell; and the preachers pretend they cannot sleep, bem ing so alarmed for their souls.

Pious people, converted under their preaching, believe they were chosen in Christ from eternity, and yet, they

shed crockodile-tears, in relating a pretended narrow escape ' from endless misery !

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