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prays for the salvation of those, whom he believes were destined to be finally lost. Dear reader, to what God do you suppose he addresses his prayer? Not to the one, surely, who decreed their damnation! It can hardly be called serious for a man of common sense, to pray to an unchangeable God, to save those whom he has foreordained to endless misery. If Mr. Rand be sincere, he prays that his doctrine may be false, and ours be true; and, in this respect we agree. The reader is requested to pause for a moment, and settle in his own mind, whether Calvinists, as such, can sincerely and fervently desire and pray that “ all men may be saved ;" when they say, “ the substance of the doctrine is fully expressed in these words, Ye shall not surely die ?». Do they 66 agree with the first and great deceiver” in their desires and prayers, or are they hypocritical in such pretentions ? The truth is, the people are so deceived by such sophistry, as to be pleased in hearing the ministers pray, for the truth of the very doctrine, which they profess to believe is false and of licentious tendency !! Did their prayers and sermons agree, the cruelty of their God and the 5 malevolence” of their hearts, would soon be discovered by their hearers. They HATE the doctrine in their HEARTS.

Mr. Rand pretends that Orthodox ministers exercise 46 compassion or mercy” in “ warning men of imminent danger, of which they are ignorant." This we deny ; because their 6 whole system” regards man as “ totally depraved and helpless in consequence of Adam's sin ; his entire inability to obey, being infinitely criminal.” 66 All warnings and invitations to the finally impenitent, will increase the severity of their endless sufferings." Can such warnings and invitations be merciful and compassionate ? No. To adopt Mr. Rand's own comparison. Should he “awake his neighbor from profound sleep, when his house was on fire, and warn him to escape or he would perish," when he knew he was unable to escape, God having decreed he should be burnt, and then upbraid him, while suffering in flames, for not yielding to his solicitations, would he not be just as merciful as Calvinists are, in awakening and warning the impenitent! 'The only compassion they exbibit, is, a disposition to arouse the reprobates, that they may go, wide awake, into “ the pains of hell forever.” It is not unfrequent for those merciful preachers, after having proclaimed the universal love of God, in the salvation of a part of the world, and the unceasing torment of all others, to exult loudly before their hearers, that they have lovingly given them those offers and warnings, which will testify to their condemnation in the day of judgment, and like arrows dipped in poison, pierce their very hearts, in “ eternal wo."

To avoid such consequences, should Mr. Rand take another position, and contend that it is not the design, really, to benefit the impenitent, but that the righteous 6 may escape eternal wo," it involves him in two contradictions, instead of one. For in the first place, it exposes the hypocricy, in pretending to befriend the reprobates ; and secondly, it renders the warnings entirely nugatory. If “ the righteous were elected from eternity to eternal life,they never were in danger of endless wo. To pretend the contrary, is of all things the most preposterous. So that Mr. Rand's old house of Calvinism is on fire, whether he escapes or not.

Let the Editor of the Mirror prove, that it would be 66 cruelty, to attempt to render men more unguarded and blind to real danger," and yet, that there is no cruelty in God," in creating them to damn their souls forever, and the controversy will be at an end. Or let him prove that any who ever have been, since “ eternity,” exposed to such danger, can be benefited or injured, essentially or as respects their final destination, by any thing we can do, and we are silent. The God he worships is as much more cruel than any other being, as he is more powerful. “He made the reprobates with a determination to make them miserable forever," and is not every pretention to the contrary, while embracing Calvinism, sheer deception and sophistry ?

Should Mr. Rand continue throwing out his sarcasms against Universalism, as he has done since editing the “ Mirror," we shall feel justified, in making a fair and friendly exposition of his insidiousness, that we may guard the public against misrepresentations, defend the reputation of our brethren in the faith, and if possible, lead him, to repentance and reformation. We rejoice in believing he is a fellowheir of eternal life, and whenever he surmounts his overgrown hostility to the doctrine we believe, and manifests that neighborly and merciful disposition, which professors of the christian religion, should possess towards each other, our heart would overflow with gladness in forgiving the past, and in hailing him in mutual ardent affection, as a brother for Jesus' sake.


ook, Carus,), Serm

ORTHODOXY. MR. EDITOR-As some readers complain that you misrepresent Calvinists, by saying they expect to be happy in heaven, while beholding the miseries of the damned, and more especially, as you have ingeniously represented them in your “ Explanatory Sermon, on the Parable of the rich man and Lazarus," I send you the following extract from a book, entitled, “ Universalism confounds and destroys itself." By J. SPAULDING, D. D. (See p. 356, printed, 1805.)

"As the redeemed in heaven will forever behold that awful sight in hell, that exquisite torture, horror and despair, they will have the best opportunity to see what themselves deserve—from what they are redeemed. They will look down and see their own nearest kindred in hell, under all the bitter agonies of death, and stand unmoved at the sight. They maintain perfect calmness and undisturbed joy. They hear the great Judge pronounce the awful sentence. They see all the wicked sink down to hell, and hell moved with devour

ing flames to meet them ; a sight infinitely more dreadful than the sinking of worlds."

This extract is not presented Mr. Editor, to stain a page of your publication, but simply to show your readers, that Calvinism has not been misrepresented. Edwards on the “ Eternity of Hell torments,” says, (p. 419.) “ The sight of hell torments will exalt the happiness of the righteous forever.” All Orthodox writers hold up the same doctrine. But my blood freezes at the thought ! and I write no more.



ANOTHER CONVERSION. A clergyman, a Mr. Thompson, of the Methodist persuasion, lately arrived in Philadelphia, from England. The Methodists brought him forward as their champion, to refute the Universalists in their discussions in the Berean Society, where Mr. Thompson was convinced of the error, and acknowledged the truth." He is now preaching the doctrine of the restitution of all things.-Gospel Herald.

N. B. Mr. Thompson has lately delivered a course of Sermons on the Unity of God and the salvation of all men, which are published in the City of Philadelphia.-EDITOR.

NEW HYMN BOOK. The “ Psalms and Hymns, for social and private worship ; carefully selected from the best authors,” by Br. David PickERING, is now published, in a neat 12 mo. volume, containing 525 Sacred Songs, to which is subjoined, a “Brief Summary of the Universal Faith,” and several Prayers. We are happy to give our opinion, that the above Selection is decidedly preferable to any Hymn Book we have seen, embracing a variety of Hymns judiciously arranged in alphabetical order. We hope the work will be liberally patronized, and by becoming extensively useful in the Zion of the Lord, abundantly reward our dear Brother for his unwearied exertions, in compiling, arranging and publishing so meritorious a work.

rsal Faith," anac bois subjoined, a.. Bline, containing

MORE MEETING HOUSES. We rejoice to receive information that our friends in the City of Hartford, Conn. are blessed in their endeavors to maintain · the truth of God, and under the able ministry of Br. R. Carrique, are receiving accession to their numbers, and are making preparation for building a house for public worship, during the ensuing season.

“ The Gospel Herald,” also announces the probable erection of another Chapel in that City, for the free promulgation of the salvation of God to every creature. Not having the paper before us, we are not able to state the particulars.

NEW PUBLICATIONS. A weekly paper has recently been commenced at Buffalo, N. Y. at two dollars per annum, called the “ Gospel Advocate," edited by Br. Thomas Gross, devoted to the dissemination and defence of the doctrine of Universal grace and salvation, as proclaimed in the gospel of the Son of God. We have not seen the paper, but hearing of its probable usefulness, wish it an extensive circulation.

DEDICATION. The new and elegant brick Meeting House, in Hartland, Vt. was publicly and solemnly dedicated to the worship of the one God and Saviour of all men, on the 5th of February, Br. Ballou, of Boston, delivered the dedication Sermon, and Brs. Bartlett, Willis and Skinner, took part in the services. The audience was very numerous and attentive. May our friends and brethren meet oft in that house, to their mutual edification, felicitation and divine comfort.

ANECDOTES. A countryman meeting the Prince, bishop of Strasburg, at the head of an army, asked him how a successor to the peaceable Apostles could so far violate his sacred office, as to lead to war ? “I do not lead them as an Archbishop, but a Prince of Strasburg," was the reply. "I should like to know,” said the countryman, “ if the Prince of Strasburg should chance to go to the devil, what would become of the Archbishop.”

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