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Book-keeping for Farmers and Estate Owners.

A Practical Treatise, presenting, in Three Plans, a System adapted for all

classes of Farms. By J. M. WOODMAN. Third Edition, revised 2/6 Ready Reckoner for the Admeasurement of Land.

By A. ARMAN. Fourth Edition, revised and extended by C. NORRIS 2/0 Miller's, Corn Merchant's, and Farmer's Ready

Reckoner. Second Edition, revised, with a Price List of Modern Flour Mill Machinery, by W. S. HUTTON, C.E.

• 210 The Hay and Straw Measurer.

New Tables for the Use of Auctioneers, Valuers, Farmers, Hay and Straw
Dealers, &c. By JOHN STEELE .

210 Meat Production.

A Manual for Producers, Distributors, and Consumers of Butchers' Meat.
By John Ewart

2/6 Sheep :

The History, Structure, Economy, and Diseases of. By W. C. SPOONER,
M.R.V.S. Fifth Edition, with fine Engravings.

316 Market and Kitchen Gardening. By C. W. Shaw, late Editor of “Gardening Illustrated" .

3/0 Kitchen Gardening Made Easy.

Showing the best means of Cultivating every known Vegetable and Herb, &c., with directions for management all the year round. By George M. F. GLENNY. Illustrated

1/6 Cottage Gardening: Or Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables for Small Gardens. By E. HOBDAY.

1/6 Garden Receipts. Edited by CHARLES W. QUIN

1/6 Fruit Trees,

The Scientific and Profitable Culture of. From the French of M. Du BREUIL. Fifth Edition, carefully Revised by George Glenny. With 187 Woodcuts

3/6 The Tree Planter and Plant Propagator:

With numerous Illustrations of Grafting, Layering, Budding, Implements,
Houses, Pits, &c. By SAMUEL Wood

2/0 The Tree Pruner:

A Practical Manual on the Pruning of Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Climbers, and
Flowering Plants. With numerous Illustrations. By SAMUEL WOOD 1/6

*** The above Two Vols. in One, handsomely half-bound, price 3/6. The Art of Grafting and Budding. By CHARLES Baltet. With Illustrations





An Elementary Treatise on; with a Theory of Shadows and of Perspective,
extracted from the French of G. Monge. To which is added a Description
of the Principles and Practice of Isometrical Projection. By J. F. Heather,
M.A. With 14

210 Practical Plane Geometry:

Giving the Simplest Modes of Constructing Figures contained in one Plane and Geometrical Construction of the Ground. By J. F. HEATHER, M.A. With 215 Woodcuts

2/0 Analytical Geometry and Conic Sections,

A Rudimentary Treatise on. By JAMES HANN. A New Edition, rewritten and enlarged by Professor j. R. YOUNG

20 Euclid (The Elements of).

With many Additional Propositions and Explanatory Notes; to which is prefixed an Introductory Essay on Logic. By Henky Law, C.E. . 2/6

Sold also separatelv, viz:Euclid. The First Three Books. By Henry LAW, C.E.

1/6 Euclid. Books 4, 5, 6, u, 12. By HENRY LAW, C.E.

1/6 Plane Trigonometry, The Elements of. By James HANN.

1/6 Spherical Trigonometry, The Elements of. By James Hanx. Revised by CHARLES H. Dow.

1/0 Or with The Elements of Plane Trigonometry," in One Volume, 26 Differential Calculus, Elements of the. By W. S. B. WOOLHOUSE, F.R.A.S., &c

1/6 Integral Calculus. By HOMERSHAM Cox, B.A.

1/6 Algebra,

The Elements of. By JAMES HADDON, M.A. With Appendix, containing
Miscellaneous Investigations, and a Collection of Problems

2/0 A Key and Companion to the Above.

An extensive Repository of Solved Examples and Problems in Algebra.

1/6 Commercial Book-keeping.

With Commercial Phrases and Forms in English, French, Italian, and
Gerinan. By JAMES HADDON, M.A. .

1/6 Arithmetic,

A Rudimentary Treatise on. With sull Explanations of its Theoretical Principles, and numerous Examples for Practice. For the Use of Schools and for Self-Instruction. By J. R. YUUNG, late Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. I hirteenth Edition

1/6 A Key to the Above. By J. R. YOUNG

1/6 Equational Arithmetic,

Applied to Questions of Interest, Annuities, Life Assurance, and General Commerce ; with various Tables by which alí Calculations may be greatly facilitated. By W. HIPSLEY

1/6 Arithmetic,

Rudimentary, for the Use of Schools and Self-Instruction. By James

1/6 A Key to the Above. · By A. ARMAN

. 1/6



Mathematical Instruments :

Their Construction, Adjustment, Testing, and Use concisely Explained,
By J. F. HEATHER, M.A., of ine Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.
Fourteenth Edition, Revised, with Additions, by A. T. WALMISLEY,
M.I.C.E. Original Edition, in i vol., Illustraied

210 In ordering the above, be careful to say Original Edition," or give the number in the Series (32), to distinguish it from the Enlarged Edition in

3 vols. (as follows)Drawing and Measuring Instruments.

Including-1. Instruments employed in Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing, and in the Construction, Copying, and Measurement of Maps and Plans. II. Instruments used for the purposes of Accurate Measurement, and for Arithmetical Computations. By J. F. HEATHER, M.A.

1/6 Optical Instruments.

Including (more especially) Telescopes, Microscopes, and Apparatus for producing copies of Maps and Pians by Photography. By J. F. HEATHER, M.A. Illustrated

1/6 Surveying and Astronomical Instruments.

Including-I. Instruments used for Determining the Geometrical Features of a portion of Ground. II. Instruments employed in Astronomical Observations. By J. F. HEATHER, M.A. Illustrated.

1/6 * The above three volumes form an enlargement of the Author's original work,

Mathematical Instruments," price 2/0. (Described at top of page.) Mathematical Instruments:

Their Construction, Adjustment, Testing and Use. Comprising Drawing,,
Measuring, Optical, Surveying, and Astronomical Instruments. By J. F.
HEATHER, M.A. Énlarged Edition, for the most part entirely re-written.
The Three Parts as above, in One thick Volume.

4/6 The Slide Rule, and How to Use It.

Containing full, easy, and simple Instructions to perform all Business Calculations with unexampled rapidity and accuracy. By. CHARLES HOARE, C.E. With a Slide Rule, in tuck of cover. Seventh Edition

2/6 Logarithms.

With Mathematical Tables for Trigonometrical, Astronomical, and Nautical
Calculations. By Henry Law, C.E. Revised Edition

3/0 Compound Interest and Annuities (Theory of).

With Tables of Logarithms for the more Difficult Computations of Interest,
Discount, Annuities, &c., in all their Applications and Uses for Mercantile:

and State Purposes. By Fedor THOMAN, Paris. Fourth Edition 4/0 Mathematical Tables,

For Trigonometrical, Astronomical, and Nautical Calculations; to which is
prefixed a Treatise on Logarithms. By H. LAW, C.E. Together with a
Series of Tables for Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. By Professor J.
R. YOUNG. New Edition

410 Mathematics,

As applied to the Constructive Arts. By FRANCIS CAMPIN, C.E., &c.
Third Edition

310 Astronomy

By the late Rev. ROBERT Main, F.R.S. Third Edition, revised and cor-. rected to the Present Time. By W. T. Lynx, F.R.A.S.

210 Statics and Dynamics,

The Principles and Practice of. Embracing also a clear development of
Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, and Central Forces. By T. Baker, C.E.
Fourth Edition



A Dictionary of Painters, and Handbook for Picture

Being a Guide for Visitors to Public and Private Picture Galleries, and for
Art-Students, including Glossary of Terms, Sketch of Principal Schools of
Painting, &c. By Philippe Daryl, B.A.

2/6 Painting Popularly Explained.

By 9. J. GULLICK, Painter, and John Timbs, F.S.A. Including Fresco,
Oil, Mosaic, Water Colour, Water-Glass, Tempera Encaustic, Miniature,

Painting on Ivory, Vellum, Putlery, Enamel, Glass, &c. Sixth Edition 510 A Dictionary of Terms used in Architecture, Build.

ing, Engineering, Mining, Metallurgy, Archæ

ology, the Fine Arts, &c.

By JOHN WEALE. Sixth Edition. Edited by R. HUNT, F.R.S. . 5/0 Music:

A Rudimentary and Practical Treatise. With numerous Examples. By

2/6 Pianoforte,

The Art of Playing the. With numerous Exercises and Lessons. By

1/6 The House Manager.

A Guide to Housekeeping, Cookery, Pickling and Preserving, Household Work, Dairy Management, Cellarage of Wines, Home-brewing and Winemaking, Gardening, &c. By AN OLD HOUSEKEEPER

3/6 Manual of Domestic Medicine.

By R. GOODING, M.D. Intended as a Family Guide in all cases of
Accident and Emergency. Third Edition, carefully revised

2/0 Management of Health.

A Manual of Home and Personal Hygiene. By Rev. James Baird 1/0 Natural Philosophy,

For the Use of Beginners. By Charles TOMLINSON, F.R.S. . 1/6 The Elementary Principles of Electric Lighting.

By ALAN A. CAMPBELL Swinton, M.INST.C.E., M.1.E.E. Fourth
Edition, Revised

[Just Published 1/6 The Electric Telegraph,

Its History and Progress. By R. SABINE, C.E., F.S.A., &c. 3/0 Handbook of Field Fortification.

By Major W. W. KNOLLYS, F.R.G.S. With 163 Woodcuts 3/0 Logic, Pure and Applied. By S. H. EMMENS. Third Edition

1/6 Locke on the Human Understanding, Selections from. With Notes by S. H. EMMENS

1/6 The Compendious Calculator

(Intuitive Calculations). Or Easy and Concise Methods of Performing the various Arithmetical Operations required in Commercial and Business Transactions ; together with Useful Tables, &c. By Daniel O GORMAN. Twenty-seventh Edition, carefully revised by C. Norris .





Measures, Weights, and Moneys of all Nations.

With an Analysis of the Christian, Hebrew, and Mahometan Calendars.

By W. S. WOOLHOUSE, F.R.A.S., F.S.S. Seventh Edition 2/6 Grammar of the English Tongue,

Spoken and Written. With an Introduction to the Study of Comparative
Philology. By Hyde Clarke, D.C.L. Fifth Edition.

1/6 Dictionary of the English Language.

As Spoken and Written. Containing above 100,000 Words. By HYDR

3/6 Complete with the Grammar, 516. Composition and Punctuation,

Familiarly Explained for those who have neglected the Study of Grammar.
By Justin Brenan. 18th Edition.

1/6 French Grammar.

With Complete and Concise Rules on the Genders of French Nouns. By

1/6 English-French Dictionary.

Comprising a large number of Terms used in Engineering, Mining, &c.

2/0 French Dictionary.

In two Parts-1. French-English. II. English-French, complete in
One Vol.

3/0 Or with the Grammar, 416. French and English Phrase Book.

Containing Introductory Lessons, with Translations, Vocabularies of Words,
Collection of Phrases, and Easy Familiar Dialogues .

16 German Grammar.

Adapted for English Students, from Heyse's Theoretical and Practical
Grammar, by Dr. G. L. STRAUSS

1/6 German Triglot Dictionary.

By N. E. S. A. Hamilton. Part I. German-French-English. Part II.

English-German-French. Part III. French-German-English 3/0 German Triglot Dictionary.

(As above). Together with German Grammar, in One Volume 5/0 Italian Grammar.

Arranged in Twenty Lessons, with Exercises. By ALFRED ELWES. 1/6 Italian Triglot Dictionary,

Wherein the Genders of all the Italian and French Nouns are care'ully

noted down. By ALFRED Elwes. Vol. I. Italian-English-French. 2/6 Italian Triglot Dictionary. By Alfred ELI: ES. Vol. II. English-French-Italian

2/6 Italian Triglot Dictionary. By ALFRED ELWES. Vol. III. French-Italian-English

2/6 Italian Triglot Dictionary. (As above). In One Vol.

7/6 Spanish Grammar.

In a Simple and Practical Form. With Exercises. By Alfred ELWES 1/6 Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary.

Including a large number of Technical Terms used in Mining, Engineering,
&c., with the proper Accents and the Gender of every Noun. By ALFRED
Or with the GRAMMAR, 6/0:



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