Breaking the Antichrist Code

In this one of a kind multi-genre book, Dr. vonAnderseck breaks open a 6000 year old code, a code that has remained stealthily hidden, cloaked by being woven into the very fabric of civilization's struggle for survival and supremacy, as well as into mankind's need to understand his origin, purpose and destiny. Removing the centuries of theological, mystical, mythical and cultural obscurities, Dr. vonAnderseck brings nearly 30 years of research into the mystery of the Antichrist spirit and system, unlocking the most intricately crafted network of knowledge systems purposefully generated to destroy the human race. Dr. vonAnderseck's astounding code breaking research will assist readers to identify the inspiration of the Antichrist spirit and all the support systems that work with that inspiration. Never before has mankind received such a clear picture of what Satan has done to the race of humans God created, and how successful he has been to imitate God and his plan of redemption, both before and after Jesus Christ's life on the earth. The world will finally be able to comprehend the millions of scattered fragments of this web of deception, which formerly were admired and observed as histories' mysteries, the rise and fall of civilizations, the psychological dysfunctions of humans, unexplained phenomena, and religious diversity, tied together with man's aspirations and dreams for achieving and living his best, as well as finding all those "better tomorrows." Critical to the breaking of any code is the keystone, which Dr. vonAnderseck identifies in his book. With this keystone he decodes the confusion of history's past, skillfully stripping away the layers of deception, to reveal the physical, functional and absolute interpretation of the intrusion into this dimension of two separate groups of hostile angels. Dr. vonAnderseck does not retrace the oft rehashed theories and rabbit trails of other investigators into early history, rather his investigation begins with an unprecedented look at how Satan designed a disinformation campaign that works with the rhythm of the soul, to include the God-code, the signature map, and the curse of death upon the spirit, soul, human will, and body after the fall of Adam. With the precision of a seasoned surgeon, Dr. vonAnderseck cuts open the tightly crafted matrix from upon the soul, thoroughly revealing the power and far-reaching effects of knowledge imprinting upon all the facets of the human composition. Identifying God's prediction that an unsanctified hybrid race combining angelic DNA and human DNA would be produced, Dr. vonAnderseck reveals the 6000 year physical and spiritual intercourse of angels with humans, and how the normalization of extraterrestrial life and hybrid races is rapidly culminating toward the acceptance of the Antichrist Man, His Mark, the Beast, and the False Prophet upon the earth. From the government agency NASA's billion dollar budget to answer the question "Are we alone?" to archeologists' question of "where did these ancient advanced civilizations come from?" to scholars' questions of "where did all the religious confusion come from?" to today's crop circle, UFO phenomena and the new exo-political movements for ET contact, we are given a unique inside perspective of how humanity is being prepared for the culmination of a 6000 year old hostile angelic agenda. Further liberating is Dr. vonAnderseck's expose of how Satan intruded into the church with his antichrist system, hybridizing his own knowledge of God and the rhythm of the soul together with the Apostles' Doctrine, producing what Christ called "Satan's Seat," a new knowledge of God that seduced Christians to inde

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