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For Mrs. J. C. Williams. To Mr. E. M. Sawndey, Wycombe, for a box of apparel, &c.

For Samoa To Miss Nicoll, for some useful artieles; to Mr. James Gregg, for a parcel of knives; to Mrs. Deacon, for a parcel of clothing.

For Rev.J. Rodgerson, Borabora.To Mr. Wilson, Whitehaven, for a box of useful articles.

For Rev. W. Howe, Tahiti. To C. Hindley, Esq., M.P., for a parcel of calicoes; to W. Morris, Esq., W. Armitage, Esq., and other friends connected with Hope Chapel, Manchester, for a parcel of useful artieles; to the Ladies of Ebenezer Chapel, Darwen, for a box of useful articles; to Mrs. M'Kean and Friends, Elgin, for a box of useful articles, for the Natives; to Friends connected with Rev. G. B. Johnson's Congregation, Doncaster, for a box of useful articles; to the Sunday Scholars and Young People connected with Littlemoor Chapel, Glossop, for a box of calico, &c.

For Tahiti. To the Juvenile Missionary Association connected with Castle Street Independent Chapel, Swansea, for a box of apparel; to Mr. R. Baynes, for a parcel of books.

For Rev.J. Barff, Tahiti. To the Ladies' Working Society, Runcorn, for a case of apparel, &c.

For Queen Pomare. To the Aberdeen Female Mis. sionary Society for a box of useful articles; to Miss Sabine, Oswestry, for a Shetland wool dress; to Mrs. Rolfe, Westbury, for a coverlet.

For Rarotonga. To Mrs. Godfrey, Turvey, for a box of apparel ; to Rev, H. Madgin and Friends, Tiverton,

for a box of apparel, &c. ; to the Launceston Free Church Sabbath School, per Mr. J. Hutcheson, for a case of clothing; to Ladies' Working Association, Scarborough, for a box of useful articles.

For Rev. C. Pitman, To Mrs. Ibbotson, Poyle, for a box of useful articles ; to Mr.

Foster, for a small bale of apparel ; to Friends at King Street Chapel, Portsea, per Mr. Barnes, for two boxes of useful articles.

For Makea Avania, Rarotonga. To Mr. Pearce, Dartmouth, for a silver fruit knife.

For Rev. G. Gill, Mangaia. To Mr. Tozer, for a box of stationery, &c.; to the Juvenile Missionary Working Party, Tacket Street, Ipswich, for a quantity of useful articles ; to the Jewin Street Juvenile Missionary Society, for a parcel of children's clothing; to Mr. T. Smith, jun., Poultry Chapel, for a box of school materials.

For South Seas. To Friends connected with Rev.

J. Fletcher's Congregation, Hanley, for a cask of earthenware ; to Mrs. Barnjus, for a parcel of useful articles.

For Mrs. Mault. To Newport Pagnel Ladies' Missionary Working Society, for a parcel of apparel, &c.

For the Orphan Schools, Mirzapore. To Ladies' Missionary Working Society, in connexion with Rev. J. Flowers' Congregation, Beccles, for a case of useful articles,

For Rev. J. Mullens' School, Calcutta. To Ladies connected with Rev. Dr. Alexander's Congregation, Edinburgh, for a case of useful articles.

For Mrs. Dawson's School, Chicacole. To the Female Working Party, Surrey Chapel, for a box of useful articles.

For Mrs. Porter's School, Vizagapatam. To G. Herbert, Esq., Nottingham, for a parcel of hardware.

For the Medical Institution, Hong-Kong, To Dr. Ritchie, Glasgow, for a case of medical books, casts, plates, &c.

For Mrs. Cleland's School, Hong-Kong. To Ladies of Union Chapel, Islington, for a box of useful articles,

For South Africa. To Friends at Boxford Independent Chapel, for a parcel of apparel.

For Rev. D. Livingston, To Mr. H. Drummond and Friends, Glasgow, for a case of apparel, &c.

For Rev. R. Moffat's School. To Ladies at Black Rock, Brighton, per Mr. J. Rutter, for a box of useful articles; to Miss Morvey, for a parcel of pinafores.

For Rev. W. Passmore. To Friends connected with Albion Chapel, Southampton, for a case of useful articles.

For Rev, G. Barker. To Mrs. Barnes and Friends, Saffron Walden, for a case containing a globe, &c.

For Rev. J. Read. To Friends at Halshaw Moor, per Rev. J. C. M.Michael, for a case of apparel; to Friends in Forres, by Miss M. A. Gordon, for a box of useful articles,

For Gasebonoe Moffat. To. J. M‘Millan, Esq., Moffat, for a case of school materials, &c.

To Mr. J. R. Jones; to the Miss Blunt, Cheltenham; to a Friend; to Mr. Allen; to Rev. S. A. Davies; to a Friend in Essex; to S. S. S.; to Mr. Leach; to a Member of Mr. Baker's Church, St. John's Wood; to Miss Diment; to Mr. J. Tite; to a Sincere Friend to Virtue and Religion; to Mr. Cheetham, Coventry, for volumes and numbers of the Evangelical Magazine, and other publications.

From the 18th September to the 16th October, 1847, inclusive.

£ 8. d.

8. d.

£ &. d. D. B. 50 0 0 Surrey Chapel Auxiliary,

For the Seaman's Chapel at Apia. J. Tyrie, Esq., for Widows'

on account ...

12800 and Orphans' Fund 5 5 0 Union-st. Ladies' Branch,

Sir Culling E. Eardley, Ditto, to purchase Bibles

on account

12 2 3
Bart. ...

3 00 to be sent abroad 15 15 0 Westminster Chapel Aux.

R. Pow, Esq.

1 0 0 Part of the Tithe of a Leiliary, on account 29 16 2 Rev. J. J. Freeman

1 0 0 gacy, as a Thank-offering 100

Per Rev. W. Mills and s. Bird, for Rarotonga.... O IO 0 For the College at Calcutta. Capt. Morgan, in Samoa 500 0 Ditto, for Education at

Mr. Paulin
2 00 Rev. T. Powell

1 0 0 Madras.

0 10 0 Rev. J. P. Smith, D.D. .. 5 0 0 Rev. H. Nisbet .......... 1 0 0 W.F.T.

2 2 0 J. B. C., for the Family of

Miss S. A. Piper, for Mrs. the late Rev, S. Flavel.. 0 Thompson's Schools at

Cambridgeshire. A. T. ........ 2 10 0 Bellary 5 0 0 Burwell

13 15 0 Highbury College Students Miss Peek and Schoolfel.

H. Ball, Esq. Association 3 18 0 lows, for a Girl in Mrs.


3 10 7 Holywell Mount Ladies'

Sugden's School, to be
Branch, on account .... 20 17 2 called Anna Everett 3 0 0

Ditto Juvenile ditto 13 14 5

For Huahine, per Rev. C. Barff.

Falmouth, Rev. T. Wild-
Rev. T.Stratten and Friends,

bore and Friends, for the PoultryChapel, in addition


5 0 0

Chinese Mission ........ 12 0 0 to 2004. acknowledged in

Mr. Thompson

1 0 0 July 15 14 7 Rev. J. Medway.

1 0 0

Cumberland. For Native Boy, JohnClay.

Auxiliary Society, per Mr. ton

3 0 0
For the Missionary Ship.

W. Wilson :-
181. 148. 7d.
Collected by Miss L. A.


0 15 4 Blundell .. 0 8 5 Penrith....

40 30 Stepney Ladies' Branch, on

M. & A, Burns ....

0 10 0

401. 188. 4d. account 10 0 0 Hampton-st. School Girls'


12 0 0 Ditto, towards the Library

Working Class

092 of the “ John Williams 100 Collected by Mrs. Williams,

Devonshire. TrinityChapel,Poplar, Rev.

for Native Teachers at

Bideford, per Mr. T. SpenG. Smith and Friends, for the South Sea Out-sta

cer, on account

20 00 the Library of the "John

tions ............

2 1 0 Chumleigh, Young People, Williams" 500

by Rey, E. Prout

1 4 0


Exeter, Castle-street, on £ s. d. Northamptonshire. £ s. d. account

58 0 0 Blatherwycke Park 36 12 11 Edinburgh Auxiliary Society. Ditto, Grosvenor Chapel, For the Missionary Ship 4 1 1

Per G. Yule, Esq. collection by Rev. J.

402. 148.

Collected by Mrs. Farquharson:Sewell .....

3 2 6

Mrs. Clephan
Exmouth, Glenorchy Cha.
Newcastle Auxiliary So-

Mrs. Fraser pel, ditto

4 5 0 ciety, on account 48 00 Miss Macallam ...... 0 5 0 Lapford, per the Misses

Miss Macleod ..

0 10 6 Partridge

1 10 0
Miss Matheson

1 0 0 Point-in-View, near ExWellington, additional.... 2 14 6 Miss Hunter Blair.

1 mouth 9 2 0

Mr. D. Matheson,for China? 0 0 Plymouth, Devonport, &c.


Mrs. Farquharson
Auxiliary Society,
Bristol Auxiliary Society,

Miss Matheson, of Kinelaccount.

100 0 0 per R. Ash, Esq...... -648 13 4 lan, for China..
Taunton, North-street In-

Miss L. Douglas, per Miss

dependent Sunday School 7 8 6 Haldane, for Mr. Moffat's
5 0 0 Yeovil, J. Provis, Esq;,


0 10 0 for Native Teacher, Wil

Ditto, for Orphan Refuge 0 10 @ Durham.

ton Provis

... 10 0 0 Girls' Sabbath School Class, Sunderland Auxiliary So

Wiston Manse, for Rarociety, on account ...... 24 00


tonga, per Mrs, Burdes 0 3 10 South Shields ditto 15 0 0 Tean

1 8 10 Cong. Church, Falkland, Chester-le-street.......... 8 1 6


per Mr. H. Paterson ....
Bacton, Rev. J. Raban, for

Tranent, Sabbath School,


0 10 0 Mr. Parlane's Cong. Auxiliary Society, per W.

For Mrs. Mault's School 0 5 0 Bristo-street Church ChrisRidley, Esq., on account 400 00


tian Instruction Society @ $ 6 Bury, Rev. M. Armstrong 1 0 0 Forfar Juvenile Society for Gloucestershire.

Ditto, for China........ io o Religious Purposes, per Blakeney 4 15 0


Mr. Ormond Moreton in Marsh.

5 0 0 Horringer, J. Corsbie, Esq. 1 1 0 Borthwick Close Juv. Mis. Tetbury, collected by Tho


Soc., per Mr.P. Macomish 1 0 0 mas Črew, for the Mis

Guildford, Collection 12 11 6 Kirkcaldy, Unit. Pres. Ch., sionary Ship 0 10 0 R. D. Mangles, Esq., M.P. 5 0 0

Rev. Mr. Bains, per Mr.

J. Morton..
Sunday School Children .. 0 8 4

? 13 0 Hampshire.

Stow, Unit. Pres. Church, Portsea Ladies' Association 7 11 1

17 19 10

Rev. Mr. Robertson, for
Less Expenses ........

1 4 1

a Nat.Catechist in Africa, Romsey 37 15 10

under Rev. W. Inglis For Missionary Ship 10 10

16 15 9 Dunbar First Unit. Pres. For Native Girl, Judith


Church, per Rev.A. Jack 2 0 # Jackson...

Unit, Pres. Church, South
2 0 0 Coventry Branch, per Rev.
401. 168. &d.
J. Sibree:-

College Street, Rev. Dr.
7 0 0 Baddesley..
0 15 0



1 2 4

451. ls. 40.

i o o Miss Geddes, for a Girl in Hemel Hempstead.. 7 18 2 Atherstone

48 0 4

Mrs. Lewis's School, Na-
For Schools at Bangalore i 10 0

gercoil Dartford, Zion Chapel, per

For Widow and Orphan

Glasgow, collected by Rev. Mr. J. D. Park 1 5 6 Fund.

0 10 0

W. Mills, for the SeaTunbridge Wells, on acct. 12 2 0

531. 38. 8d.

man's Chapel, Apia -

Collected at Rev. Dr. Stru-
Bradford Branch, per J.

ther's ... Y., for Huahine......... 0 2 6 Garnett, Esq., on acct... 154 8 1 Mr. John Muir and Party 11 6 Burnley 42 11 9 Driffield, a Friend to Chris

Mr. R. Kettle Chorley, St. George-street

tian Missions, by Rev. H.

Mr. W. G. Mitchell .... Chapel 9 8 10 Birch, for the Chinese

Mr. J. Buchanan

15 17 0
Mission ...

50 0 0

Messrs. G. Smith & Sons
Huddersfield, a Friend, by

Messrs. D. & J. Anderson 16 A Friend

10 0 0 S. Oldfield, Esq.. 30 0 0 Mr. J. Playfair Middlesex.

Mr. J.D. Bryce
Edmonton, Mr. & Mrs.

Dr. Ritchie
Leeds Branch, per S. Hick,
Dyke, for the College at

Esq., on account 2000 Mr. A. Henderson
100 Belgrave Chapel Sunday

Rev. R. Gillan, and Family o 15

Mr. J. Maclehose

School, per Miss HamilStaines, Mr. Ashby, 2 yrs. 2 2 0 ton, for Mrs. Sugden's

Mr. J. Duncan .... Misses Ashby, for Native

School, Bangalore .... 20 0 0 Mr. H. Brown.. Girl, Caroline Ashby, 2 yrs. 6 0 0


Sums under 10s.
8i, 2s,
Wakefield District, per J.

171. 14s. GL

Walker, Esq.

29 11 9

Glassford-street Young Monmouth, Rev. Messrs.

Men's Society, for the Loader & Blow .... 19 5 7


High School, Upolu ... Newport, Tabernacle Sun

Per Rev. E. Griffiths, Swansea.

Ladies in London, Glasgow, day School, for a Native Glamorganshire Auxiliary

and Stranraer, for Mrs

Mills's Schools Girl at Bangalore, to be

Society, on account ...: 27 00 called Mary Gillman.... 300 Legacy of late Mrs. Anne

Mrs. M.Douall, Logan.. 2 @ @ Ditto, Hope Chapel Sun

Davies, less duty

27 0 0 Lauder, United Presbyteday School, for Chinese


rian Congregation ..... Mission...

1 8 0

Leith, Sabbath School, at
Tredegar, Sharon Chapel
Arbroath, Park-street Unit-

No. 98, Constitution-
Sunday School ... 6 0 0 ed Presbyterian Church

street, per Mr. G. Smith Norfolk.

Sabbath School. io o Montrose, Mr.J. Strachan, Yarmouth, Legacy of late Campbeltown, Rev. J.

collected by a dear Sister 0 1 6 Mrs. Gooderham, per Boyd's Class, for Native

GUERNSEY. Rev. H. B. Creak, less

Teacher at Savage Island 2 10 0 Auxiliary Society, per Rev. duty 45 0 0 Denny, United Presbyte

J.S. Hine, on account 33 00 rian Church ...

1 8 0

Contributions in aid of the Society will be thankfully received by Sir Culling Eardley Eardley, Bart., Theres,

and Rev. Joseph John Freeman, Home Secretary, at the Mission House, Blomfield-street, Finsbury, Lords: by G. Yule, Esq., Broughton Hall, Edinburgh; J. Risk, Esq., Cochran-street, Glasgoro; and by Rer, John Hands, Society House, 32, Lower Abbey-street, Dublin.


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Carmarthen. The worthy subject of this memoir duct was such as to gain him the esteem was born, Oct. 11, 1762, at Pantdwfwn, and affection of those who had it in their in the parish of St. Clear's, about ten power to befriend him. Among those miles from Carmarthen, where his faiher was his employer, now a widow, who pursued the occupation of a farmer. He had become religious during the time of was the youngest of three brothers; of his apprenticeship; and she placed the whom the second was the Rev. Thomas most unbounded confidence in him, alCharles, of Bala, so well known in the though but eighteen years of age. cause of religion, education, and philan- Mr. Charles was first impressed with a thropy. The character of David, in his sense of his danger as a sinner, by readyouth, appears from a few words of com- ing the Sermons of Ralph Erskine, parplaint on the part of his father, who is ticularly that on

ticularly that on the great question, known to have said, “I do not know “ What must I do to be saved ?" which what to make of David, unless I bring he never forgot. About the year 1780, him up a parson, as he is always in some he left Carmarthen for Bristol, where he corner looking over a book." David remained three or four years. He there was, however, apprenticed, at an early met with several pious young men, who, age, to a flax-dresser and ropemaker, in like himself, were pursuing their respecCarmarthen. But this did not divert tive trades, and who, in their leisure his attention from books. Among other hours, sought the improvement of their achievements accomplished in his leisure minds. He joined them in holding hours, for the acquisition of mental im- meetings for prayer and mutual edificaprovement, he committed to memory the tion; which practice seems to have conwhole of Young's “Night Thoughts;" | tinued during his stay in the city. It and so far was he, at the same time, from appears that several members of this neglecting his business, that, at the ex- fraternity afterwards became useful mipiration of his term of servitude, he nisters of the gospel in different debecame the superintendent and manager nominations, and in various parts of the of his employer's concerns. He had, country. Of these was the late Rev. previous to this, become decidedly re- William Warlow, of Milford, Pembrokeligious; and his consistent, amiable con- / shire, who, in a letter, dated Nov. 21,


3 A

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