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What is mathematics ? What is quantity ? On what is mathe. matics based ? What are pure, and what are mixed mathematics? What are definitions ? What is a complete definition? What is an axiom? What is a theorem? What is a problem? Of what two kinds is demonstration ? What is a lemma ? What is a corollary? What is a postulate ? When is a quantity given ? How may a quan. tity be given in geometry? When are two propositions contrary to each other ? When is one proposition the converse of another ?


What is arithmetic? What are its five principal rules? What is numeration? What is simple addition ? What is simple subtraction? What is the ininuend? What is the subtrahend? What is the difference between the minuend and subtrahend called? What is simple multiplication? What is the multiplicand ? What is the multiplier ? What is the product? What are the factors ? What is resolving a given number into factors ? What is a composite num. ber? What is the rule for performing simple multiplication? What is simple division? What is the dividend? What is the divisor ? What is the quotent? What is the remainder? What is the rule for performing simple division? What is short division? What is compound addition? What is the rule for performing compound ad. dition? What is compound subtraction? What is the rule for performing compound subtraction? What is compound multiplication ? What is the rule for performing compound multiplication ? What is compound division? What is the rule for performing compound di. vision? What is reduction? Of how many kinds is it? What is reduction descending ? What is reduction ascending ? What are fractions ? What is a vulgar fraction? What is every fraction an instance of? What effect has multiplying the numerator on the value of the fraction? What multiplying the denominator ? If both numer. ator and denominator be multiplied or divided by the same number, how will the value of the fraction be affected ? How are several fractions reduced to a common denominator? What is a proper fraction? What is an improper fraction ? What is a compound fraction ? What is a mixed fraction? How may vulgar fractions be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided ? What is a decimal fraction? What is centage? What is commission? What is duty? What is inter

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