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Insolent wretch ! dost thou say that I do not acknowledge a God?


Pardon me, brother, I rather fear you do not know him. The God whom I adore, lends me at this time an increase of strength, to tell you with my dying words, that if you believe in him, you ought to behave towards me with charity, He has given me my wife and children, do not you

make them perish with misery. As for my body, do with it as seems good to you; I leave it at your dispofal; but let me conjure you to believe in God.


Come, come, truce with your reasoning, and do as I bid you; I will have it so; I command

you to do it.


But what advantage can you have in thus tormenting me?

Cruel CRUEL Man.

What advantage! why, if I can make you fign, it will be worth a good canonship to me.


Ah! brother; my last moment approaches ; I am expiring; but I will pray to God to touch your heart, that you may be converted,


The devil take the impertinent puppy he has not signed after all! Well, I'll e’en fign for him, it is but a little forgery.

The following letter is a confirmation of the above doctrine.



A LETTER from a Beneficed Priest, to Father

Le TELLIER, the Jesuit, dated the 6th of May, 1714.

Reverend Father,


lay before

HE following is in obedience to the orders I received from your reverence, to you

the most effectual means for de. livering Jesus and his company from their enemies.

I believe there may be remaining at this time in the kingdom- not more than five hundred thousand Hugonots, some say a million, others a million and a half; but let the number be what what it will, the following is iny advice; which, however, as in duty bound, I submit with all humility to your reverence's judgment.

In the first place then, it will be very easy to seize in one day all the preachers, and to hang them all at one time and in one place, which


will not only be a very edifying, but also a very entertaining exhibition to the people.

Secondly, I would have all the fathers and mothers who are heretics murdered in their beds, because the killing them in the streets might occafion some little disturbance; besides, by that means several of them might escape, which is above all to be prevented. This execution is a necessary corollary of our princi. ples ; for if we ought to kill a heretic, as so many

of our great divines have incontestably proved, it is evident, that we ought to kill them all without exception.

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Thirdly, I would the very next day, marry all the daughters to good catholics, inasmuch as it would not be politic to depopulate the state fo much after the late war; but as for the boys of fourteen and fifteen years of age, who have al. ready imbibed bad principles, which we cannot hope to root out, ’ris my opinion that they fhould be all castrated, to prevent the race from being ever reproduced. As for the other

younger lads, they may be brought up in our colJeges, where they may be whipped till they have learnt by heart the works of Sanchez and Mo


Fourthly, Fourthly, I think, under correction, the fame method ought to be taken with all the Lutherans of Alface, for I remember in the year 1704,

, to have seen two old women of that country laugh on the day of our defeat at Blenheim.


Fisthly, What relates to the Jansenists will perhaps appear a little more difficult: I believe their numbers may amount to about fix millions, a little more or less ; but this ought not to give any alarm to a person of your reverence's disposition. I reckon among the Jansenists all the parliaments who have so unworthily maintained the liberties of the Gallican church. I leave it to your reverence to weigh with your usual prudence, the most effectual methods for reducing these turbulent spirits. The gunpowder-plot failed of the desired success, thro' the weakness of one of the conspirators, who wanted to save the life of his friend : but, as your reverence has no friend, the same inconvenience is not to be apprehended ; you may very easily blow up all the parliaments in the kingdom with the composition called Pul. vis Pyrius, invented by the monk Schwartz. By my calculation, it will require upon an average thirty-fix barrels of powder for each of the parliaments; now if we multiply thirtyI


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