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After having dwelt a long time with some shepherds, Paris lest Mount Ida to go to king Priam's court, and be recognised by his parents, who had kept him away from them, in consequence of the Oracle having predicted that this young prince would be the cause of the ruin of Troy. In fact, Paris, being sent to the court of Menelaus, was beloved by the beautiful Helena , whom he carried off. This violation of the rights of hospitality provoked all Greece, and became the signal of that long and fatal war, at the close of which Troy was destroyed.

David has represented Helena standing, carelessly leaning on Paris’ shoulder : she appears fascinated by a sentiment of tenderness that her lover seems to have increased by the melody of his voice, combined with the sweet sounds of his lyre. This elegant composition is remarkable for the voluptuousness and grace of the amorous pair. The choice of the accessories is in the best style. The colouring is rather sost, but it wants in that vigour which the painter subsequently acquired. This picture was exhibited in the saloon of 1789. It had been painted for his Royal Highness the Comte d'Artois. There is an engraving of it by G. Vidal.

Width, 5 feet 10 inches; height, 4 feet 9 inches.


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