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And let me in thy goodness trust, And to thy glory live. 2 Whate’er I say or do, Thy glory be my aim; My offerings all be offer'd through The ever-blessed name. Jesus, my single eye, Be fix’d on thee alone : Thy name be prais'd on earth, on high, Thy will by all be done ! 3 Spirit of faith, inspire My consecrated heart; Fill me with pure celestial fire, o With all thou hast and art. My feeble mind transform, And perfectly renew’d, Into a saint exalt a worm; A worm exalt to God!

New Sabbath.] HYMN 163. L. M.

l Poo. fill me with a humble fear, - My utter helplessness reveal; Satan and sin are always near; Thee may I always nearer feel. 20 that to thee my constant mind Might with an even flame aspire' Pride in its earliest motions find, And mark the risings of desire. 3 O that my tender soul might fly The first abhorr'd approach of ill; Quick as the apple of an eye, The slightest touch of sin to feel. 4 Till thou anew my soul create, Still may I strive, and watch, and pray : Humbly and confidently wait, And long to see the perfect day.

Broadmead.] HYMN 164. 6 lines 8's.

* 1 FT have we pass'd the guilty night, O In revelling and #.. : ghl. The creature was our sole delight, - Our happiness the things of earth, But O, suffice the season past! We choose the better part at last.

2 We will not close our wakeful eyes,
We will not let our eyelids sleep ;
But humbly lift them to the skies,
And all a solemn vigil keep ;
So many nights on sin bestow'd,
Can we not watch one hour for God?

3 We can, O Jesus, for thy sake, so
Devote our every hour to thee;
Speak but the word, our souls shall wake,
And sing with cheerful melody: ~
Thy praise shall our #. tongues employ.
And every heart shall dance É. joy.

4 Bless'd object of our faith and love,
We listen for thy welcome voice;
Our persons and our works approve,
And bid us in thy strength rejoice;
Now let us hear the mighty cry,
And shout to find the Bridegroom nigh.

5 Shout in the midst of us, O King
Of saints, and let our joys abound;
Let us rejoice, give thanks, and sing,
And triumph in redemption found:
We ask in faith for every soul;
O let our glorious joy be full!

6 O may we all triumphant rise, With joy upon our heads return,


And far above these nether skies,
By thee on eagle’s wings upborne;

Through all yon radiant circles move. .

And gain the highest heaven of love.

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o | HY presence, Lord, the place shall fill, My heart shall be thy throne: Thy holy, just, and perfect will, a o Shall in my flesh be done.

2 I thank thee for the present grace.
And now in hope rejoice;
In confidence to see thy face
And always hearthy voice.

3 I have the things I ask of thee,
What shall I more require *
That still my soul may restless be,
And only thee desire.

4 Thy only will be done, not mine,
But make me, Lord, thy home,
Come when thou wilt, I that resign,
But O, my Jesus, come !

Watchman.] HYMN 166. S. M.

l RACIOUS Redeemer, shake
This slumber from my soul!
Say to me now “Awake, awake,
And Christ shall make thee whole.” a

2 Lay to thy mighty hand,
Alarm me in this hour:
And make me fully understand
The thunder of thy power!

3 Give me on thee to call, Always to watch and pray,

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4 : For each assault prepar’d, o o And ready may I be, For ever standing on my guard. And looking up to thee. *

5 O do thou always warn,
My soul of evil near!

When to the right or left I turn
Thy voice still let me hear:

6 “Come back! this is the way!
Come back! and walk therein”
O may I hearken and obey,
And shun the paths of sin!

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1 Too seest my feebleness,
Jesus, be thou my power,
My help and refuge in distress,
My fortress and my tower.

2 Give me to trust in thee;
Be thou my sure abode:
My horn, and rock, and buckler be,
My Saviour and my God.

3 Myself I cannot save, Myself I cannot keep ;

• But strength in thee I surely have, Whose eyelids never sleep.

4 My soul to thee alone, -
Now therefore I commend:
Thou, Jesus, love me as thine own,
And love me to the end

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St. Thomas.] HYMN 168. S. M. 1 ID me of men beware,

And to my ways take heed; Discern their every secret snare, And circumspectly tread. 2 O may I calmly wait Thy succours from above And stand against their open hate, And well-dissembled love. 3 My spirit, Lord, alarm, When men and devils join :

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'Gainst all the powers of Satan arm.

In panoply divine. 4 O may I set my face, His onsets to repel ! Quench all his fiery darts, and chase The fiend to his own hell. 5 But above all, afraid Of my own bosom foe, Still let me seek to thee for aid, To thee my weakness show.

6 Hang on thy arm alone,
With self-distrusting care,
And deeply in the Spirit groan,
The never-ceasing prayer

Falcon-street.] HYMN 169. S. M.

1 G IVE me a sober mind,
Js A quick discerning eye,
The first approach of sin to find,
And all occasions fly.
2 Still may I cleave to thee,
And never more depart,
But watch with godly jealousy,
Over my evil heart.

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